Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Hotrod Honey Swing Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing

I used to blog early last year, but with limited funds for pretty dresses to review, and no camera with which to take nice photos, it all faded rather quickly.

Now, I have a shiny new camera and a closet full of pretties to show you! I've had a few requests to start blogging again (which melted my heart. I didn't really think anyone was following my blog before!!) and I am all too happy to oblige. 

I haven't worn skulls in years. I've found since having Selene that my wardrobe has changed quite a bit. Longer hemlines to keep flashing to a minimum whilst crawling after her (though that does nothing against Melbourne's windy weather. Pretty sure my neighbors have seen ALL the booty by now!) and lots of bright colors to go along with our matching wardrobes. However, Deadly Dames by Pinup Girl Clothing recently released the Hotrod Honey Dress in a swing version, and this was my favourite print of the three released. I also recently received my ballerina flats by Jessica Simpson in the mail recently and wanted to put them to use right away. I was going for a sort of gothic ballerina look. Not sure if I came through, but I do love these shoes!!

My measurements are 36-25-36, and I am wearing size small. Due to the stretch in the fabric, I could wear an extra small if I wanted (however, note that there is no need to size down - it will form to your shape regardless. This dress is every bit as comfortable as Pinup Girl promises. I wore this to lunch with a girlfriend but could easily have worn it for a move night in with friends or for an all day adventure where comfort is required! The fabric is thin enough to wear in autumnal weather but thick enough to be high quality and keep its form. What I love about this piece is that it's a flash back to some of the earlier designs by Deadly Dames (the wild barbie sex kitten sister of the other Pinup Girl Clothing brands).

I've been told that if one had to choose a word to describe me, it would be bubbly. Bubbly and skulls don't really fit together. How many poos do I give? Zero. Zero poos. I wear what I want.

Little Miss Selene was in a black and white tutu dress with a red rose to match mommy. She's running around everywhere now so doing the whole tights-with-shoes-sewn-in thing is probably a no no by now... but it was just so cute.

Dress - KMart Australia (not available online)
Tights - ebay (similar here)
Hair Flower - Kmart Australia 

 I call this one... "Can you tell my child is breastfed?". Always diving in there. 

After our little photoshoot session in our backyard, we went inside to do some baking together. Little Miss got an apron for her birthday from a beloved friend of mine, and it just so happened to match one that I already had! Did I get way too excited over it? Duh. You know I did.

I'll make sure to get some accessory close-ups in my next post. Till then, thank you so much for reading! <3<3<3

Do you enjoy baking? What's your favorite recipe?


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