Friday, 24 April 2015

Lydia Dress in Rose Border Print by Pinup Girl Clothing

So getting this blog post together has seriously made it the blog post from hell. Taking photos outside made it cloudy, sunny, cloudy and sunny at the same time (yes, Melbourne can do that) and then WINDY! Wind is a pinups worse nightmare. Nothing kills a beautiful hairstyle like wind. Ugh. So I took it inside only to find my camera going in and out of focus in between shots. It was still lots of fun, but I really need to get more familiar with my camera! Ah well, all in time.

Now then, I present to you: the Lydia Dress in Rose Border print by by my beloved Pinup Girl Clothing.

Right after I had my daughter last year, I went on a bit of a shopping spree to purchase all the pretties I couldn't wear when I was, well, bulbous. This was one of those purchases. It made me immediately feel like a princess. Princess Belle, to be precise (the blue and white? the roses? Yeah, I know you see it too ;) )

The color is so vibrant, it's hard to capture in photos! And the color combination makes accessorizing options endless! I've worn this baby with red hair roses, white, pink and blue. I've done blue flats as shown, red heels, pink heels - the list goes on!

The dress features adjustable straps and satin lining along the bust. As with many of Pinup Girl Clothing's clothing over the past couple of years, the quality and construction is even higher than ever before. The fabric is weighty but not heavy, the pattern is beautiful, and this dress receives some of the best compliments out of all my pieces from Pinup Girl! 

Regarding fit, I am 36-35-36 and wear size small. There is extra room in the bust if need be but the fit is still comfortably snug. There is also a little wiggle room in the waist, but it's perfectly disguised by the belt. I do find that the underarm area can dig in a bit after all day wear, but it's a minor nuisance. I think it's just hard to have so much fabric hanging from criss-cross straps the way it is. I also initially found the bust to be far too low cut, but a quick adjustment of the straps fixed it right up!

 When I saw this dress by Pumpkin Patch, I actually squealed in store. The staff there knows me fairly well by now, as most of Selene's wardrobe is from there. They have seen me in the Lydia Rose Dress and know of my matchy matchy ways, so they understood my excitement when the dress shown below was released. The blue and white theme, the roses in white triangles. Are you even kidding me? Perfection!

Dress- Lydia Dress in Rose Border Print - Pinup Girl Clothing
Bolero - Perfect Bolero - Pinup Girl Clothing
Ballet Flats - Rubi Shoes (old stock, but available on Ebay from time to time)
Hair Flower Dark Pink Hair Rose by Lila Jo
Ring - Pink Rose Ring - Kmart (old stock)

Dress- Spotty Bow Dress - Pumpkin PatchCardigan - Girl's Cardigan by Pumpkin PatchMary Janes - Ebay
Headband - Ebay (similar here)

What is your go to outfit for feeling glam? Do you own a Lydia dress and love it? xo, Bethany



  1. hi what size this your dress since you are a 36-35-36?


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