Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wishlust Wednesday - Blues, Pinks and Whites

Some of my favorite blog posts have always been wishlists and favorites. In the pinup community, many of us don't have friends who indulge in our same fashion interests. I get dealt a lot of "I love your style but could never pull it off" (I really, truly hope these are actual wistful comments and not "why in God's name is there a puffy thing under her skirt" kinda comments, but anyway). More often than not we also can't pick up the latest magazine and browse for fashion inspiration. Some can, but I generally don't have much luck. So I tend to rely on instagram hashtags and wishlists! Browsing them helps me to discover new clothing that I may not have found through my normal internet browsing. 

I looked at my wardrobe earlier this week and found that half of it is pink or blue, so it should come as no personal surprise that these colors are currently on my radar. There's something so feminine about both of these shades. And white, I find, makes the perfect canvas for a retro look. It's so crisp and clean, making way for attention to the silhouette and deep red lips. Love!

A - Milan Dress in Baby Blue by Heart of Haute - This is such a classic 1950's sillouette. I can imagine walking into a home in the 50's and seeing a perfectly coiffed housewife whipping up dessert in the kitchen in this dress.

B - Diana Swing Dress in White by Unique Vintage - The ties at the elbow were the first detail that caught my eye. Nothing screams feminine like bows.  I also love a good V-shaped neckline. Unique Vintage always delivers on style and quality, and I certainly plan to add this dress to my wardrobe soon. So perfect for spring as well as autumn.

C -  Evelyn Dress in Mary Blair Umbrellas Print by Pinup Couture - The Evelyn isn't normally the dress shape I would go for. The neckline is a litter higher than I would normally do. I generally like one asset highlighted, and having a below-the-knee length dress with no cleavage isn't quite my style. However, part of the draw of the 50's was the ability to feel sexy without highlighting any asset in particular. Celebrating the feminine form instead of skin was generally the norm, and with the little waist this dress would create I feel I really need to expand my horizons. Plus, hello, the print. How could you not?!

D - The Ava Swing Dress in Pink by Pinup Couture - This dress is just everything. The pink satin, albeit a different shade, reminds me so much of Marilyn's dress during her Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend number. I tried the original Ava and found the shape just didn't quite suit me. It looks amazing on other girl's but I wasn't feeling it last time I slipped it on (although the red Ava looked pretty in my Christmas photos!)

E - Grace Swing Dress in Blue by Unique Vintage - Again with the light blue. This one is more of a tiffany blue, and the sillouette is a perfect example of leaving well enough to the imagination. Near off-the-shoulder neckline, pretty swing skirt and nipped in waist.

What's on your current wishlist? Are you as ridiculously excited for the Mary Blair umbrella print dress as I am?! xo, Bethany


  1. The Mary Blair umbrella print is adorable! I have a few dresses on the wishlist, especially from PUG: Nancy dress in either pink or blue Lemonade Print, Heidi in basically any color, a Monica in black for all occasions. Loving the new Fairytale Fantasy dresses, especially the Queen of Hearts Jenny skirt--the yellow and green so vibrant, cute characters. I also like the Mary Blair kitty Heidi, but I think I am already a crazy cat lady, I don't know if I need a dress to make me a billboard ;-) I thought about buying the Audrey skirt in yesterday's flash sale but a lot of ladies commented that it wrinkled easily so I decided to pass but I do love the style. Maybe in the future it'll be redesigned with a different, less wrinkle-prone fabric. I liked that you picked the Ava swing, I love the skirt and the neckline but I'm not so sure about the shiny fabric! The Ella dress intrigues me, hope to see it in more florals soon!

    I haven't purchased any from Unique Vintage yet, and the sale items beckon at me but I don't want to be disappointed!

  2. I have the Queen of Hearts skirt. It's amazing! Even more vibrant in person. As I stated on instagram though, it's very unique and a real eye-grabber, so prepare for staring!

    Unique Vintage is lovely! I just make sure to purchase items that have a little stretch, as they carry so many different brands you want some stretch to ensure the fit is right. I ordered a small 100% cotton dress once and found that the sleeves were strangely too tight, but everything else I have loved!


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