Saturday, 30 May 2015

A Matching Wonderland - Heart of Haute Mother Daughter Outfits

After a minor car accident last week, I've found myself too busy with sorting out this car business to blog :( But I'm so happy to be back!  Most words out of my mouth the past day have been "blog comes first" when other commitments have arisen. I love my little blog and the few beautiful readers that it has. If it never grows, the few of you following it have made it so worth my while!

Onwards - I have been wanting dresses from Ava Adorable by Heart of Haute since before Selene was born - but alas, they come in sizes 2T and up. After seeing this post by the gorgeous Ashley of Southern (California) Belle, I decided it was time to give it a whirl, even though my Selene is only a petite year and a half. 

If you follow me on instagram and know of my myriad of matching mother daughter outfits, you will not be surprised that I ordered myself a Heart of Haute dress in the same fabric. How can I not?!

The fit of the Chambray Anchor Irene dress is perfection. I am wearing a size small, and for once - there is ample room in the bust AND my girls look nice and perky! Seriously, having a large gap in your bust to waist ratio generally means either having things too large in the waist or having the waist fit but your girls squished into an awkward square shape. This dress ticks all the boxes, because not only is there enough room in the bust, but the tie back means it can be tightened to whatever comfort and fashion level you prefer. And bonus, for any of you pregnant ladies out there - whilst this dress gives a lovely slim sillouette, if left tied looser it can actually accommodate quite the bump. When my husband and I expand our family, I will definitely be ordering more of these. 

The fabric is on the thinner side compared to some retro-inspired brands, but it's very sturdy and still definitely high quality - you won't see pilling, pulling or tearing from anything by Heart of Haute for years to come. Take note however - there is no stretch. I wish there was as I am constantly bending and lifting my daughter, so I find the arms can feel  a little tight at times. This isn't enough to ever hinder me from wearing it or continuing to have a love affair with all things Heart of Haute. I love them!

 As per Ashley's advice, Selene fits quite comfortably into the 2T dresses, especially due to the pretty tie at the back that cinches everything together! There is quite a bit of room in the arm holes, but that means this dress will fit her for at least another year or more, so to me that's just bonus points.

We took some photos inside to show off our dresses without any layers, and then ventured to the park to finish off out little photoshoot and have fun on the swings :) 

*Set, run to pose, chase the child, bring her back to a spot nearer to me so that when she runs away again she is within catching distance, repeat*

Her wonder at the world never ceases to amaze me and remind me to be thankful for the beauty that is our surroundings <3

Shoes - Gift

Little Miss advises - that's a wrap!

Have you ever purchased from the Ava Adorable line? What has your experience been with Heart of Haute? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Oh my word, I'm truly sorry to hear that you were involved in a car accident and hope dearly that you didn't sustain any serious and/or long-term injuries.

    Sending tons of serene, healing wishes and hugs your way!
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* You both look supremely adorable!

    1. Aw thank you darling! No injuries, though we were going 60 ks and he hit us full force so I'm not sure how! Very thankful. Now to get my car fixed. Ugh.

      I need some serene, gladly accepted! <3


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