Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I Love Lucy - A Le Bomb Shop Review

I love my Heart of Haute and Pinup Girl Clothing as much as the next retro repro lover, but sometimes we need an inexpensive alternative. This was my line of thought when I made my first purchase from Le Bomb Shop last year.

My opinion has totally changed and I am now a huge fan of Le Bomb in and of itself, without comparison to other pinup brands. Their styles are truly unique, and they don't do cheap knock-offs of more popular retro brands. 

One of those unique styles is the Lucy dress. One of my biggest frustrations with other brands is when you love a clothing style and wish it came in every color of the rainbow but - alas, it comes in only one or two shades. Not so with many items from Le Bomb Shop, including the Lucy dress. She comes in a myriad of colors, so the problem is not whether you can find your favorite, but rather practicing restraint and not buying them all!

Regarding fit, my measurements are 36-25-36 and I am wearing a size small. The dress has a bit of stretch to it, making it very comfortable. The cut of the dress keeps it from clinging too closely to the body, so it's ideal for spring and summer. I do find the cut to run a little big, however if I were to size down I wouldn't have room in the chest area to fit the, ahem, girls. As you can see below, the dress has plenty of excess in the waist area when worn with the cloth belt that it comes with. I remedy this by wearing it with wide belts from my own closet, though looking through these photos I think I may prefer it with the cloth belt now!

Unfortunately the pale aqua shade I am wearing above has sold out, but there are still many other colors to choose from.

The quality of the dress is what you would expect for a price tag of $41. It isn't lined and the fabric is quite thin. As mentioned above, this does have its benefits. I can wear this comfortably in the peak of summer, something you don't find very often in short sleeved dresses. I have also worn and washed these several times and have experienced no pilling or fading. They are very handy for those "I don't know what to wear" days, as the single tone of each dress makes accessorising easy. Couple that with the ease of wear and you're set.

They do wrinkle fairly easily in the closet, however once ironed they stay perfectly pressed all day. This is coming from someone who spends half her time on the floor either chasing, or cleaning up after, my child. You can take my word for it ;)

 The skirt of the dress is a-line, and I can comfortably fit a good sized petticoat underneath. I tend not to as I like to wear this dress on more casual days, with flats and a charm bracelet. Petticoats take away from the ease of wear, but that's not to say the dress doesn't look great with one underneath.

Shipping from Le Bomb Shop is surprisingly quick. I thought only Pinup Girl Clothing could deliver in record time, but I tend to get orders from Le Bomb in 1.5 weeks from the US to Australia. Not bad!

(Ran out of poses. Figured this would work. Dork alert.)

This is also a good beginners dress for baby pinups who love the retro look but aren't sure where to start. Many of my completely modern girlfriends have asked me where I got these dresses, and I receive compliments on a regular basis from strangers and mother's who want to emulate this look. Definitely a winner!

Do you own anything from Le Bomb Shop? What's your favorite way to style a shirt dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. What a classic (and classy) dress. As a major fan of wearing a rainbow of hues, I really appreciate the fact that this design comes in so many options. Now granted, I haven't tried this dress myself, but my only wee issue with it right off the bat is that I wish it was a little longer. I don't wear dresser or skirts that do not not clear my knees, so even at 5"2", I'd probably have to pass on these charmers, as much as that pains me (as I really do think they're lovely!).

    Thank you for another great review, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I totally agree with you! I used to shorten almost every dress I owned until I looked hard at my silhouette recently and thought, ya know, longer dresses really are more flattering. Not to mention the extra twirl factor they bring <3

  2. Yes, I have shopped at Le Bomb Shop! You are correct, you do get what you paid for but these (and other styles) are perfect for more casual warm weather wear due to the lightness of the fabric. I like the separates--pencil and circle skirts and the tanks. The price allows you more options of making more affordable outfits for work and play, and you can pair the tank tops with your pricier skirts and cigarette pants. I also like that some of their dresses (such as Betty sundress and Peggy Sue sundress) have smocked/elastic backs, makes for more versatile fitting especially if you fluctuate in weight. PUG is still my favorite brand, but Le Bomb Shop is great for filling in the gaps. Hope they will carry more cardigans, like the cropped ones that PUG sells.

    1. I feel you doll! I have quite a few pieces from them, and a popular option for their stuff is to pair it with other wardrobe staples. I would love it if they released more cardis! xo


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