Monday, 4 May 2015

Sailor Life

Before I even announced my pregnancy with my precious baby girl, I was already dreaming of matching outfits. Cuddles and booboo kisses and story reading and nursing had been a constant source of daydreams since I myself was little, but matching outfits hadn't occurred to me since I had a dream I was having a little girl and knew it would come to pass. Clothing is a massive source of creativity for me, and allows me to express myself. I am bright colors and rainbows. I am dark lace and leather. I am hair roses and bows.

My daughter's taste is not yet apparent (although I often receive remarks about how completely delicate and girly she behaves) and I will definitely allow her to dress to her personal taste when she can dress herself. For now, it's matchy-matchy for the win!

With this in mind, I have decided to start Matching Mondays. I work part time now and can't dress up with her like I used to, but I love having a couple of days per week dedicated to mommy-daughter time and pretty dresses. People often ask me where I find our outfits, how I do it etc, so I thought this would be a great starting point! 

 As mentioned in this guest post for Pinup Persuasion, I get alot of Selene's clothing from Pumpkin Patch. I have always been a fan of the nautical look, which just so happens to correspond with the retro clothing I love to wear. I have owned many sailor-themed dresses over the years, so when I saw this dress at Pumpkin Patch I knew it was a good investment for matching outfits.

It had a sailor hat to match, but alas it sold out in Selene's size before I could grab it. I almost always wait till clothing goes on sale before purchasing for her (they just outgrow things too quickly to justify paying full price). She has a plethora of headbands anyway :)

(pointing at nothing seems to be the best way to trick her into a decent photo)

The Renee Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing is amazing. I have seen a lot of girls mention that they fear the flub in midriff baring outfits like this. I grew up in household where not even the one asset (back, boobs or arms) was allowed, let alone a dress that exposes the mid-section. Wearing something like this takes a double whammy of confidence for me, as I have to fight the flub fear and the modesty musings. Bet you never would have guessed with all the cleavage I always have going on ;)

First of all, there's nothing wrong with not wearing something because it makes you uncomfortable. There is also nothing better than stretching your limits. I am a firm believer that life is all about balance. A yin and yang, if you will. If you are on the fence about this dress then try it!. I am considered to be a slim build and I still have a roll in this dress when I sit down and tuck into a meal. So what? If you are dressing in the pinup style day to day, then you are probably already accustomed to the constant stares and (sometimes darling, sometimes weird) comments from strangers. This little number won't increase your attentions by too much, I promise :)

I'm not going to do a full review of the dress because there are plenty floating around (check out this one by the booooootiful Miss Amy May) but I had to put my two cents in! In terms of fit, my measurements are 36-25-36, and the Renee's size small measures 35-36 and 26-27 in the bust and waist. I find that this dress runs a tad big in the waist and bust, but the criss cross straps in the back can be tight. I would still order a size small if I had to do it all over again, even though there is a little extra room everywhere.

 Dress - Renee Dress in Anchor Print by Pinup Girl Clothing
Headscarf - in red by Pinup Girl Clothing
Flats - Target, old stock on sale
Necklace - Gift

Cardigan - Pumpkin Patch old stock, similar here
Dress - Pumpkin Patch old stock, check out ebay for similar
Headband - Ebay, check out etsy for similar
Stockings - Pumpkin patch old stock on sale
Shoes - ebay, search for white mary janes

Have you tried out the Renee Dress? Do you have kiddos that you match with? xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. Yes, I have tried the Renee dress on! ( I'm between sizes, XL and 2XL, in the pic I have on the larger size which looks fine but is pretty loose. The smaller size was way too tight. Also, I'm not that comfortable wearing clothing that reveals my midsection, like many women you've talked to. But, I do love the dress, super adorable and warm weather friendly. The dress has some awesome features: the reinforced bust/bodice making for no-bra wearing, the adjustable straps, pockets, full skirt. I am not accustomed to dressing pinup most of the time, but I did recently, and it wasn't so bad ;-) People did look, but they were generally positive, some even asked to take pics! I am saving up money to expand my vintage inspired wardrobe, hope to dress this way more often.

    I don't have children yet, but I look forward to you and your daughter's matching outfits :-)

  2. Hi Connie, I've followed you on instagram now and love seeing your posts <You look AMAZING in the Renee!! If anyone else asks me whether they think they can pull it off, I will totally refer them to your gorgeous photo.

    The pinup look gets lots of attention (thus the name - pin us up on a wall and STARE, baby!) and I think finding the confidence to rock it and deal with the attention that can come with it is an empowering, beautiful thing.

    1. Thank you! I just love the pinup community--so many beautiful women to adore and admire for such positive attitudes. (And outfit inspiration!) Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Hi! I follow you on Instagram. You post such gorgeous pictures of yourself and your daughter. You look so nice in this dress!



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