Friday, 15 May 2015

Retro Workwear- Part 1: Estelle Tops by Heart of Haute

After a year off of work to spend time with my little girl, I returned to work in March of this year. As sad as I was to have less time with her, I have so enjoyed getting to dip into my office wear again. I love pencil skirts, but Australia has such a laidback culture that what I wear is already above and beyond what anyone else wears here. Therefore, I don't wear pencil skirts too often unless I'm at work. I find them to be dressier than full skirts. Plus they tend to show more when I have a big lunch. Which I do a lot. A. lot.

Anyhoo, wearing all of my work clothing has inspired me to do a work appropriate series of my favorite pinup brands. There are several brands which deliver beautiful and high quality pieces time and time again, which can be styled to suit a corporate wardrobe.

To start with, I had to pick the Estelle Top by Heart of Haute. Since purchasing them, I wear them at least once a week. I just can't help myself. I am a big fan of pussybow tops. The feminine bow at the neck. The couture feel. The high neck. I love it all. I haven't seen any brand do a classic pussybow top better than Heart of Haute.

A little about the brand itself: Heart of Haute is owned by the fabulous mother/daughter team of Mandie Bee and Teresa Becker. This in and of itself gets me all giddy, because I am very close with my mother and have a daughter of my own. The thought of doing what these two gorgeous women do gives me butterflies. What a dream! Their clothing is made in the USA and always delivers on quality. They are amongst my favorite pinup brands.

Now - the feel of the Estelle Tops. The fabric of these tops is on the medium to thin side and has a lot of stretch. It is breathable and comfortable enough to wear in winter and summer. The stretch in the fabric is just enough to make it form fit to your body while still keeping the bow at the neck nice and structured. This is part of what gives it such a high quality look. It does wrinkle easily in the dryer, but it does not wrinkle easily through wear, which I love.

With regards to sizing, I am 36-25-36 and purchased a small. I find it to be a perfect fit - especially when tucked into a high-waisted skirt as shown. The waist could afford to be smaller, but it's not something I ever notice or would complain about and lines up with their size chart anyway. Their size chart says a small is bust 33-34", waist 26-27", hips 35-36", however I find my bust, which is bigger than the size small on the chart, has enough room and is very comfortable. There is lots of room in the arms and they don't feel the least bit tight or uncomfortable.

(I have more booty than I thought I did hehe!)

I purchased it in White, Black, and Mini Dot Blue to go with the colors of my workplace. I wear work uniforms but use these on days when perhaps I haven't gotten the laundry done in time and need something that matches well with our color palette. They come in a huge variety of colors, however, including lots of gorgeous florals!

The Mini Dot Blue is my favorite! It's a gorgeous sky blue shade and compliments blue eyes really well.

Overall, I love this brand and love these tops, and can't wait to do some reviews on their toddler line!

Do you own any Heart of Haute pieces? What is your favorite? xo, Miss Betty Doll


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  1. I don't yet, but I've been eyeing some of their offerings for quite a while now and hope to add some to my closet one day. These blouses look so sublimely elegance and timelessly pretty on you. The blue one is such a fresh, pretty colour - just the thing to wake up any ensemble.

    ♥ Jessica


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