Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wishlust Wednesday - Gingham and Bows

I have to say, people, I am totally getting a grasp on this photoshop thing. I made the below collage by myself.

I know, I know. Try to contain your excitement. The below is a masterpiece requiring skill of epic proportions.

Ok, not really. But honestly, I made it all by myself with no help from my lovely husband (who, bless him, tends to grunt and point in between video games when I ask for help, so he will be relieved that I am finally learning what he has "taught" me).

Anyway, I missed last week's Wishlust Wednesday because I was working extra hours and simply didn't have the time to get it together. I highly doubt I have enough readers to justify an explanation, but, you know, in case anyone was wondering ;)

A - Jenny Skirt in Blue Castle Print by Pinup Couture - To be honest, when I first saw this skirt I thought it was pretty but a little too juvenile for my tastes. Then, I bought the Jenny Skirt in Queen of Hearts print, remembered I already own a mermaid dress (speaking of juvenile) AND I saw the gorgeous Southern California Belle do an outfit post on it and decided I'm sold.

B - Dita Bardot Dress in Cream by The Pretty Dress Company - I am a total sucker for bows. I am 10x more likely to purchase anything - clothing or otherwise - if there's a bow involved. This dress has not one, but two bows, one on each pretty off-shoulder. I do wish it was a sweetheart neckline, but those bows just make me not care. 

C - Grand Dress in Grey Houndstooth by Stop Staring - Before my workplace introduced uniforms, I was working on re-building my corporate wardrobe since going on maternity leave. This was on the buy list, but now it's on the very wishful thinking list until I have a reason to purchase it. But just look at it. Again with the bow, coupled with a cute print and feminine sillouette. How could you not?

D - Avery Dress in Red Gingham by Stop Staring - Ruching at the bust. sweetheart neckline, puff cap sleeves and a picnic-esque print make this dress an ideal spring staple. I would wear this out to brunch with a girlfriend in the city. Stop Staring have beautiful, figure-hugging fabrics that never fail to please, and it's that combined with all of the above that make this dress to die for. (Has anyone seen "The Giver"? The dis-utopian book in which people are not allowed to use dramatic or untrue sayings? I would fail.)

E- Light Pink Tulle Skirt by Dark Pony Designs - I am waiting for a function to wear this to. I almost wore one to my daughter's birthday but had trouble finding a top to wear with it that was also appropriate for a first birthday. Many of the bustier tops from Wheels and Dollbaby would suit this skirt. I feel the fullness factor and bow make it too dressy for casual wear, but I will own this skirt one day.

Are Wishlust Wednesdays a keeper? What are you currently lusting after? xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. I'm inclined to say that Wishlust Wednesdays need to go because it just brings new pretties to my attention! ;-) I'm loving that red Gingham dress! I've got my eye on those Peasant Tops from Pinup Girl Clothing--everyone is wearing them and they look so adorable! (Probably would want them in multiple colors.) Also would like some circle skirts, no particular one as of yet, would like to build more of a separates wardrobe as I've got some dresses but not much in way of separates.

    1. That's what I was hoping for, Connie! I love seeing other people's wishlists (or lusts hehe!) because it introduces me to new brands I may not have known about, or draws me attention to certain pieces I hadn't considered before :)

      Thank you for your lovely comments. As this blog is only new and I don't know what will come of it, your comments make me smile and encourage me to keep posting <3


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