Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wishlust Wednesday - Leather and Luxe

I'm so excited to do a Wishlust Wednesday this week. There are so many things on my "to buy" list that I can't keep up. Not fitting in a Wishlust Wednesday over the past few weeks means cutting down what to add was hard!

A - Gabrielle Trousers in Pink Floral - I don't wear pants very often, but I love my florals. This is right up my ally. Plus, I mean really - look at that model. She's just amazing and could make me want to buy anything. A perfect springtime look, or paired with pumps and a pretty white coat, I would rock this all year round. Not sure my current clothing budget will allow it, but if any of the Junebugs collection from Pinup Girl Clothing drops soon, I should be able to toss it in with it.

B - Vivi Dress by Lindybop - I'm finally losing my Lindybop virginity and grabbing something from this super affordable retro brand. I am loving the look of retro dresses with longer sleeves, and being winter here in Australia it's the perfect time to try them out! 

C - Downtown Dames Dress in Faux Red Leather - Between the Motorcycle Boleros and the Faux Leather Skirts, I'm not sure which piece I am drooling over more, but this red dress takes the cake by just a touch. Red lips, tumbling curls and a pair of leather mules would make this awe-strikingly delicious. We haven't seen anything quite so edgy from Micheline Pitt's Deadly Dames collection for awhile now, and I for one am ridiculously excited to see what else she has designed. God, I do love her mind.

D - Leopard Print Wrap Dress - Le Bomb Shop always delivers on super affordable retro pieces that are easy to throw on and go. They tick all the boxes for me and always have pieces that stand out from other more expensive clothing brands

On the beauty side of things, I am really craving Lush Bath Bombs lately. I haven't used one in two years (can't really bathe whilst pregnant as too much hot water is a nono, and haven't had as much time for baths since having my princess). Time to indulge again! Sex Bomb and Think Pink are my favourites.

Do you have a Lush favourite? What's your favourite Deadly Dames item? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Pleasant in Peasant

See what I did there with the title? I know, I know, so clever. Ha.

So this is part 2 of my review series from the photoshoot I did with the beautiful and talented Brook Orchard Photography. Peasant Tops by Pinup Girl Clothing are one of my favorite tops right now. Even though it's winter here in Australia, I find myself wearing them with winter coats on warmer winter days simply because they complete my outfits so well. 

Peasant tops weren't something I originally associated with the pinup look, as mainstream media tends to credit it more towards the 60s and 70s hippie era. However, there are several patterns similar to the PUG peasant blouse through the 30s, 40s and 50s. 

Now then, onto the photos!

The fabric of these is similar to the Vamp Tops by Deadly Dames, however I find it thinner than the Vamp Tops. It's a lovely stretch cotton sateen that has enough give for comfort of wear whilst still holding its shape. It comes in several colors, from royal blue to chartreuse. A fan favourite is pairing it with the Jenny Skirts by PUG, myself included.

The shoulders can be worn on or off the shoulder. On the shoulder provides an almost princess sleeve pouf, whilst off the shoulder creates a romantic and sexy look. The off-shoulder version indulges my every princess and peasant girl fantasy. I remember seeing several cartoon characters with similar blouses growing up and thinking "I will totally dress like that when I'm grown up". And now, thanks to PUG, I can!

Regarding fit, I wear my typical PUG size small. I am 36-25-36 and the measurements of the top are Bust 36-37 and Waist 26-27.5 . I get a bulge in the zipper around my mid back area where my waist is smallest, and I think this is due to the size difference between my waist and the size of the top. As you can see below, this isn't shown when worn with a skirt, so this is the only way I wear these tops. A few girls have the same issue as me, however most are able to wear it with pants as displayed on the models of the PUG website. It doesn't bother me that I can't wear it with pants without the zipper buldge showing, as it gives me a chance to explore more top options and expand my wardrobe. However, if you are an extreme hourglass shape and want to wear these with anything and everything, you may need to get them altered.

I love my hair's ability to sense a photoshoot coming and commit suicide. Look at it. Never works with me on photoshoot days. *sigh*

Overall I love these tops and may one day alter them to fit my waist properly, but for now they are my pinup staples that make their way into half of my outfits.

How do you wear peasant tops? Have you ever gotten a buldge in the zippers of your favorite tops? How did you fix it? - xo, Miss Betty Doll


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hello Birdie

My wardrobe has gone through a transformation over the past year. I feel like I spent a good few years in baby pinup mode (baby pinup = pinup girl in the making, new to the retro wardrobe scene. It'll catch on, I swear). I wore false eyelashes to work for the first time in 2013 and my workmates noticed immediately, and a couple may even have made slightly snarky comments (most of their comments about my wardrobe were sweet, but Australia, whilst a fashion capital, is mostly laid back. Falsies at work just don't jive with most people).

I tried my hand at headscarves that same year. And then I slowly started to incorporate petticoats and loud prints. The Birdie by Pinup Girl Clothing feels like it has been my final step into total pinup-dom. Now, there are all kinds of pinups. There's pinup models who love the look but mostly wear it for photoshoots or events. There's the casual pinups who love a good rockabilly look day to day. There's the vampy pinups who's red lipstick is always accompanied by something sexy and black. The list goes on. But in my mind I wanted to be a full-time, full-blown, Stepford Wife rivaling pinup (with a little edge. Leather jackets, anyone?) I wanted the perfectly coiffed hair (still working on that one), the big lashes, the heels in shopping centres, and finally - the big, beautiful floral dress that looks out of place everywhere but gives me life like nobody's business. 

I was totally falling over myself from dizziness to get this photo. I have had dreams of being a Disneyland Princess since I was a little girl, but I am apparently not the best at getting twirly photos. Dreams = dashed.

I own the Birdie in turquoise and pink , lavender and pink, and baby blue and yellow as pictured. I honestly can't choose a favourite. With the turquoise and pink, I honestly thought (despite the colors described) that it would be similar to the baby blue and yellow. Or at least that the pink and turquoise would be brighter than it is. It is in fact a dark turquoise, probably darker than pictured on the website. In contrast, the baby blue and yellow is more vibrant than I was expecting. It's an absolute breath of fresh air.

Regarding fit, I am wearing my usual size small. I am 36-25-36. The bust is a lot more cleavage-y than I thought it would be, and I think that's a good thing. It helps keep the dress fresh and sexy. You know I love me some cleavage. I have lots of room in the bust without there being such a big gap that I fear people getting an eyeful from the side. The waist is loose enough to feel comfortable, and the bit of stretch in the fabric helps it to cling just right.

I think the thing that amazes me the most about this dress is how comfortable it is. It's a pain in the ass to get over your hair without mussing it up (side zipper, people - both necessary and killer) but once on it fits like a glove and moves with you. They've added the absolute perfect amount of stretch to keep the fabric rich and thick and structured while still keeping it comfy. I can reach up to do touch ups on my hair without feeling restricted, which can be a rarity among longer sleeved retro clothing.

Overall I am absolutely in love with this dress. Besides struggling to get it on (my child actually giggled at me the other day while watching me wriggle my way in) this dress is nothing but positives. 

I think my favourite thing of all has to be the reactions this dress gets out of the gorgeous senior citizens I encounter whilst out and about. I get told at least once, each time I wear this dress, that I remind someone of their wife in the 1950s. Makes me blush every time. What an honor to bring back a little bit of history :) Thank you Pinup Girl Clothing!

I had so much fun during this shoot with Brook Orchard Photography at Werribee Mansion. She specialises in pinup and vintage photography, and was kind enough to sneak a shoot in for me with the little bit of spare time she had that week. I'm so grateful, as these images are everything I had hoped they would be.

What are your ultimate pinup dreams? Would you rock a Birdie? xo, Miss Betty Doll


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Maxi Does Pinup - Or Is It Pinup Does Maxi?

I'd like to start out this post with an announcement - I am excited to say that Tina Ramos Photography and I have now partnered for many future blog posts! Tina and I met a couple of years back when I first started modeling. I drove to her house after work, and remember feeling too nervous and exhausted for a photoshoot. She helped me feel right at ease. We've only done a few shoots together but I can't wait to make magic with her in the coming months <3

Below is a set we did at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. I was disappointed to find that very little of it was in bloom due to our being in the middle of winter, but the falling leaves of several of the oak trees provided the perfect background for the dress we wanted to shoot.

Behold, this gorgeous red maxi dress from Unique Vintage. Isn't it perdy?


I first discovered Unique Vintage a few years ago while perusing through a few pinup communities on Facebook. I placed an order with them not long after and found their customer service to be prompt and efficient, their clothing gorgeous, their range wide and their shipping fast!

When I saw this red maxi dress I know I had to have it. You see, I love maxi dresses. They are flowy, elegant, easy to throw on and supremely comfortable. However, they aren't part of your typical retro styling. I saw Dita Von Teese in a similar (although far more expensive and couture) dress once and have wanted something like it ever since. 

The dress arrived within a week of ordering. Don't we all love super efficient shipping?

The fit of the dress is quite true to the size chart. My measurments are 36-25-36 and I had lots of room in the bust and waist. The stretchy material of the dress helped it stay molded to my curves, so whilst it feels nice and roomy, it looks like a perfect fit. The sash tie around the waist helps complete this effect.

It's about as long as Dita's dress above, so probably better worn with high heels or wedges. I am 5'6" and had a few extra inches of length.

Thank you, misty weather, for frizzing out my hair and killing my curls. I really appreciate your assistance

I truly feel beautiful in this dress. It clings to my curves but then falls away from my tummy. Totally flattering and very goddess like. A few gorgeous tourists took my picture while we were shooting, and though some of it is probably the excitement of seeing a photoshoot in action and hoping its for some big magazine instead of my lil blog, a part of me thinks the dress had a lot to do with it! 

The dress is on sale now for $52.00 USD, but only sizes medium and large are left. Get it before it's gone! Buy it at Unique Vintage here .

If your size is sold out, I encourage you to look for other maxi dresses, like this floral one and this geometric inspired one, both also by Unique Vintage. I have a whole new perspective on them since getting this dress and feel like I can easily incorporate them into my vintage inspired wardrobe. Step outside of your comfort zone and make sure you don't forget about styles you love just because they may not mesh with your typical wardrobe choices!

Do you ever wear maxi dresses? What do you think about them in a retro wardrobe? - Miss Betty Doll xo


Monday, 15 June 2015

Baby Pinup - How to Get Started

Every retro blogger seems to have their own version of how to get started with the pinup look. We know what it's like to love the look but feel unsure of how to get started. And even once you are armed with knowledge of what to get and where from, plucking up the courage to make it happen can be scary.

Little bit of background on myself - I moved from the US to Australia to be with my husband when I was just shy of 18. My style back then was rather dark - long red hair, dark lipsticks, lots of black and jewel tones. I married into a culture that believed you shouldn't marry out of it, so no one was very accepting of me, save for a few. In fact, most were downright cruel, and I was gossiped about, isolated, belittled and dealt zero understanding or compassion from most. Sure, I was awkward and made alot of dumbass comments, having come from a completely different country and culture, but I was alone and very few tried to genuinely reach out to me or help me feel safe.

I say all of that to say this - I discovered the pinup look amidst all of that and I dove right in anyway. To this day many of those women gossip about me and how I am "too dressed up", "vain", "conceited", "snobby" and any other insults they can think to throw at me. I. dont. care. And neither should you! If you feel more at home in coiffed curls and swing dresses, then you rock it, honey! You are unique. You are amazing. And you absolutely deserve to dress how you feel. Don't let anyone in a messy bun and flip flops tell you that you don't know how to dress (there's nothing wrong with either of those things by the way, I only point them out to say that someone from the opposite side of the style spectrum isn't going to understand you. Who cares?). Be brave. <3

Now then...., the heart is willing but the wardrobe game is weak. Not a problem! Here's my list of top picks to help you get started with your pinup wardrobe!

Red Lips

My mother used to be an Avon lady, and one of the things she used to say to her customers all the time is that there is absolutely a shade of red lipstick out there for you. Many women have this misconception that red lips don't suit them. If that's you, you just haven't found the right shade!

One comment I hear alot is that baby pinups are afraid of smudging their lipstick. Shy of, say, black, red lips are basically the hardest to maintain, and wearing it the first few times can make you afraid to even eat for fear of it somehow making its way across the entirety of your face.

To put yourself at east, I suggest you start with a matte lip. This will prevent much of the smudging and give you lasting wear. Ruby Woo by Mac is basically the most universal shade of red ever. It suits just about anyone who tries it, so I suggest you do too.

Black Swing Skirt

Leopard wiggle dresses. Floral skirts. Cherry print bonanzas. It's all so tempting! But wait, baby pinup - you need your basics first. If you go and make a bunch of purchases of dresses that are so beautiful and loud that it will be easily detectable if you wear them over and over again, you're just going to get frustrated with the rest of your non-retro wardrobe.

A black swing skirt is totally essential. My favourite is the Black Jenny Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, but there are several less expensive options that can help you get started.

High Waisted Thrills Skirt by Steady Clothing - stretchier than the jenny and very comfortable.
Queen Bee Skirt by Doll Me Darling These girls have a special place in my heart because they are located in El Paso, Texas! I lived there for half my life and would definitely be shopping there 24/7 if I was still there
Doris Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing - Same quality as the Jenny but no gathering in the skirt - great for those ladies who like a cleaner finish, especially in prints.

Black Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts can be paired with t shirts for a casual look, or dressed up for the office. The sexiest thing about a pinup wardrobe isn't cleavage or leggy skirts - no, it's all about the silhouette and giving the appearance of a small waist. So grab yourself a high waisted pencil skirt. Black is the most basic, and red or navy would probably be the next steps to grow your wardrobe.

High Waist Pencil Skirt by Le Bomb Shop - Check out the adorable bow detail in the back!
Plain Fiona Skirt by Collectif
Black Label Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing
Perfect Pencil Skirt by Dixiefried

Ballet Flats

If you're in Australia, chances are you wear your fair share of thongs (thats code for flip flops, fellow Americans. Confused me too at first!). Now, each to their own, but thongs are not going to work with your pretty red lips, swing skirt or pencil skirt. So, for an equally comfortable and casual look, grab yourself a few pairs of ballet flats. Black for starters, and white, red, or any other color to build it up. You can grab these anywhere, and those in the US are especially lucky as you have Forever 21s and Charlotte Russe's full of gorgeous flats for cheap!

Black Heels

To be perfectly honest, I wore black heels almost exclusively until a couple of years ago. They go with most anything, they're classic, and they can be found just about anywhere. Here's a few retro options to get you started.

Bettie Ankle Strap Peeptoes - Believe it or not, these are the most comfortable heels I own. The platform is exactly the right height that it takes most of the stress off of the balls of our feel, the ankle strap holds it firmly in place, and the bow at the toe is adorable!
Bombshell Heels by Pinup Girl Clothing


Please, please, perdy please, don't put long sleeves on under your short sleeved dresses or tops. It distracts from the neckline and arms of the dress you're wearing. Put a cardi on over it! Equal warmth, 100x more style, much cleaner finish. I promise :)

Most likely you already have a cardigan or two, but if you don't, places like Old Navy, Charlotte Russe, etc will have them. For my Aussies, Forever New!

Retro options include:

Tootsie Crop Cardigan by Doll Me Darling - I am about to order the lilac version of this. These are adorable! Just the right length, cute sleeves, various shades. Who doesn't get excited when your favourite item comes in every color of the rainbow. Eek!

Swing Dress
Now this one can go two ways. It is always worthwhile investing in a good, solid colored swing dress. The dresses below are amazing, high quality, tried and true options.

Heidi Dresses by Pinup Girl Clothing
Jenny Dresses by Pinup Girl Clothing
Ellenor Rose Dress by Miss Candy Floss
Scrumptious Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing - So comfortable, you will finally get why pinups always laugh when people ask them why they don't just throw on a comfy pair of jeans - duh, no need!

You may be running low on money by the time you get through this list, and affordable options will start to seem really appealing right about now. There are some beautiful, good quality options that are kind to your wallet and your wardrobe alike! Here are my favorites:

Karen Dress by Ixia
Donna Dress by Heart of Haute
Lucy Dresses by Le Bomb Shop - comes in every color of the rainbow and then some! (Review for the Lucy Dress can be found here )

Wiggle Dress

As with the swing dress, a wiggle dress is always a good investment. Here are some options on the higher end:

Million Dollar Baby Wiggle Dress by Stop Staring
Lydia Bengaline Dress by Collectif

and the more budget friendly side of the spectrum:
Twisted Bust Pencil Dress by Le Bomb Shop
1960sWhite Wiggle Dress by Unique Vintage
Mod Wiggle Dress by Unique Vintahe


Just like with false eyelashes, it took me quite some time to work a petticoat into my wardrobe. These are optional for baby pinups in my opinion. Your wardrobe will work perfectly well without them for the time being, and these are what really throws a wardrobe into retro neverland. If you're nervous about the pinup look to begin with, a petticoat may make you feel like a fluffy something or another. It also may make you feel like an absolute princess (as it should!). Depending on which end of the spectrum you fall under, you may or may not want to grab one now. I would start with either a black or white one.

Be careful of wearing pettcoats that are too short for your dress or skirt - you can end up with an awkward overhang. Some pinups like to wear theirs just above the length of their skirt so it doesn't show, and others (like myself) wear it with a bit peaking out under the bottom. Either way is fine!

Jennifer Pettiskirt by Malco Modes
Super Cute Black Petticoat by Pinup Girl Clothing


Lastly, we have tops. Chances are that you already have quite a few tops in your wardrobe that will work, but if you don't, here are some options.

High end:

Melanie Top by Glamour Bunny
Pussybow Top by Bonsai Kitten
Peasant Top by Pinup Girl Clothing

And less expensive options:
Classic Bombshell Top by Le Bomb Shop

I truly hoped this will help one of you with your pinup journey!

What was your first retro clothing purchase and why? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Friday, 12 June 2015

Uptown Dame, In My Opinion

To be honest, the Downtown Dames Swing Dress by Deadly Dames of Pinup Girl Clothing was a bit of an impulse purchase. Most Pinup Girl items I see in the "coming soon" section months in advance and wait ever so impatiently for them to hit the site. This one sort of snuck up on me, and I added it to my shopping cart without thinking much of it. 

I am so, so happy I did. 

I've only had the chance to wear it a few times now, but each time I've been met with stares from sweet little girls. I've been told on several occasions by their mothers that they think I'm a princess. Now, this isn't a homage to myself. We're all beautiful because we're ourselves. No, this is a big fat thank you to Micheline Pitt for designing something so awe-inspiring that it reminds all the littles in the world of Cinderella. 

The bust line of the dress boasts the same bra-less inducing wonder of the Vamp Tops also made by Deadly Dames. I'm not wearing anything supportive here, save for the dress, and you can see everything's lifted sculpted.

I'm wearing a size small. My measurements are 36-25-36. The size chart says the bust is 35-36 and the waist is 26-27. The waist is definitely accurate and I have a little wiggle room there, however the bust I find cuts into me at the top ever so slightly. I noticed it does this on the model photos on the website too. It's not the least bit uncomfortable and isn't something I take note of when I wear it. If you are bustier you may need to go up a size. The belt is nice and thick so cinching it in won't hinder the look of the dress at all.


The signature weighty fabric we've all come to love from Pinup Girl Clothing makes movement in this dress feel lush, for lack of a better word. Little swishy sounds and twirly motions make chasing after my daughter that much more fun.

I absolutely love that it has some black in the print by way of polka dots. I always stretch my summer wardrobe into winter, but this can be hard to do in a clean way if half your wardrobe is bright florals and most of your winter accessories are black. I don't have that problem with this dress at all, and on this particular day I paired it with a leather motorcycle jacket.

This is one of those dresses that I would buy in every color of the rainbow. It's the new Jenny, in my opinion.

Bracelet - Heart Charm Bracelet by Juicy Couture - old stock

Little Miss and I went to the park afterwards. She had zero interest in doing a photoshoot with me, even though our dresses were the exact same shade of blue. Why, Selene, why??

Also, she is wearing her first pair of big girl shoes. No more pre-walkers! I wish I could make her grow faster and slower at the same time. I love seeing her personality develop, but I know how much I will miss these days when they are gone. 

In other news, I recently got to work with an amazing photographer that I've been crushing on for ages, and I will soon be working with another photographer for lots of shoots moving forward! Unique Vintage, Lila Jo, TUK shoes, red lipstick and tropical dresses are all coming up!

What color would you love to see this dress in? xo, Miss Betty Doll


Monday, 8 June 2015

Retro Workwear Part II: Bonsai Kitten Pussybow Tops

I have several quirks. One of my least universally appealing is probably my immature sense of humor. The word "pussybow" makes me giggle every time. Nonetheless, tops of this style are rapidly overtaking my wardrobe and I love them to bits!

I first discovered Bonsai Kitten Clothing whilst browsing hashtags on instagram a few years back. I had been looking for a pussybow top for months, but most that I found were of the very loose, button down variety. One of my favourite things about a 1950s silhouette is how beautifully it displayed a woman's shape, so flowy waists have never really been my thing.

Discovering Bonsai Kitten was a total treat. These tops are stretchy, form-fitting, ridiculously comfortable, anti-pilling and, well, adorable.

Whilst I am reviewing them as part of my Retro Workwear series, as seen in previous blog and instagram posts, I wear them casually all the time. They are super versatile!

One of my favourite details has to be the princess puff sleeves. I absolutely love how they took a top made from a simple stretch fabric, added ruching in the sleeves and a bow at the neck and voila! - you have a gorgeous top that tends to be the envy of all my modern styled girlfriends. I get stopped in shopping centres to ask where my top is from, often by sales assistants who's least expensive tops can't begin to beat the value for money these babies provide.

I wore them throughout my pregnancy and was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did they fit me all the way through to the last day, but they then shrunk almost completely back to their original size after.

They go up to an AU size 16, which is a US size 12, but they are so stretchy they could easily accommodate up to an AU size 20. I am wearing a size 8 and it fits like a glove.

I am a massive supporter of local brands, and being from the USA and living in Australia means I by the majority of my clothing from brands who make their clothing in the US or Aus. Bonsai Kitten is different in a very endearing way - instead of being made in Australia where it originates, it is made ethically through Adopta Co-op in Indonesia by widows from the Bali bombing. Knowing when I pull these tops out of their package that they have been made carefully by the hands of a sisterhood of women warms my heart.

Bonsai Kitten makes dresses, tops, pants, skirts and intimates. I can definitely see a certain Jessica of Pinup Persuasion rocking this Flamingo Top ;) The Bonsai Kitten Pussybow Top in Red that I am wearing can be purchased here.


Thursday, 4 June 2015

Wishlust Wednesday - Alice and Snow White

I think that perhaps Wishlust Wednesdays are dangerous. Looking over things I have been wanting just makes me want them more. It makes my wallet cry. 

As I mentioned last week, I got into a minor car accident last month. My insurance company is refusing to pay any part of my claim until I can get in writing that the guy who hit me is uninsured. Only he won't get back to me. So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and stressed outta my mind. Half the reason may be because I can't even dream of making any clothing purchases until this is resolved, and shopping might just be a coping mechanism of mine. But I can't do it. Oh, irony. 

A - Kelly Cutaway Coat Dress by Trashy Diva  - I'm developing a deep love for unique and glamorous winter outerwear. I used to stick to one or two plain, black coats for winter. I viewed them as something that kept me warm and hindered me from displaying my outfit underneath. Now, I see coats for what they really are - the universe's gift to pinups everywhere, so that we may unite in fabulous winter accessorisation and dazzle the world with our coats of splendor (wait, what? It's almost 1am and I am running off of cookie dough ice cream. But I'm kinda right. You know it.).

Really though, I think my favourite part of this coat is how much it reminds me of Lana Turner's hostess pajamas in Imitation of Life. 

Nuff said.

B - Alice in Wonderland Dress by Pigtails and Pirates - I have another set of dresses coming from Pigtails and Pirates, and I feel scared because I can feel an addiction coming on. This dress in particular catches my eye every time I pour over their website. There are so many different ways to capture the magic of this timeless classic, and this has to be one of my favourite interpretations. The gold filigree, the ice blue bodice, the whimsical roses... beautiful. You will be mine, pretty dress, you will be mine.

C - Courtney Coat Dress by Trashy Diva - I have been wanting a red coat for winter since our first chilly day of the season, and none of the retro options I saw were really doing it for me - until I saw this. I think most pinups would agree with me when I say that half the fun of the retro coat is how often they can look like a dress, or outfit in and of itself. This dress takes the cake in that regard, as it is literally made to be either a dress or a coat. And look at that deep red color. In love <3

D - Snow White Mirror Charm by Disney Couture - I went on a Disney Couture Jewelry craze a couple of years back and never regretted it. The pieces, though dear, are unique, and so charming you'll forgive the price tag. Pinup Girl Clothing had a gold mirror necklace awhile back and I remember constantly feeling torn between that one or this! Simply pop it on a gold chain to get a similar effect. Delicate, ultra-femme, goes with everything? Check, check, check.

E - Amuse Heel in Cream Patent on Pinup Girl Clothing - With the number of bright floral dresses in my wardrobe growing by the day (hour, minute, second), I feel like a pair of neutral heels are in order. Nothing is sexier or more classic to me than a good, old-fashioned pump. The neutral colors means it will finish off all of those outfits you weren't sure what to pair with, and the fact that it's on Pinup Girl Clothing means you can count on fast shipping and fantastic customer service!

What's your winter coat go-to? How annoying is it that I'm in the Southern Hemisphere and have no reason to review swimsuits at the moment? ;) xo, Miss Betty Doll

Monday, 1 June 2015

Fairy Princess in Space 46

I went on a mad hunt for a beautiful tulle skirt a couple of months ago. I've seen them in so many inspiring ideas for how to style them on pinterest, from leather jackets to demin shirts, and knew I had to get one of my own and put my personal spin on it. 

I ordered the Black and Ivory Wendy skirts from Space 46 about a month after my seach began. I scoured Etsy and Ebay, and ultimately I found Etsy's offerings to be too expensive, and Ebay's too cheap and low quality. I imagined that Space 46 would fall somewhere in the middle, with their skirts weighing in at a reasonable $82 USD.

When my skirts arrived just a couple of weeks after making the purchase, I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, the cost fell somewhere between Etsy and Ebay's contributions, but the quality exceeded them both. These skirts are fully lined, which means no itchy legs to contend with - but that's not what excited me. What excited me was the poof factor.  I feel like I've dawned a soft, billowy cloud of lusciousness when I wear these! They fall around my waist like a dream and, in the spirit of sharing - they totally make me feel like a fairy princess. (Albeit a very grumpy one going by the photo above - the sun, she is bright)

 I thoroughly enjoyed chasing my lil miss around the rose gardens here. I did have to change into flats halfway through the shoot though. These heels are killer and she is way faster than she looks!

I'm 5'6" and this 27" skirt falls just below my knees. This is my absolute idea length, as I feel knee grazing skirts and dresses are the most flattering, but anything below that can make me look stumpy.

I am wearing a size small, which comes in a 25" waist. Now... This is tight on me - but it ain't the skirt! I have gained weight over the past couple of weeks and everything feels tight! I need to cut back on the sweets. I have the biggest sweet tooth every and it's making me feel like crap! Ah! So, moral of the story - these are very true to size and the waist band is a non-stretch satin - so order your size or order up if you plan on pigging out on American candies like yours truly - your call! <3

 I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, my Selene <3

Cardigan - Wheels and Dollbaby Floral Cardigan (similar here)

Hair Butterfly - Lovisa Old Stock - similar here )
Tights - Gift
Shoes - Gift

Do you own a tulle skirt? How do you style it? xo, Miss Betty Doll
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