Saturday, 20 June 2015

Hello Birdie

My wardrobe has gone through a transformation over the past year. I feel like I spent a good few years in baby pinup mode (baby pinup = pinup girl in the making, new to the retro wardrobe scene. It'll catch on, I swear). I wore false eyelashes to work for the first time in 2013 and my workmates noticed immediately, and a couple may even have made slightly snarky comments (most of their comments about my wardrobe were sweet, but Australia, whilst a fashion capital, is mostly laid back. Falsies at work just don't jive with most people).

I tried my hand at headscarves that same year. And then I slowly started to incorporate petticoats and loud prints. The Birdie by Pinup Girl Clothing feels like it has been my final step into total pinup-dom. Now, there are all kinds of pinups. There's pinup models who love the look but mostly wear it for photoshoots or events. There's the casual pinups who love a good rockabilly look day to day. There's the vampy pinups who's red lipstick is always accompanied by something sexy and black. The list goes on. But in my mind I wanted to be a full-time, full-blown, Stepford Wife rivaling pinup (with a little edge. Leather jackets, anyone?) I wanted the perfectly coiffed hair (still working on that one), the big lashes, the heels in shopping centres, and finally - the big, beautiful floral dress that looks out of place everywhere but gives me life like nobody's business. 

I was totally falling over myself from dizziness to get this photo. I have had dreams of being a Disneyland Princess since I was a little girl, but I am apparently not the best at getting twirly photos. Dreams = dashed.

I own the Birdie in turquoise and pink , lavender and pink, and baby blue and yellow as pictured. I honestly can't choose a favourite. With the turquoise and pink, I honestly thought (despite the colors described) that it would be similar to the baby blue and yellow. Or at least that the pink and turquoise would be brighter than it is. It is in fact a dark turquoise, probably darker than pictured on the website. In contrast, the baby blue and yellow is more vibrant than I was expecting. It's an absolute breath of fresh air.

Regarding fit, I am wearing my usual size small. I am 36-25-36. The bust is a lot more cleavage-y than I thought it would be, and I think that's a good thing. It helps keep the dress fresh and sexy. You know I love me some cleavage. I have lots of room in the bust without there being such a big gap that I fear people getting an eyeful from the side. The waist is loose enough to feel comfortable, and the bit of stretch in the fabric helps it to cling just right.

I think the thing that amazes me the most about this dress is how comfortable it is. It's a pain in the ass to get over your hair without mussing it up (side zipper, people - both necessary and killer) but once on it fits like a glove and moves with you. They've added the absolute perfect amount of stretch to keep the fabric rich and thick and structured while still keeping it comfy. I can reach up to do touch ups on my hair without feeling restricted, which can be a rarity among longer sleeved retro clothing.

Overall I am absolutely in love with this dress. Besides struggling to get it on (my child actually giggled at me the other day while watching me wriggle my way in) this dress is nothing but positives. 

I think my favourite thing of all has to be the reactions this dress gets out of the gorgeous senior citizens I encounter whilst out and about. I get told at least once, each time I wear this dress, that I remind someone of their wife in the 1950s. Makes me blush every time. What an honor to bring back a little bit of history :) Thank you Pinup Girl Clothing!

I had so much fun during this shoot with Brook Orchard Photography at Werribee Mansion. She specialises in pinup and vintage photography, and was kind enough to sneak a shoot in for me with the little bit of spare time she had that week. I'm so grateful, as these images are everything I had hoped they would be.

What are your ultimate pinup dreams? Would you rock a Birdie? xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. I love the term "baby pinup" that is so fitting to describe newcomers to the scene (just as "baby vintage" would be for those whose style veers into the traditional vintage direction). It's great that you feel like you're really getting your footing on the pinup fashion front. I think you have a fantastic look and love seeing every beautiful outfit you share with us here.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Aw Jessica, thank you! I love that you take the time to post comments on the blogs that you follow. I always get excited when I see a comment from you. You're so lovely <3


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