Monday, 1 June 2015

Fairy Princess in Space 46

I went on a mad hunt for a beautiful tulle skirt a couple of months ago. I've seen them in so many inspiring ideas for how to style them on pinterest, from leather jackets to demin shirts, and knew I had to get one of my own and put my personal spin on it. 

I ordered the Black and Ivory Wendy skirts from Space 46 about a month after my seach began. I scoured Etsy and Ebay, and ultimately I found Etsy's offerings to be too expensive, and Ebay's too cheap and low quality. I imagined that Space 46 would fall somewhere in the middle, with their skirts weighing in at a reasonable $82 USD.

When my skirts arrived just a couple of weeks after making the purchase, I was pleasantly surprised. Sure, the cost fell somewhere between Etsy and Ebay's contributions, but the quality exceeded them both. These skirts are fully lined, which means no itchy legs to contend with - but that's not what excited me. What excited me was the poof factor.  I feel like I've dawned a soft, billowy cloud of lusciousness when I wear these! They fall around my waist like a dream and, in the spirit of sharing - they totally make me feel like a fairy princess. (Albeit a very grumpy one going by the photo above - the sun, she is bright)

 I thoroughly enjoyed chasing my lil miss around the rose gardens here. I did have to change into flats halfway through the shoot though. These heels are killer and she is way faster than she looks!

I'm 5'6" and this 27" skirt falls just below my knees. This is my absolute idea length, as I feel knee grazing skirts and dresses are the most flattering, but anything below that can make me look stumpy.

I am wearing a size small, which comes in a 25" waist. Now... This is tight on me - but it ain't the skirt! I have gained weight over the past couple of weeks and everything feels tight! I need to cut back on the sweets. I have the biggest sweet tooth every and it's making me feel like crap! Ah! So, moral of the story - these are very true to size and the waist band is a non-stretch satin - so order your size or order up if you plan on pigging out on American candies like yours truly - your call! <3

 I'll follow you to the ends of the earth, my Selene <3

Cardigan - Wheels and Dollbaby Floral Cardigan (similar here)

Hair Butterfly - Lovisa Old Stock - similar here )
Tights - Gift
Shoes - Gift

Do you own a tulle skirt? How do you style it? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Oh my gosh! Love love love these matching mom and baby outfits today! Rose sweater and skirt--just perfection. You two look like two princesses!

    P.S. Let's discuss those favorite candies ;-) I mostly prefer some Lindt Chocolate Truffles, but I also have a fondness of gummy bears and Snickers bars.

    1. Oh Connie, you share in my pinup passion AND you love sweets?! Marry me?

      I have the least sophisticated sense of humor and taste in food. I love me some Hot Tamales, Peanut M&Ms, cookie dough ice cream... the list goes on!!

      I love blue gummy bears. Theres this restaurant in the Melbourne CBD that has gummy bears next to the exit... I always fish out the blue ones on the sly :)

  2. Enchantingly pretty outfit!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you my beautiful Jessica! I think I need to do a stalk of your profile tomorrow - you look like you have some fun things on your Google + account :)


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