Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Maxi Does Pinup - Or Is It Pinup Does Maxi?

I'd like to start out this post with an announcement - I am excited to say that Tina Ramos Photography and I have now partnered for many future blog posts! Tina and I met a couple of years back when I first started modeling. I drove to her house after work, and remember feeling too nervous and exhausted for a photoshoot. She helped me feel right at ease. We've only done a few shoots together but I can't wait to make magic with her in the coming months <3

Below is a set we did at the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. I was disappointed to find that very little of it was in bloom due to our being in the middle of winter, but the falling leaves of several of the oak trees provided the perfect background for the dress we wanted to shoot.

Behold, this gorgeous red maxi dress from Unique Vintage. Isn't it perdy?


I first discovered Unique Vintage a few years ago while perusing through a few pinup communities on Facebook. I placed an order with them not long after and found their customer service to be prompt and efficient, their clothing gorgeous, their range wide and their shipping fast!

When I saw this red maxi dress I know I had to have it. You see, I love maxi dresses. They are flowy, elegant, easy to throw on and supremely comfortable. However, they aren't part of your typical retro styling. I saw Dita Von Teese in a similar (although far more expensive and couture) dress once and have wanted something like it ever since. 

The dress arrived within a week of ordering. Don't we all love super efficient shipping?

The fit of the dress is quite true to the size chart. My measurments are 36-25-36 and I had lots of room in the bust and waist. The stretchy material of the dress helped it stay molded to my curves, so whilst it feels nice and roomy, it looks like a perfect fit. The sash tie around the waist helps complete this effect.

It's about as long as Dita's dress above, so probably better worn with high heels or wedges. I am 5'6" and had a few extra inches of length.

Thank you, misty weather, for frizzing out my hair and killing my curls. I really appreciate your assistance

I truly feel beautiful in this dress. It clings to my curves but then falls away from my tummy. Totally flattering and very goddess like. A few gorgeous tourists took my picture while we were shooting, and though some of it is probably the excitement of seeing a photoshoot in action and hoping its for some big magazine instead of my lil blog, a part of me thinks the dress had a lot to do with it! 

The dress is on sale now for $52.00 USD, but only sizes medium and large are left. Get it before it's gone! Buy it at Unique Vintage here .

If your size is sold out, I encourage you to look for other maxi dresses, like this floral one and this geometric inspired one, both also by Unique Vintage. I have a whole new perspective on them since getting this dress and feel like I can easily incorporate them into my vintage inspired wardrobe. Step outside of your comfort zone and make sure you don't forget about styles you love just because they may not mesh with your typical wardrobe choices!

Do you ever wear maxi dresses? What do you think about them in a retro wardrobe? - Miss Betty Doll xo



  1. You are killing this maxi dress look! Oh my word!!! They're a garment I love, but which are usually anything but my BFF, so I tend to just admire them adoringly from afar on others. From the colour to the flattering neckline, this maxi looks like a million dollars on you, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh Jessica, I think you would pull of a maxi beautifully! But of course we as women know what makes us feel sexy, so I get not wanting to wear one if it's not your thing :) xo

  2. hello there in gorgeous Melbourne,Ciao...Great post and nice photos...yes, You're in the middle of winter there,but this fabolous red dress make shining Your Beauty,Your charisma more than the Summer Sun...cheers!

    1. Aw, why thank you! How lovely of you to say :)


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