Friday, 12 June 2015

Uptown Dame, In My Opinion

To be honest, the Downtown Dames Swing Dress by Deadly Dames of Pinup Girl Clothing was a bit of an impulse purchase. Most Pinup Girl items I see in the "coming soon" section months in advance and wait ever so impatiently for them to hit the site. This one sort of snuck up on me, and I added it to my shopping cart without thinking much of it. 

I am so, so happy I did. 

I've only had the chance to wear it a few times now, but each time I've been met with stares from sweet little girls. I've been told on several occasions by their mothers that they think I'm a princess. Now, this isn't a homage to myself. We're all beautiful because we're ourselves. No, this is a big fat thank you to Micheline Pitt for designing something so awe-inspiring that it reminds all the littles in the world of Cinderella. 

The bust line of the dress boasts the same bra-less inducing wonder of the Vamp Tops also made by Deadly Dames. I'm not wearing anything supportive here, save for the dress, and you can see everything's lifted sculpted.

I'm wearing a size small. My measurements are 36-25-36. The size chart says the bust is 35-36 and the waist is 26-27. The waist is definitely accurate and I have a little wiggle room there, however the bust I find cuts into me at the top ever so slightly. I noticed it does this on the model photos on the website too. It's not the least bit uncomfortable and isn't something I take note of when I wear it. If you are bustier you may need to go up a size. The belt is nice and thick so cinching it in won't hinder the look of the dress at all.


The signature weighty fabric we've all come to love from Pinup Girl Clothing makes movement in this dress feel lush, for lack of a better word. Little swishy sounds and twirly motions make chasing after my daughter that much more fun.

I absolutely love that it has some black in the print by way of polka dots. I always stretch my summer wardrobe into winter, but this can be hard to do in a clean way if half your wardrobe is bright florals and most of your winter accessories are black. I don't have that problem with this dress at all, and on this particular day I paired it with a leather motorcycle jacket.

This is one of those dresses that I would buy in every color of the rainbow. It's the new Jenny, in my opinion.

Bracelet - Heart Charm Bracelet by Juicy Couture - old stock

Little Miss and I went to the park afterwards. She had zero interest in doing a photoshoot with me, even though our dresses were the exact same shade of blue. Why, Selene, why??

Also, she is wearing her first pair of big girl shoes. No more pre-walkers! I wish I could make her grow faster and slower at the same time. I love seeing her personality develop, but I know how much I will miss these days when they are gone. 

In other news, I recently got to work with an amazing photographer that I've been crushing on for ages, and I will soon be working with another photographer for lots of shoots moving forward! Unique Vintage, Lila Jo, TUK shoes, red lipstick and tropical dresses are all coming up!

What color would you love to see this dress in? xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. It's sensational! Really charming styling with putting the matching belt over your cardi. That looks fantastic!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Fantastic photos as usual! I love that PUG uses heavier fabrics, especially with swing skirts/dresses. A little gust of wind won't have you exposed--unless you want to channel a little Marilyn ;-) I think it is so cute that little girls compliment you on your princess dress <3


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