Thursday, 4 June 2015

Wishlust Wednesday - Alice and Snow White

I think that perhaps Wishlust Wednesdays are dangerous. Looking over things I have been wanting just makes me want them more. It makes my wallet cry. 

As I mentioned last week, I got into a minor car accident last month. My insurance company is refusing to pay any part of my claim until I can get in writing that the guy who hit me is uninsured. Only he won't get back to me. So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place and stressed outta my mind. Half the reason may be because I can't even dream of making any clothing purchases until this is resolved, and shopping might just be a coping mechanism of mine. But I can't do it. Oh, irony. 

A - Kelly Cutaway Coat Dress by Trashy Diva  - I'm developing a deep love for unique and glamorous winter outerwear. I used to stick to one or two plain, black coats for winter. I viewed them as something that kept me warm and hindered me from displaying my outfit underneath. Now, I see coats for what they really are - the universe's gift to pinups everywhere, so that we may unite in fabulous winter accessorisation and dazzle the world with our coats of splendor (wait, what? It's almost 1am and I am running off of cookie dough ice cream. But I'm kinda right. You know it.).

Really though, I think my favourite part of this coat is how much it reminds me of Lana Turner's hostess pajamas in Imitation of Life. 

Nuff said.

B - Alice in Wonderland Dress by Pigtails and Pirates - I have another set of dresses coming from Pigtails and Pirates, and I feel scared because I can feel an addiction coming on. This dress in particular catches my eye every time I pour over their website. There are so many different ways to capture the magic of this timeless classic, and this has to be one of my favourite interpretations. The gold filigree, the ice blue bodice, the whimsical roses... beautiful. You will be mine, pretty dress, you will be mine.

C - Courtney Coat Dress by Trashy Diva - I have been wanting a red coat for winter since our first chilly day of the season, and none of the retro options I saw were really doing it for me - until I saw this. I think most pinups would agree with me when I say that half the fun of the retro coat is how often they can look like a dress, or outfit in and of itself. This dress takes the cake in that regard, as it is literally made to be either a dress or a coat. And look at that deep red color. In love <3

D - Snow White Mirror Charm by Disney Couture - I went on a Disney Couture Jewelry craze a couple of years back and never regretted it. The pieces, though dear, are unique, and so charming you'll forgive the price tag. Pinup Girl Clothing had a gold mirror necklace awhile back and I remember constantly feeling torn between that one or this! Simply pop it on a gold chain to get a similar effect. Delicate, ultra-femme, goes with everything? Check, check, check.

E - Amuse Heel in Cream Patent on Pinup Girl Clothing - With the number of bright floral dresses in my wardrobe growing by the day (hour, minute, second), I feel like a pair of neutral heels are in order. Nothing is sexier or more classic to me than a good, old-fashioned pump. The neutral colors means it will finish off all of those outfits you weren't sure what to pair with, and the fact that it's on Pinup Girl Clothing means you can count on fast shipping and fantastic customer service!

What's your winter coat go-to? How annoying is it that I'm in the Southern Hemisphere and have no reason to review swimsuits at the moment? ;) xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. My go-to winter coats, save for one (which is still quite fitted) are all princess cut mid-century offerings (the other is vintage, too though). It's by far the most flattering coat style on me and a massive personal favourite, so I really, in general, don't even shop for other styles any longer.

    That's truly a challenging situation regarding your insurance company. I'm very sorry that you're facing as much and hope that things will turn out in your favour.

    ♥ Jessica


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