Thursday, 25 June 2015

Wishlust Wednesday - Leather and Luxe

I'm so excited to do a Wishlust Wednesday this week. There are so many things on my "to buy" list that I can't keep up. Not fitting in a Wishlust Wednesday over the past few weeks means cutting down what to add was hard!

A - Gabrielle Trousers in Pink Floral - I don't wear pants very often, but I love my florals. This is right up my ally. Plus, I mean really - look at that model. She's just amazing and could make me want to buy anything. A perfect springtime look, or paired with pumps and a pretty white coat, I would rock this all year round. Not sure my current clothing budget will allow it, but if any of the Junebugs collection from Pinup Girl Clothing drops soon, I should be able to toss it in with it.

B - Vivi Dress by Lindybop - I'm finally losing my Lindybop virginity and grabbing something from this super affordable retro brand. I am loving the look of retro dresses with longer sleeves, and being winter here in Australia it's the perfect time to try them out! 

C - Downtown Dames Dress in Faux Red Leather - Between the Motorcycle Boleros and the Faux Leather Skirts, I'm not sure which piece I am drooling over more, but this red dress takes the cake by just a touch. Red lips, tumbling curls and a pair of leather mules would make this awe-strikingly delicious. We haven't seen anything quite so edgy from Micheline Pitt's Deadly Dames collection for awhile now, and I for one am ridiculously excited to see what else she has designed. God, I do love her mind.

D - Leopard Print Wrap Dress - Le Bomb Shop always delivers on super affordable retro pieces that are easy to throw on and go. They tick all the boxes for me and always have pieces that stand out from other more expensive clothing brands

On the beauty side of things, I am really craving Lush Bath Bombs lately. I haven't used one in two years (can't really bathe whilst pregnant as too much hot water is a nono, and haven't had as much time for baths since having my princess). Time to indulge again! Sex Bomb and Think Pink are my favourites.

Do you have a Lush favourite? What's your favourite Deadly Dames item? xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. Fabulous selection! I really, really like those floral print capri pants. They would be so cute on you!!!

    Have an awesome weekend, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica


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