Sunday, 26 July 2015

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Minnie Mouse Be Jelly

A few weeks ago, the fam and I got to go to Comic Con Melbourne to soak in the artistic geekery that our beautiful city is often made of. There were cosplayers. There were photo booths. But most exciting for me was the discovery of Laurina Jean Retro

I never used to venture out into the pinup community. Full time working hours and a household to run didn't leave me much time to do so. But now, with part time working hours and a bigger investment in facebook retro groups, I am starting to do so more often. I had hoped there would be a few retro inspired vendors at Comic Con, and was so happy to stumble upon Laurina Jean. 

After about a minute of sifting through racks of pretty dresses and skirts, I knew the Miss Polka Dot Retro Skirt had to be mine. I purchases this matching dress for Selene second hand on ebay 6 months ago and knew they were meant to be!

The quality of these skirts is perfect. Made of sturdy but flowy material, they twirl with your movement without the bulk that some gathered skirts can have. The button and zip closure in the back keeps everything perfectly in place. The fit is true to size, with size small / 8 fitting my 25 inch waist perfectly with an itty bit of wiggle room. They are 100% cotton, so if you are in between sizes I suggest ordering up!

I chose not to wear mine with a petticoat as I was just doing my weekly grocery shopping, but they fit a petticoat without a problem!

I have been wanting a white pussybow top from Bonsai Kitten since winter started, but other things kept getting in the way of making the purchase. I finally caved when I got this skirt, as I knew no color but a crisp white would fully do it justice. I've worn this top several time in the few weeks that I had it and love it the most out of all the pussybow tops that I own! There's something about stark white with red lipstick that makes the world seem a little perdier. Because, logic.

 Most tops that I own from Pinup Girl Clothing bunch in the back due to their zippers not wanting to stay against my back. Apparently this is a common problem of the smaller waisted. I love Bonsai Kitten tops because I never have to worry about that. They pair perfectly with high waisted shorts in summer and long thick skirts in winter. The bow keeps them sweet whilst the tight fabric and bit of cleavage give them the little sexy oomph I know we all love. I actually wear the bow to the side outside of working hours, and in front at work to hide an boobage that might be had. Win win! You can see my review on fit here .

 I spend most photoshoot time begging her to come back. Ah, toddlers

 Top - White Pussybow by Bonsai Kitten (link is to black, white is custom ordered via their website)
Shoes - Red Bow Shows by Tuk (similar here)
Dress  old stock pumpkin patch (similar here)
Shoes - Red Mary Janes by Target, old stock

Sunday, 19 July 2015

24th Birthday Celebrations

I don't know if I should blame baby brain or "old" age at 24, but I forgot how old I was turning about a million times before my actual birthday came along. It just didn't seem important anymore.

What did seem important was counting my blessings. I am exactly where I want to be in life and I wouldn't have said that a few years ago. I feel incredibly loved and blessed and humbled by what my life as become. It's not fancy. It's not magazine or movie worthy. But it's mine, and filled with all the pretty, sweet, and loving things I want it to be filled with. My little miss had alot to do with that, and I am forever grateful for her presence on this earth.

Our Fourth of July celebration turned into a joint birthday celebration for my girlfriend's husband and I, as we both happen to share the same birthday. Candles were lit, embarassing songs were sung and much food was eaten.

The fam and I went to Misty's Diner for my actual birthday. The owner, Misty, is from Arizona where I originate, so going in there is always fun. I fast the entire day to ensure I can gorge without guilt when I get there. With things like hot dogs covered in mac n' cheese and chilli cheese fries, there's alot to gorge on. When I lived in America and first started cooking, all I wanted to cook was sophisticated European dishes. Souffles and rissotos and the like. Now that I live in another country, American food has become a novelty for me and I can't get enough. I would love to say I have a sophisticated palate, but I have anything but. Give me a pickle and a vegetarian hot dog and I am good to go.

After a few more outtings with girlfriends I reached the day I think I was looking forward to most - a joint birthday celebration with high tea at the Langham Hotel.

My girlfriend Kristina and I have celebrated our birthdays in combined ways for a few years now (most memorable being my 21st and her 24th in which I ended up drunkenly hugging a stuffed moose. As you do). This year we wanted something with more flare that reflected all the girly sweetness that fills our lives by both having daughters so close in age.

The Langham was the perfect place to do so.  My wedding photos were taken here, my husband and I spent our wedding night here and I had indulged in many a solo tea whilst waiting for my husband to get out of work when we both worked in the city. Many memories, and it was the perfect time to create new ones.


 Everything was so delicious we didn't actually end up drinking tea. The food and ambience were enough!

Naturally I had to wear a Birdie Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. Nothing screams high tea like a floral house-wifey number. I purchased a fascinator from Your One Stop Pinup Shop and am totally in love with it. It was my first purchase from there and I can't wait to go back for more!

The best gift of all was the thoughtfulness my husband put into my birthday gift. He began acting sort of nonchalant about my blogging a couple of weeks leading up to my birthday, and I couldn't figure out why. Turned out he had purchased me a tablet with his family to help me with blogging on the go. and the nonchalance was to steer me away from cluing in on what he got. He also got his family to write beautiful and genuine things in my birthday card like my own family back home would. He doesn't come from the most forth-coming culture, and seeing the effort they put into my card melted me :) It was just what I needed on days when the distance between here and America gets to be too much.

Overall I had a beautiful birthday week. I had alot of time to reflect on the past year and start preparing new goals for next year. I had time to be thankful and, most importantly, time to cuddle with my family.

What's your favourite birthday memory? What would be your ultimate pinup birthday dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Matching Outfits - Yellow with Red Roses

I've never been a yellow kind of girl. I've got a cool skin tone and always found that yellow washes me out. It just doesn't inspire me. Or at least, it didn't used to. This Bernie Dexter Dress has made me a total convert. 

This is one of those dresses where no photo does it justice. The print pops and grabs the attention of every single passerby you encounter whilst out and about. 

Little Miss Selene and I wore these outfits whilst out shopping. Melbourne has so many unique and fun things to do, but my favourite way to stay sane as a mother is just visit local malls with girlfriends, grab some lunch and whatever needs buying, and wander on home. On weekends we get more adventurous, but weekdays tend to be the same routine that I have come to love. I lived in a very small town in Texas for a large chunk of my childhood, and I think I've subciounsciously created the same lifestyle even in a big city. We visit the same people at the same places once a week or so. Those people know us by name and we get to chat whenever I come in store. It's my happy place :)

 Deep conversations about how delicious her biscuit is

 aaaand done with the photo session apparently <3

Dress - Pumpkin Patch, old stock
Shoes - Target, old stock

Bolero - Ebay
Shoes -  TUK Bow Heels (red out of stock, Red Polka Dot and several others available)

Do you ever wear yellow? What's your favourite yellow dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Miss Betty Doll Dress by Le Bomb Shop

Back in May, the lovely Melissa of Le Bomb Shop contacted me and asked if I would be alright with her naming a dress after me. Melissa and I first started speaking earlier in the year and found that we had alot in common.  Melissa has moved between the US and Australia for years, and it was refreshing speaking to someone who had done a huge international move for their husband like I did. 

I've been a customer and fan of Le Bomb Shop for a couple of years now, but I never expected anything like that to happen. Naturally, I was thrilled and told her I was more than happy for her to do so. Thus, a Miss Betty Doll Dress arrived on my door step a couple of weeks later, all ready to shoot

I immediately organised to work with Chantelle Louise Photography at Werribee Mansion, knowing that like the Diana Swing Dress by Unique Vintage , her style was perfect for the dress.

The dress itself is an absolute dream. The stretch bengaline material is on the thin side and still manages to tuck me in nicely. I am not wearing shapewear in any of the photos with Chantelle Louise and it still gives my post baby body curves in all the right places. There is ruching around the belly area which gathers just enough to hide your tummy without bulking up the dress at all. The stretchy nature of the dress also means that even though the straps arent adjustable, they can stretch up or down according to wear you need the bust to sit.

I had a little black dress when I was a teenager that I wore to my very first photoshoot. There was ruching all over it so it tended to make my body appear bigger than its actual size, so I stopped wearing it years ago. I had been looking for the perfect little black dress ever since, and this has been my ideal replacement! It comes in wine, hot pink, black, white and red, meaning there is a dress color for every occasion.

And ladies, ladies, seriously, this dress is $43 USD. Say what?! I know, I was excited too. It reminds me of a strappy version of the Billion Dollar Baby Dress by Stop Staring but at a quarter of the price and with some added sexy due to no sleeves. It also makes your bum look fabulous, so, you know, it's basically perfect.

The bust is padded for some va va voom in the cleavage area, and it does your girls all kinds of favours. The length is my favourite dress and skirt length, ending just below the knees. This gives a slimming effect without ending too low and cutting you off where it shouldn't.

There isn't a clasp in the back to help you zip it up or help the dress stay closed, but I've already rectified that with a two minute sew job by adding one at the top where the zipper ends.

I will be wearing this dress to many events coming up! I had planned to wear it tonight to go out with a girlfriend for a final birthday celebration, however I've had too much on over the past week and was too run down to go. Boo :( It doesn't matter, my little dress and I have lots of places to go and people to see <3

What's your favourite little black dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Outtake: Here, mommy, you are clearly not busy at all. Have this fallen rose leaf. Hehe


Monday, 6 July 2015

Red and Pink and Oh So Sweet that - Matching Mother Daughter Outfits

I have lots of exciting blog posts coming up. My main squeeze - Tina Ramos Photography - and I have endless shoots planned for product reviews, Le Bomb Shop and I are collaborating on a blog post for the dress they were so kind to name after me and it's my birthday! I'll have lots of outfits and events to share, and I think I may do it all in one post next week once all the festivities are over.

In the mean time, I wanted to share what is currently at the absolute top of my favourite outfits list - the Mary Blair Umbrella Print Skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing and a custom pink dress from Pigtails and Pirates. I paired both pieces with red (cardi for Selene and PUG Peasant Top for myself) and we felt like Valentine's Day treats even in the peak of Melbourne's winter. There are so many gorgeous ways to add glamour to a winter pinup wardrobe through things like faux fur coats and three quarter sleeve collared dresses, but I was so excited when I received this skirt that I just had to pair it with a red peasant top to let it gleam in its fullest potential. Selene and I both wore leather jackets to brace us against the winter chill.

This particular day was the first weekend day off I had had in a very long time in which we had the whole day to do whatever we pleased. Selene, my husband and brother in law all made a trip to Costco for American goodies and then had the most amazing burgers in Melbourne - Burger Monster. Now, I can't speak for the meat as I am a vegetarian (though from the grease dripping from the boys' burgers it certainly looked delicious) but I can tell you that their mushroom burgers are out of this world. Deepfried and oh so yum! We then went to San Churro for a chocolate overload and then the boys and I went to see Jurassic World. It was an amazing day. I love family time and treasure it above all else. 

So now that we have established that I have the food and movie tastes of a 12 year old, onto more outfit photos!

This skirt really is so vibrant. It looks duller on the website's model photos, but in real life it is like a cross between salmon and bubblegum. It's so bright and cheery that a woman ran up to me during our outting to smooth the back of my skirt because "it was just to beautiful to not have perfect". So, yes, this skirt will earn you all the attention, but it's all good attention, I promise.

If you haven't already got your hands on this little gem, I suggest you keep an eye out on Ebay and Pinup Girl Clothing Swap and Sell pages on Facebook. It really is stunning and is one of those items that makes you wait by your door for the mailman to arrive and bring it to you. I kind of scared mine when it arrived, both by squealing incessantly and praising him for how quickly he got it to me before ever so politely ripping it out of his hands and running back into the house. Poor guy.

I also can't recommend Pigtails and Pirates enough for custom clothing orders. This was my first with them and I was so happy with it. I needed a plain pink dress for Selene to help match some of the pink in my closet. Laura Jones of Pigtails and Pirates is the sweetest lil lady ever and is always willing to help make your wardrobe dreams come true!

Shoes - TUK Bow Heels (red out of stock, Red Polka Dot and several others available)


Shoes - Target Mary Janes, old stock
Bow - Ebay, old stock

What is your favourite thing to do on your days off? What have you risked wearing in Winter in the name of fashion? xo, Miss Betty Doll

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