Thursday, 2 July 2015

Diana Swing Dress by Unique Vintage

The second I saw the Diana Swing Dress by Unique Vintage, I had to have it on my body like yesterday! It was only on preorder, but within a couple of weeks it was available and all mine.

I did a photoshoot at this location not too long ago and saw this beautiful hall of arches on the outside of the mansion. I instantly thought of the lovely Chantelle Louise, as her style swings from ethereal to vampish, and with the winter light, midnight black dress and gothic setting, I knew she could work magic. 

I was surprised at the makeup of the dress, as it was more formal than I was expecting. As someone who will dress up in heels for grocery shopping, you know I don't mind one bit! The crossover bust is actually firmly padded, which I love and didn't expect. Coupled with the built in crinoline in the skirt and the sturdy, swishy but flexible fabric, this feels like a designer dream and not a mere $128 USD dress! 

I got a little caught up in the scenery and forgot to get a close up of the front of the dress, but Unique Vintage are fabulous at showcasing their clothing from every angle! 

Bow details on clothing tend to start out happy little accessories and end up sad floppy messes by the end of the day. Not so with the bows on the elbows of the sleeves here. The structured fabric means you tie a bow and they stay put. They were the tipping point for me purchasing this dress, as there are several similar silhouettes but none, that I've found, with the bows!

As for fit, I ordered a size medium. I once ordered a 100% cotton dress from Unique Vintage and found it so tight in a size small that I couldn't lift my arms. I was nervous about that happening so I went with a medium this time, even though I knew the fabric content was completely different. I am 36-25-36 and could definitely have gone with a size small. The waist on this is quite roomy, as are the arms. It's got such a form fitting stretch to it though that you barely notice. I will be pairing it with several different belts in the future, and a belt does tuck this in nicely. I would say it is true to size with a little extra stretch. 

I am completely in love with this dress! Not a flaw to be noted. Since having my Selene I have been dressing in brighter colors and listening to pop music nonstop since it is her favourite, but slipping into this dress reminds me of my darker side, with deep red lips and head to toe black. However, I think most anyone else would just love the 1950's elegance and classic coloring. It also comes in red and white, the latter of which I have seen used as a wedding dress! These are truly timeless pieces.

In closing, I can't tell you how much I love working with Chantelle. She did my daughter's newborn pictures, toddler pictures and even captured me feeling at my absolute sexiest just a few months after I had my little one. If making a new mother feel beautiful with a newly changed body isn't working magic, I don't know what is. Melbourne ladies, be sure to check her out!

*** Unique Vintage is currently having a 20% off site-wide sale in honor of the 4th of July! Coupon code is FREEDOM. Be sure to redeem it at check out to get your discount!***

Do you have a dress that brings out your darker side? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Enchantingly beautiful photos! I have a few dresses that bring out that side in me as well - especially my vintage burgundy velvet number, which is a firm holiday season favourites.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Ohhh, burgundy velvet against your skin would be absolutely beautiful!


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