Sunday, 26 July 2015

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Minnie Mouse Be Jelly

A few weeks ago, the fam and I got to go to Comic Con Melbourne to soak in the artistic geekery that our beautiful city is often made of. There were cosplayers. There were photo booths. But most exciting for me was the discovery of Laurina Jean Retro

I never used to venture out into the pinup community. Full time working hours and a household to run didn't leave me much time to do so. But now, with part time working hours and a bigger investment in facebook retro groups, I am starting to do so more often. I had hoped there would be a few retro inspired vendors at Comic Con, and was so happy to stumble upon Laurina Jean. 

After about a minute of sifting through racks of pretty dresses and skirts, I knew the Miss Polka Dot Retro Skirt had to be mine. I purchases this matching dress for Selene second hand on ebay 6 months ago and knew they were meant to be!

The quality of these skirts is perfect. Made of sturdy but flowy material, they twirl with your movement without the bulk that some gathered skirts can have. The button and zip closure in the back keeps everything perfectly in place. The fit is true to size, with size small / 8 fitting my 25 inch waist perfectly with an itty bit of wiggle room. They are 100% cotton, so if you are in between sizes I suggest ordering up!

I chose not to wear mine with a petticoat as I was just doing my weekly grocery shopping, but they fit a petticoat without a problem!

I have been wanting a white pussybow top from Bonsai Kitten since winter started, but other things kept getting in the way of making the purchase. I finally caved when I got this skirt, as I knew no color but a crisp white would fully do it justice. I've worn this top several time in the few weeks that I had it and love it the most out of all the pussybow tops that I own! There's something about stark white with red lipstick that makes the world seem a little perdier. Because, logic.

 Most tops that I own from Pinup Girl Clothing bunch in the back due to their zippers not wanting to stay against my back. Apparently this is a common problem of the smaller waisted. I love Bonsai Kitten tops because I never have to worry about that. They pair perfectly with high waisted shorts in summer and long thick skirts in winter. The bow keeps them sweet whilst the tight fabric and bit of cleavage give them the little sexy oomph I know we all love. I actually wear the bow to the side outside of working hours, and in front at work to hide an boobage that might be had. Win win! You can see my review on fit here .

 I spend most photoshoot time begging her to come back. Ah, toddlers

 Top - White Pussybow by Bonsai Kitten (link is to black, white is custom ordered via their website)
Shoes - Red Bow Shows by Tuk (similar here)
Dress  old stock pumpkin patch (similar here)
Shoes - Red Mary Janes by Target, old stock


  1. So cute!! Love these two outfits, you can cosplay is Pinup Minnie Mouse! ;-)

    1. If only we were in California for Disneyland :'(

  2. Ooohhh, my word, how terrifically cute and cheerful. You and darling daughter, both so marvelously well dressed and sweet, have truly become one of the brightest spots in my blog feed.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh Jessica, what a way to make a blogger's day, let alone a mama's :) Thank you!


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