Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Miss Betty Doll Dress by Le Bomb Shop

Back in May, the lovely Melissa of Le Bomb Shop contacted me and asked if I would be alright with her naming a dress after me. Melissa and I first started speaking earlier in the year and found that we had alot in common.  Melissa has moved between the US and Australia for years, and it was refreshing speaking to someone who had done a huge international move for their husband like I did. 

I've been a customer and fan of Le Bomb Shop for a couple of years now, but I never expected anything like that to happen. Naturally, I was thrilled and told her I was more than happy for her to do so. Thus, a Miss Betty Doll Dress arrived on my door step a couple of weeks later, all ready to shoot

I immediately organised to work with Chantelle Louise Photography at Werribee Mansion, knowing that like the Diana Swing Dress by Unique Vintage , her style was perfect for the dress.

The dress itself is an absolute dream. The stretch bengaline material is on the thin side and still manages to tuck me in nicely. I am not wearing shapewear in any of the photos with Chantelle Louise and it still gives my post baby body curves in all the right places. There is ruching around the belly area which gathers just enough to hide your tummy without bulking up the dress at all. The stretchy nature of the dress also means that even though the straps arent adjustable, they can stretch up or down according to wear you need the bust to sit.

I had a little black dress when I was a teenager that I wore to my very first photoshoot. There was ruching all over it so it tended to make my body appear bigger than its actual size, so I stopped wearing it years ago. I had been looking for the perfect little black dress ever since, and this has been my ideal replacement! It comes in wine, hot pink, black, white and red, meaning there is a dress color for every occasion.

And ladies, ladies, seriously, this dress is $43 USD. Say what?! I know, I was excited too. It reminds me of a strappy version of the Billion Dollar Baby Dress by Stop Staring but at a quarter of the price and with some added sexy due to no sleeves. It also makes your bum look fabulous, so, you know, it's basically perfect.

The bust is padded for some va va voom in the cleavage area, and it does your girls all kinds of favours. The length is my favourite dress and skirt length, ending just below the knees. This gives a slimming effect without ending too low and cutting you off where it shouldn't.

There isn't a clasp in the back to help you zip it up or help the dress stay closed, but I've already rectified that with a two minute sew job by adding one at the top where the zipper ends.

I will be wearing this dress to many events coming up! I had planned to wear it tonight to go out with a girlfriend for a final birthday celebration, however I've had too much on over the past week and was too run down to go. Boo :( It doesn't matter, my little dress and I have lots of places to go and people to see <3

What's your favourite little black dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Outtake: Here, mommy, you are clearly not busy at all. Have this fallen rose leaf. Hehe



  1. What an incredible honour! Congratulations on having this breathtaking dress named after you, honey. It's such a stunner!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* That last shot is adorable - real life at it's finest. :)

    1. *its* - thank you, iPhone autocorrect :D

      ♥ Jessica

    2. Aw thank you Jessica! I never thought that would happen in a million years, but so grateful it did. Something to tell Selene about when she's a teenager and no longer thinks I'm cool haha


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