Sunday, 5 July 2015

Vamp It Up

When contemplating what to shoot next for my blog, I knew it had to be Vamp Tops in Cream Floral. Brook Orchard Photography has such a dewy, bright retro style that I knew would pull the colors out of these tops perfectly.

Vamp tops and dresses were one of the first purchases I made from Pinup Girl Clothing. They first came out in a few basic colors and then eventually expanded to several floral prints, as pictured below.

The other vamps are perfect go to basics. Adjustable straps, a faux twisted bust and zipper in the back all make for amazing support and fit. The simple but sexy design means they pair well with just about any outfit, from capris to swing skirts and beyond.

I wear a size small in both the dresses and the skirts, with my measurements of 36-35-36 fitting very well. I do get a slight bubbling effect at the smallest part of my back due to my waist being proportionally much smaller than my hips and bust (funny saying that now as I sit here still digesting the massive amount of food I consumed over 4th of July. Tiny waist, ha!). This is disguised by both swing and pencil skirts, but does show when I wear them with pants. A quick trip to the tailor would fix this right up, no doubt. 

They are very structured but have enough stretch to suck you in and provide ease of wear. They may be a pain in the bum to get on over your hair, but once they are on they are nothing but comfortable. Most that wear these don't even need a bra. I would seriously fit in with the bra-burners of the 1960's and 70's, given that I get away with not wearing them if there's a structured top involved every chance I get. (... Fun Fact - there was never any bra burning in the name of feminism. It's just a myth).

I have no such bubbling problems with the Vamp Dresses, which fit me like a glove. These come in everything from black to polka dots to bright florals, making them an ideal dress for literally any occasion. Throw a leather jacket and wedges on for a movie night, or satin heels and chandelier earrings for cocktail hour. They work for everything. This print in particular even comes in skirts.

Chantelle Louise Photography and I had the pleasure of shooting in Frangos and Frangos about a year ago. I had to leave the hotel a couple of times to get something from my car, and each time took me 4x longer than normal because everyone had to stop me to compliment the dress. Yeah, these are that hot.

The Vamp Tops are available here and Dresses here, Some sizes are currently sold out in many of the prints, so be sure to snag them while you can or be prepared for a long wait!

What's your go to cocktail hour dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. My word, you are breathtaking!!! What romantic, alluringly gorgeous photos.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. I've been really lucky to find some wonderful photographers that bring out the best in people :) Thank you doll!!


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