Thursday, 24 September 2015

Exciting Announcement - Baby Number 2!

I have sort of dipped below the radar over the past couple of months.

Not too long ago I was to go out with a dear girlfriend who only makes it down to Melbourne once in a blue moon, but I felt like death. I was determined to down a massive energy drink (something I haven't allowed myself to drink for years - nasty stuff, it is) and get on with it, but I had an inkling something was up. As my husband and I had been trying for a baby for a couple of months, I figured I may as well take a test just in case. Lo and behold it was positive. Yay!

And then I have spent that night up until now feeling like a zombie. I used to work full time in the heart of the city, sometimes waiting an hour or two for my husband to get out of work so we could train home together. Now I work barely three days a week and my exhaustion levels with this pregnancy are a hundred times more intense than they were with my little Selene. 

Happy to say I am 15 weeks along and starting to feel much better!

So now onto the good stuff. Since I started blogging, about a million other pinup blogs have emerged. There were about a million before me, too, so needless to say I don't always feel I have much to offer besides my occasional matching mother daughter outfit posts. But what I now get to do is something that excites me very much, because there is precious little info floating around about it at the moment - Maternity Pinup How To!

When I was pregnant with Selene, I basically waited till I had outgrown everything in my wardrobe to finally order a couple of mediocre outfits. I did a decent job maintaining my fashion sense whilst growing larger by the day, but I didn't feel fully confident or happy in many of those outfits. This time, I am determined to do things differently. I already have a few outfits on the way and a few tricks up my sleeve to make this pregnancy everything I want it to be. 

I have been scouting all manner of retro repro clothing for the past two months to ensure I was thoroughly prepared by the time I started showing. I have lots in store for you gals (guys?).


My only regret with this pregnancy so far is the timing! I was offered to model several dresses by one of my favourite brands, only to have them arrive when I was already 12 weeks pregnant and starting to show. I finally had to tell them I wouldn't be able to shoot them before my belly blows up more, and am soon to send them back. Sad times. But hopefully we can work something out after I have this bundle of joy :)

Till next time!

xo, Miss Betty Doll
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