Monday, 23 November 2015

Maternity Pinup Style - Knotty (or Nice) in Heart of Haute / ANNOUNCEMENT!

Like much of my pregnany wardrobe, the Knotty Dresses by Heart of Haute didn't initially catch my attention. I always go for a fuller skirt, and for that reason I automatically skimmed over them when browsing the website.

I am so glad the stretchy, bump friendly material caused me to take the plunge and purchase one, because now I can't live without them. Without a baby bump, they are the ultimate "throw on and go" dress. They are cardigan friendly, beach friendly (I used them regularly as a cover up) and breast-feeding friendly. Basically, if you want ease of access and wear, buy these in every color and you'll be sorted.

With regards to maternity-capabilities, it's perfection. There's quite alot of cleavage going on due to the knot at the bust (which does actually tie). That can be a bit of a nuisance to mothers who are always bending over, being pulled on etc. However, it's over halfway past the mid-thigh in length modest everywhere else, and I love a bit of boob (sorry mom) so I have no issues with it. A cami is also always an option!

 (I have this new thing where we do a big, dramatic countdown when posing for photos together so Selene will be excited to be photographed. Now she runs around saying "1,2,3!" and hops into photos that she's not meant to be in lol!)

The stretch knit is nice and thick, so it holds form well and won't give people more than they bargained for on windy days. Take note though - if you wear this during pregnancy, it WILL stretch out enough that it'll look a little funny when your tummy is gone. This is good for right after birth when nothing fits quite yet, but once your tummy is gone you may want to get it altered.

Overall I love this dress and don't know where my maternity wardrobe would be without it. Even without a bump I wear these often, especially when I need something a little more casual but still need to look cute.

There is only this pattern left on the actual Heart of Haute website, however a quick google revealed several retailers still stocking old prints, such as plain red and turquoise polka dot. Ebay and facebook swap and sell groups are also great places to get a hold of other colors.

Pregnancy update - Holy bloating, Batman! Whilst my bump is growing just as slowly as with Selene, I feel massive due to all the water retention. My thighs are unnaturally cellulite-y, I have a shadow of a double chin and I am feeling big all around!

Don't get me wrong - I love pregnancy. Woman are always very quick to tell you "be grateful" etc. But that's missing the point, I think - pregnancy is also hard! Especially when you eat right and take care of your body and it still rebels against you. So it's a bit of a struggle right now.

Energy levels are fantastic unless I over-exert myself (as I am prone to do). I did a little over an hour of walking today and feel like a zombie now, and scrubbing my tiles for 2 hours the other night resulted in some cramps, which is a pregnant body's way of telling you to take it easy.

Selene rubs cocoa butter oil onto my tummy for me every night, and my husband has taken on a few household duties for me to help out. I'm still working part time and plan to till the very end of pregnancy, so life is still pretty normal - just with a bigger and more tired me!

Oh! And for those of you who were wondering....

Which means you are soon to see a whole lotta this!

We honestly thought it was a boy, as when you have one gender, people tend to predict your next child is the opposite. After a couple of days to adjust to the unexpected but exciting news, we are so, so thrilled. I wanted a sister for Selene since day one, and if any house is prepared for all the Disney Princess, pink, squealing fun that can be little girls, it's this house. 

My husband only has a brother, and the two of them regularly have male friends over. I'm almost always the only female in the house besides my daughter and regularly have action movie marathons and end up waiting on all of them. A house full of girls is in perfect harmony and balance with all the testosterone we always have going on! 

Do you have any Knotty dresses? What were your top pregnancy nuisances? xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. You look utterly and completely gorgeous, my dear. Aren't we always our own harshest critics, no matter the circumstances? I see none of the points you mentioned, and only a glowing, beautiful mama-to-be to a second daughter (huge congrats!).

    1. Thank you Jessica! Haha yes, hormones and the simple act of being female can do that to you!

      - Bethany x

  2. Congratulations on a second daughter!! That is good news. Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy.

    Lisa Sullivan xoxo

  3. Replies
    1. Aw, I've missed you on social media! Thanks darling

      - Bethany xo


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