Sunday, 20 December 2015

Goddess of Hair Flowers: Lila Jo!

My style before I fully indulged in the world of pinup was a dark, romantic mish-mash of things. Dark lipsticks, long red hair and lots of hair flowers. I remember feeling like half the reason retro was a natural transition for me was the frequent use of hair accessories that I already couldn't live without.

Thus, it was with devestation that I received my husband's sound advice one day: "I don't like the hair flowers... they are pretty but they stick out awkwardly from the side of your head".

My heart broke. I was angry at him for weeks. Weeks, I tell you. What right had he to tell me how to dress? Surely I knew better than him, a man with little fashion sense (sorry baby, it's true). But one day I looked in the mirror and realised he was right. The hair flowers I was wearing just didn't do themselves any justice.

So, with a heavy heart, I tossed what I had and viewed any images of inspirational, hair-flower-sporting pinup girls with contempt. Why were theirs sticking so prettily in their hair?

Cue: Lila Jo Accessories! I don't even know how I found the fabulous Shana's Etsy site. I just know that the phrase that struck me time and time again was "flat-fit". Phrases that can be seen on her site over and over again are "light weight, will lay flat and hold tight!", "hand assembled to give the rose its flat fit" etc.

I saved up enough money to place a decent first order without delay. I wanted the flat-fit roses, in particular, in every single colour of the rainbow. I started with a pale pink, amoungst others.The pink is still my favourite to this day, as can be seen up close from the slightly frayed ends from constant wear!

I showed my darling husband the second my order arrived, and he got excited right along with me. He loves them, and can't imagine my style without them now. Other hair accessories have come and gone, but I honestly feel like I'm cheating on a lover when I wear anything else. I'm a Lila girl, through and through.

The shipping times are always quite quick. Processing can take up to a week, but this is a small business so I never mind. The flowers always arrive packaged up nicely, complete with a business card and tissue paper to keep everything fresh and perdy.

Whilst the Flat Fit Roses are my favourite, I also have a small but growing collection of beautiful butterflies! These babies make little girls gasp with delight and point excitedly. They're very unique and very magical. Whilst I have been able to find similar clips elsewear, nothing sits quite as well in my hair as Lila Jo's. She's phased them out in favour of some gorgeous Fruit Hair Clips, but I'd be sure to stock up if ever they return.

My third favourite would have to be the Dahlia flowers, which feature the same fit as the roses.

Shana's stuff has been sold through Pinup Girl Clothing themselves, amongst other retailers, so it's safe to say the quality is perfect.

When girlfriend's that like certain aspects of the retro style have asked me where to get the best hair flowers, Lila Jo is always my one and only recommendation. Basically if you see me with flowers in my hair, you know what I'm wearing.

Shana herself is very approchable and sweet, as she's proven time and time again through our facebook messages. Since hair accessories are the cherry on the sundae of pinup outfits, it's only fitting that the maker of the best accessories of all is equally sweet. Hers is a business I would never hesitate to support.

Flowers and more can be purchased through Shana's Etsy, Facebook or Website!

Tina Ramos of Tina Ramos Photography and I hiked our way through Melbourne's gorgeous Botanical Gardens to find the perfect floral background for part of my hair flower collection. She's always such a joy to work with due to her laid back approach, and I highly recommend her for anything from boudoir to family shots :)

Who makes your favourite hair accessories? Have you tried Lila Jo? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. It's awesome that you found a great source of hair accessories that you're both pleased punch about. Each of these beauties looks terrific on you, sweet dear.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I just saw this blog post! This made my entire day thank you so very much for all of your support over the years it means the world! <3 Thanks for all of the kind words.<3 Shana


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