Thursday, 3 December 2015

Maternity Pinup Style - Cherry Sundress by Le Bomb

Truth be told, it's really hard with a summer pregnancy to not just fill up my whole wardrobe with Le Bomb Shop dresses. They stretch makes most of them fit for all of pregnancy, and the variety of colors and patterns that each dress comes in makes it so easy!

For variety's sake, I'm trying to reign myself in and be good. But I could not resist this pretty Cherry Print Betty Sun Dress .

I have a few Betty Sun Dresses and they are one of the friendliest for a baby bump due to the combination of a decent length hemline and a higher waistline. The Miss Mabel Dresses, mentioned here, is definitely pregnancy friendly but features a longer waistline.

Like many halter top dresses, a strapless bra is not necessary if you are, well, small and perky enough. If you have large lovely jubblies, I would suggest a bra, but I go up to a DD during pregnancy and still can rock this bra-less. It's a savior in hot months when you are already uncomfortable and don't want anything else touching you that doesn't have to.  There is no padding in the bust, but the gathered fabric alleviates the need for it.

This one features the same shirring in the back like many of Le Bomb's summer dresses, and the fabric is super light weight so there's no pulling at your neck from the halter tie. This also can leave you prone to flashing others at  heavier gusts of winds, but honey - if you are afraid to show some cheek at the cost of your dresses, pinup ain't for you.

I delicate wash these in cold water and find they last ages. I have some sun dresses from Le Bomb from three years ago that are still in perfect condition, so quality wise, they will definitely last you.

Melbourne is full of city/country fringe fruit picking fields and orchards. It is a habit of mine to try to match the fruit with my dress. I honest to God have no idea where I got this matching obsession, and can only say that at least it goes along with the 1950's subculture. Thus, I can't wait to wear this one to a cherry tree picking extravaganza with my husband and little princess. The photos will be awesome. These things matter. I swear.

The Betty Sun Dress comes in everything from floral to polka dot, the latter of which is available in every color of the rainbow and then some. It is also petticoat friendly, for those of you not currently knocked up.

In terms of fit, you should be able to wear your regular size without a problem up to the very end of pregnancy, unless of course you have needed to size up due to overall weight change from pregnancy. I am wearing my standard size small here. The fabric itself doesn't stretch, but the smocking in the back allows for all the bump growth required.

Pregnancy update:

Little Miss Number 2 is kicking up a storm and seems to be just as active as Selene was in my tummy. It's cute and hardly uncomfortable - for now. We're almost to the third trimester though when her growth will accelerate, so it's not gonna last long!

Weight wise, I have gained more than I want to thus far! I went from a nice and steady weight gain to shooting up to 67 kilos. As my end goal is 70 kilos as I did healthfully and easily with Selene, I wasn't very happy when I stepped on the scale a few weeks ago. Having said that, I've eased up on the carbs and incorporated more salads into my meals, so my weight has stayed nice and steady. I've just been indulging in too many sweets. If I can keep it slower from now till birth, I'll be happy. Pregnancy weight can fall off you after birth if you don't overindulge, and I don't want to be heading to the gym to work it off later on if I can avoid it.

Hubby and I have been trying to pick out baby names, which is proving impossible. Selene is an elegant and feminine name, but not ridiculously girly like the other names I always loved, so finding a way to name her sister whilst keeping their names fairly similar and within the mythical theme we have going on (Selene means Goddess of the Moon) is tough. We'll get there.

What are your favourite sun dresses for fruit picking? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. I love my Betty Sun Dress! It really is perfect for warm weather, I'm so glad to hear it can accommodate for baby bump--you look can look cute without breaking the bank. You look amazing, Bethany :-)

  2. That's such a charming, cheerful dress! Our part of the country has had a thriving cherry orchard industry for many decades and I can't help thinking how perfect a garment it would be to wear for a shoot when the fruit is at its peak in/around July/August.

    Best of luck with finding a name for second daughter. There's something so powerfully lovely about the act of naming a child.

    Many hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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