Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Maternity Pinup Style - Holiday Dresses For Bump!

I realize this post may be coming too late for some of my Australian readers, as getting dresses shipped in time can be difficult all the way out here! But Americans will find it pretty easy to get their hands on those mentioned below.

Dressing a baby belly for the holidays isn't always easy. For instance, I decided back in November that I suddenly had to have a gold dress for Christmas, and searched for hours for something suitable that wouldn't break the bank and would fit over my ever expanding tummy. I found a few (with the help of the amazing PUG facebook group!) but nothing that quite worked.

Cue the Masuimi Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. This is not currently available on the main PUG site, but I grabbed mine from Retro Glam and experienced super quick shipping and a smooth process all the way around.

I wore this in lavender for my anniversary two years ago when I was pregnant with Selene. I loved it then too, although I have to admit I am not super comfortable in wiggle dresses when pregnant. As you can probably tell, I get pretty body-conscious during pregnancy and having my bump out for all to see is something I both take pride in doing and feel nervous about!

Nonetheless, the super flattering laced bust cups, high back and thick straps make the construction of this dress second to none.

I am wearing my usual size small and find it comfortable everywhere except the arms. The famous stretch bengaline material stretches over every curve in every place except the armpits, where it is sturdy and doesn't give. I have this issue in this dress whether I am pregnant or not, and it was reconstructed fairly recently without this issue being addressed, which says to me it's probably, well, just me.

Given that it is an evening dress, it really doesn't bother me as it's only ever worn for a few hours at a time. The dress is a real show stopper so I would never give it up for the sake of saving myself from some oh-so-attractive arm chafing. It's a widely loved ensemble so rest assured - it'll take care of you and then some.

Given the little arm issue, you can certainly size up during pregnancy without it swimming on you. Bengaline conforms to curves with no restraint, so you won't feel frumpy in a size bigger than your norm. It does not stay stretched out at all (such is the quality of Pinup Couture) so you can safely wear it for a holiday event and then sell it on ebay or Facebook Swap/Sell pages without fear of selling a damaged item. It'll hold its own just fine.

I recommend some good, old fashioned, chicken-fillet style stick-ons with this dress. The bust is quite open and having something to give your girls some lift will not only give you fabulous cleavage but also hold the dress in better in the bust area. The cups mould very well to your chest, so in my opinion even bustier ladies can get away with a strapless or stick on bra and maintain a fabulous, er, rack (running out of boob words here).

If you are in the US and attending a party of the fancier sort, I suggest throwing on a fur stole with this baby for warmth.

If you are after some similar sillouettes and prefer to order straight from PUG themselves, I suggest the following:

Made of the same stretch bengaline material - feel free to order your normal size!

As above - stretch bengaline and safe to order in your normal size!

For something different, try the Ava! You will need to size up with this one - something that isn't mentioned on the maternity friendly section of the PUG site. The material is none stretch but empire-waisted, thus able to accomodate a belly.

Wanna stay warm and glamorous? Check out the Monica! Very stretchy and many women report needing to size down when not pregnant, so you're definitely safe to order your normal size and not any bigger.

It'll be a little too late to get this one in time for Christmas, but when rush ordered you can get it for New Year's! It comes in red, gold, royal blue and more! Currently on sale. I have a full review of Hardley Dangerous Clothing coming soon, but in the mean time rest assured that they are lovely quality, very stretchy, and your normal size will fit a baby bump no problem.

This one has been pinned to the "wants" section of my Pinterest for ages, and I finally ordered it for my baby sprinkle next year. The subtle puffed sleeves, the ruching along the bodice, the clingy-yet-forgiving strech of the material... It's to die for. I suggest sizing up at least once as the waist, whilst stretchy, has a little less give than the rest of the outfit due to where the seem of the bodice and skirt meet. It is very flattering on a bump! Also comes in seafoam green ,  red dotsgold and several other colours! I nearly got the gold but fell in love with the crisp yet delicate ambience of the white. I'll be sporting this one for some maternity photos as well!

There you have it. Several dresses fit for the holidays, where to get them, and what size to order. I hope this helps any current bump rockers!

What are you wearing for the holidays? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Super pretty holiday ensemble. Red is radiant on you, sweet dear.

    From my heart to yours, happiest holiday season wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. I just got this dress over the holidays, so I'm really excited that this dress can grow with me. I always love seeing your style, and how it transitions to motherhood. Thank you for having such a great blog! <3


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