Saturday, 5 December 2015

Maternity Pinup Style - Pretty in Pleats with Le Bomb Shop

I think every retro wardrobe needs a few solid pastel skirts, with pink being at the top of my own list. A year or two ago I remember looking for months on end for a pretty, plain pink skirt that would go with a variety of tops.

Hell Bunny had a couple, but reviews were mixed and left me unsure of whether or not to order one. Pinup Couture also came out with one earlier this year, but by the time it was ready to order I was already pregnant and knew it wouldn't fit.

Cue this beautiful Pretty in Pleats Skirt by Le Bomb Shop!

It features a stretchy, thick waistband that pulls in your figure nicely without the band folding over at all. I mean, look at my pregnant figure here - it still gives me a small waist! The entire skirt is very stretchy, making it ideal for quick, casual pinup outfits where a pull on and go skirt is necessary.

The length goes roughly to my knees, however pulling it up higher to make way for my bump compromises it a little.

I am wearing my standard size small and don't feel the least bit restricted. I recommend sticking with your usual size unless you feel you will end up sizing up overall during pregnancy.

I wore this today after swimming, and must say it is the easiest way to pull together a pretty outfit. It really doesn't wrinkle and there's no zipper involved, so ease of wear is absolutely top notch.

I have worn it with the Gia Top by Pinup Couture (sold out on the website but super comfy and maternity friendly, so it's worth keping an eye out on Ebay and Facebook Swap and Sell pages for you winter bumpers!), the Pussybow Top by Bonsai Kitten (also bump friendly!) and the Marty Maraschino Top by Le Bomb Shop. Needless to say, it goes with anything.

For starters, lets talk about quality. The nature of the fabric makes it prone to pilling and fabric pulls, so don't expect it to last you the next 10 years. Even then, treating it with respect means you will still get tons of wear out of this skirt, making it well worth the mere $30 it'll cost you. I've worn mine once a week since I got it and it's still in fab condition.

The pleats make for a bit of fullness without it being strictly a retro skirt. As it comes in more basic colors like black and navy (see all the colors here), I think this makes it an ideal skirt for a baby pinup just dipping her toe into the retro world. It's not intimidating like, say, the Jenny Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing. It has bounce and flare. I wouldn't recommend wearing it with a petticoat as the stretchy fabric probably wouldn't sit right with anything underneath it.

Overall I love this skirt and want it in more colors. I can see myself wearing this in that awkward, in between stage after birth wear your normal wardrobe doesn't fit year but you're no longer sportng a beach ball for a belly. I'm so happy I grabbed it and think it's a wardrobe must have for easy outfit days.

As a side note, I noticed I am now 6 months pregnant and have very few maternity pinup blog posts to show for it. How slack of me! I have all of December off of work, so I plan to make outfit posts more regular. I truly hope these will come in handy for any current and future retro mamas. If you want more, please feel free to check out my instagram for more consistent outfit posts during pregnancy. Thank you so much for reading!!

Are pink skirts a must have for your pinup wardrobe? Which one do you favour? xo, Miss Betty Doll


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  1. What a positively pretty skirt! I love the girly pink hue and its classic shape.

    Wishing you and your family a marvelously merry holiday season!
    ♥ Jessica


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