Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Mother Daughter Outfits - Leopard Ladies in Pinup Girl Clothing

It's been ages since I've done a mother daughter post. I post our outfits on instagram (we really do match almost every day) but haven't had the energy lately to round her up for a little shoot!

For years, half my wardrobe has been leopard print. Thus, the adorable matching outfit search for Selene began the second she was born. It's not easy to find cute leopard print stuff for kiddos. When she was a baby, it was nearly impossible. But sometimes I manage to snag one up in real life instead of spending forever searching the net for it.

This was one of those times! Browsing through Big W (Aussie Wal-mart equivilent, minus the gun section and terrifying outfits) not to long ago, I found this adorable leopard print onesie for $12! It came with a hat with kitty ears, and given that this was back in October I can only assume it was meant for Halloween.

Leopard print maternity outfits are equally difficult to come by, but just as my pregnancy with Selene was coming to an end, Pinup Girl Clothing announced that it was releasing a maternity line! I immediately pinned what I knew I wanted to save for future purchase - the Preggers Scrumptious Dress in Leopard Print.

I ordered my usual size small. With most actual maternity clothing, you can safely order your normal size, as they are designed for your normal body plus a bump! The arm holes are a little tight however, so if you are like me and go up several sizes during pregnancy, feel free to order up. The fabric is made in such a way that it will still fit well and not sag.

Bonus - it's breast feeding friendly!

It comes in olive, pink and black as well. The black is a perfect maternity basic for work that will leave you feeling pretty instead of frumpy, and the simple design of the Scrumptious means you can pair it with layers for cooler weather and wear them on their own in summer.

Regardless of what color or print you get this in, the fabric is a thick cotton-poly blend that conforms to your body and makes for super comfortable wear. It's a little on the thicker side for ridiculously hot weather, but today it was 26C (78F) and I was perfectly comfy in it.

We received a ton of compliments on our outfits whilst out and about today, and several woman were shocked that I am six months pregnant. So yes, this has a brilliant flatter factor! It gives your bump room to breath whilst giving you a svelte figure appearance that we all know is probably not actually there... at least mine isn't. I'm a marshmallow under the dress. But you'd never know ;) Thank you, Laura Byrnes.
 (see that little bit of extra chin and thigh dimpling? Thanks, hormones. I needed those real bad.)

I think my favourite thing about these dresses is the resale value. Maternity clothing can often feel like a waste as it's worn for so little time and hard to sell for near equal value, even though it's normally in great condition afterwards. The fact that this has the Pinup Girl Clothing label means ladies will always want to get their hands on it, and you can therefore sell it when you're done with it without losing out on much money! What a great investment.

But Laura, oh Supreme Overlord - if ever you somehow find the time to read my itty bitty blog, please here my whine! I want more maternity pinup clothing from you! The Scrumptious Dress is beautifully made and makes me feel pretty every time, but it's one of your simplest designs! I want more of the good stuff! I want the Renee with a closed tummy and a bump friendly waistline! I want the Jayne! I want the Ava Swing! And if you could update the Maternity Friendly section to advise how much we should be sizing up in normal Pinup Girl Clothing to make it fit our growing bellies, that would be swell.

Having said all that, I've noticed the Preggers Scrumptious Dresses have remained in stock basically since they were made, so ladies - if you don't buy them, we will never get anything else that's specifically maternity out of Pinup Girl Clothing.

Seriously though, if you are pregnant - get this dress! And get it from day one. Don't wait till your third trimester when you don't have long to go and it feels like a waste. Get it during the first trimester when you feel bloated and crappy and are wondering if anyone else can see that little belly bulge forming before you want to make your big announcement. As I stated above, you really can't tell you're pregnant in it when your bump is small, so you can safely wear this early on without feeling pre-emptive.

 Dress - Preggers Scrumptious Dress in Leopard by Pinup Girl Clothing
Necklace - Gift from my Mama!
Shoes - London Rebel (similar here )

Onesie - Big W (similar here)
Do you own the Scrumptious Dress, Preggers or otherwise? How do you find the fit? - xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Very nice post. Sweet pix of you and your lovely baby girl. XO

  2. So sweet! You two (soon to be three) are some of the best dressed ladies around.

    ♥ Jessica


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