Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Maternity Pinup Style - Hardley Dangerous Couture - Cherrybomb Dress!

I know I'm not alone here when I admit that I have moments where I suddenly realise I must have something in my wardrobe, and then spend an ungodly amount of hours searching for the exact item that I've made up in my head.

A plain, pretty, white dress was one such item that magicked itself onto my never-ending wishlist a year ago, and I hunted for one for days. I wanted it to be super comfortable and have no patterns or prints on it whatsoever.

Hardley Dangerous Couture by Moonboot Studios ended up being the provider of such a dress. I was so excited when I stumbled across their Etsy site, as I found that their dresses and tops were beautifully customizable and available in a wide variety of colours - many of which came in their signature ponte de roma stretch knit! 

I was tempted, let me tell you, to order every shade available and fill my wardrobe with all the pretty things, but I held fast and purchased just the one, white dress that I was after. I ended up going with The Cherrybomb Dress in White. Most of their dresses, mine included, are made to order, so I settled in for the 4-6 week waiting time (plus shipping time) quoted on their site. 

Mine arrived within 6 weeks, so they completed it within about 4 weeks and shipping to Australia took an additional 2. Not bad, and one the shorter side of the time promised!

The dress, whilst unlined, honestly doesn't need it. It is made from a thick, high quality knit that conforms to every curve in a forgiving way. As you can see, even at 6.5 months pregnant it still gives me a waist! 

I ordered a size small, which fit perfectly before baby bump and still fits super comfortably now! I suggest just ordering your regular size and tossing any fit worries away. This fabric is genius and it'll mould to where you want it to. I've seen it on plus size, skinny minnies and everything in between. It does every figure justice - including my current round belly!

I have worn and washed this dress several times since its initial purchase and find it is still in as new condition, so it is definitely well constructed and holds its own.

I've seen this dress used for holiday photos and as a bridesmaid dress, so it's perfect for where a certain color is required. They give discounts for bridesmaids dress orders when 6 or more are purchased at once.

They also hold fairly regular sales. For instance, the Cheri Dress is currently on sale for $59 USD, so now is the perfect time to grab one if you're curious!

I highly recommend this dress for anything. Seriously. Casual weddings, a pretty spring dress, maternity photos, holiday photos, prom (check out the velvet dresses!). It's perfect with a baby bump or without, and I honestly can't wait to do a shoot in this one once this bun is out of the oven so I can showcase it without a belly! It's gorgeous.

Photography: Tina Ramos Photography
Hair Flowers: Lila Jo
Dress: Hardley Dangerous Couture

What has popped up on your must have list? What's the longest you've spent looking for a must have item? xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. You are not alone in the slightest! There are some things that I've suddenly determined I needed/wanted and have then spent years looking for (with various active searches on the go as we speak). Sometimes one can't help but feel that the thrill of the hunt is half the fun. :)

    Gorgeous photos and dress. The white partnered with purple blooms here is breathtaking!

    ♥ Jessica


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