Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Wishlust Wednesdays - Dream Kitchens and Post Baby Wishes

So it's been quite awhile since I've done a Wishlust Wednesday. I suppose it got pushed to the wayside by my ever expanding waistline. But with an end to this little bump in sight (and a new angel to love soon!) I am oh so happy to bring it back. I am wishing and hoping and dreaming for more items than I can count!

 A - Deadly Dames Faux Leather Motorbike Bolero - Normally I am all about summer dresses and halter necks, but I think having my wardrobe feeling a little more limited lately is making me crave the autumn seperates I will get to rock soon! The second the Bad Girl everythings from Deadly Dames came out, I wanted them all. Hubby asked wear on earth I would wear the leather dresses, and I told him "To the supermarket, to a bondage club, I don't care, I just need them!". Bondage clubs aren't really my thing (are they even a thing at all?) but those dresses are. In the mean time, I really want the matching boleros in basically every color. I cannot wait to style them and, of course, get matching pink jackets for my minis. As ya do.

B - Retro Hoops by Bow and Crossbones - I've always been a hoops kind of girl, but they were forgotten about when I discovered the retro style I love so much now. I hadn't realised they were so popular in the 50's until recently (I know, I know, out of the loop much?). I love how the more retro version, like these from Bow and Crossbones, hang from a little stud instead of going directly through your ear. Adds a little glam, just how I like it.

C - Jailbird Top by Deadly Dames - I will soon be on the lookout for warmer seperates that I can breastfeed in, and this one fits the bill. I saw Southern California Belle mention once that she basically lives in Pinup Couture Peasant Tops in summer and Jailbird Tops in winter. I concur! I can't wait to do the same.

D - Cheetah Athletic Leggings by Lulu Tops - I've never ordered from this brand before, but they've got me all excited! I used to spend hours searching for cute workout gear in retro inspired prints but came up empty. I stumbled across these by chance and can't wait to grab some for some post baby shredding madness. They come in all sorts of prints, including cherries and American flag. I am in love.

E - Laura Byrnes California Stretch Ponte Pants - I normally love me some high waisted pants, but I'm just not as comfortable in any sort of pants when I'm pregnant. Thus, I cannot wait to whip out all my pants again post baby. These ones in particular are getting me excited! I've tried the sateen pants by Laura Byrnes and just didn't find them the most comfortable. These look divine though and seem to have been made with comfort in mind. I want!

Currently I work in display homes for a Melbourne based builder, so I get to spend alot of time daydreaming about my dream home. I actually love the home that I live in, but have never been happy with the kitchen! I plan on getting Selene a little retro play kitchen for her birthday, and find myself daydreaming about having my own.

I particularly love these modern kitchens with retro twists. My interior design style is more Hollywood Glam than 50's Kitsch, so these are more up my ally. I highly doubt my husband would ever let me put so much pink into our kitchen (he already gave me free reign over everything in the house, but pink is a limit hehe) but a girl can dream.

Oh, Dita, why are you so divine?

Anyway, that's all for now!

What is your dream kitchen? Are any parts of your home decorated a la 1950's? Aussie ladies - what autumnal pieces have you got your eye on? - xo, Miss Betty Doll

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Maternity Pinup Style - Pinup Couture Anna Dress

It feels a little wrong even blogging this dress, as it is currently sold out everywhere and isn't even on the Pinup Girl Clothing website anymore!

Having said that, it is SO comfortable and perfect for maternity wear that I still had to share. Behold, the Anna Dress by Pinup Couture.

This is a dress that I normally wouldn't have grabbed, as I like my dresses to be full and luscious. I ended up getting this one anyway during my second trimester when I was pregnant with Selene, and I fell in love.

More casual versions of the pinup style is still something I am working on (note the heels above!). It's not that I don't know how to dress down, it's just that I feel so strange without my frothy petticoats and sky high heels. This dress is perfect for casual pinup, as it's super easy to slip on and run out the door in (also something I am trying to master the art of). 

As Little Miss #2 becomes more and more of a reality, dresses like the Anna will be a saving grace. Right now I take my time getting ready in the mornings, because Selene has her own little morning routine with her ipad and squeezie yoghurt and even sitting in my lap while I do my makeup. When I have both a toddler and a newborn to contend with, I know that routine is not going to work.

But I digress - back to the dress. It is made from a stretch poly/spandex blend that has a very thin scuba material feel to it. It's certainly silky and its makeup surprised me when I first received it. I like it though - again for it's complete ease of wear factor.

You can size down without an issue as the armholes are very generous and the material itself has so much give. As you can see, it has no issue stretching comfortable over my 32 week belly! I stuck to my normal size small.

It confirms to curves and gives a helluva lotta cleavage, and the ties at the shoulders make a sweet and unique accent to an otherwise simply designed dress.

Dresses like this are rare from Pinup Girl Clothing nowadays, as even the supremely comfortable Scrumptious Dress is very thick and can be tricky to get on without mussing up your hair (I LOVE it anyways). Thus why I decided to do this post - rocking a bump or not, keep an eye out for this dress! It's super rare now and not easy to find, but it is so worth the hunt.

I did manage to find it in size small on Ebay , so anyone in that size category should check it out <3 Otherwise, swap and sell groups on facebook and the shopping tab on google can be useful in tracking one down.


And now for a little life and bump update:

As I said above, I am now 32 weeks pregnant! Well into my third trimester now. During the day, I am light as a bird and have no problem flitting about working, running my household, caring for Selene etc. But by nightfall I am in totally different territory. I feel faint, heavy, and ready for absolutely nothing.

My husband is a game animator and together we make one very nerdy couple. We have been playing the new season of Diablo III since it came out, so the second we get Selene into bed we use our time to chill together and game it up. Trying to soak in routine relaxation time while we can, because there's no such thing with a newborn.

I am now 69 kilos, but feeling like a bloated mess still. I felt much more confident with Selene, and the perfectionist in me is upset that I've had no energy for gym or other things I did when I was pregnant the first time. I've just been doing pilates at home here and there, and walks when I can.

Selene's second birthday is just around the corner, so I have been busy planning that as well. It will be intimate, like my baby sprinkle, but I love party planning and tend to go all out anyway. There tends to be a dessert table, lots of decor and themes to the max when I host anything, and of course parties to celebrate my favourite little person are the best to plan.

Till next time!

What is your favourite go to pinup dress for comfort? What is your routine for getting out the door quickly? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Monday, 18 January 2016

Maternity Pinup Style - Melanie Dress by Hell Bunny

I honestly swore to myself there was no way I would be able to do matching outfits with my daughter when I fell pregnant a second time. I figured it would be too hard and not worth the headache. Instead, I've found it so easy to find retro dresses in a variety of colors and styles to suit our little wardrobes, even with a belly!

It was with gusto that I began my search for a lavender pinup dress for maternity purposes when I outgrew what I had. Selene has several purple frocks and, naturally, I needed one to match. I had a feeling Hell Bunny would be the way to go, as they have several lilac offerings to try, and I had yet to review any of their stuff for pregnancy.

I ordered the Melanie in Lilac Polka Dots in size small originally, just going by the size chart. I was nervous it would be tight around the waist as this particular Hell Bunny dress offers no stretch. Instead I found it was too tight in the bust! Disappointed but unwilling to let it deter me, I quickly exchanged it for a medium.

The fit of the medium was much better, with enough room in the bust to accomodate me. I'm a 38D at the moment, being pregnant, so it was still a bit of a squeeze.

The fabric is of medium weight and thickness, definitely not something I would ever pick up and think is cheap! I do wish it had a little stretch to it though. Because of the way the neck clasps together, it can get uncomfortable after hours of wear. If it had even a little stretch added it would be perfection.

The belt is nice and roomy too, which was exciting! Last pregnancy I didn't get to wear any belts as all of mine became too tight, very quickly. This one will easily last me till the end, and even when I wore the size small, I had a notch to spare.

The design is divine. It's not your run of the mill dress, and I've yet to find anything similar and as widely available. It comes in Black, Red and several other colors and they all do it justice. I remember initially seeing it on @pinupdaysvintagenights on Instagram and thinking "I must have that dress!".

 I'm so glad I bought it. I do hope they redesign it with stretch one day, just to make things more comfortable. Until then, I'm happy with this one.

It's a little difficult to link to this dress, as most of my readers are American and Hell Bunny just sells through stockists. A quick google search will bring it up in about two seconds flat, though!

On a side note - have you ladies ever tried to get these Pinup Couture shoes on with a baby in your belly?! I thought I was going to faint. They wore them in several of the Pinup Girl Clothing maternity shoots, so they must have had assistance putting them on!I tried to get a photo of the mayhem, but I looked so genuinely pained it wasn't even funny :P

What's your favourite Hell Bunny design? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Baby Sprinkle and Maternity Pinup Style in Stop Staring!

As I've mentioned before, when I first moved here I had my husband and that's about it. There were some that were there for me to an extent, but it was a very lonely first few years here. After I had Selene I met some of the most beautiful women, and yesterday I got to celebrate the baby sprinkle for Baby Number 2 with them.

I love party planning. I basically shouldn't be allowed near pinterest. I've had many a fail with recipes and ideas from it, but everything worked out well yesterday!

The last large party I did included over 40 people for Selene's first birthday. Yesterdays sprinkle had only 8 (plus a ton of babies!) and was much more low key, but I still didn't want to overspend.


I made my first big fondant cake from scratch over the course of 2 days (with the guidance of my Aunt in Arizona, who owns her own bakery ) , as well as cake pops with golden crowns, mini crown decor (made from toilet paper rolls. again, pinterest hehe!) and kept decor simple. Brown paper gift bags filled with chocolates, stuffed with gold cello paper and then tied with a gold ribbon served as inexpensive favors. There were no baby shower games as it was a casual gathering, just lots of baby cuddles, food and lovely ladies :)

I'm still learning the art of hosting gatherings without seeming stressed, and I sort of succeeded yesterday thanks to lots of early prepping. Many of the ladies there yesterday have this down to perfection, and hopefully one day I will too!
My favourite part was the dress. I have had my eyes on the Billion Dollar Baby Dress from Stop Staring for years now, and finally took the plunge and grabbed one for the sprinkle. One of my lucky girlfriends ended up grabbing one in pink for her daughter's first birthday, and even wore it at 5 months pregnant for her second birthday. I waited patiently for the right event and knew I had to have it for this!

Initially I grabbed a size small, not realizing that whilst the dress is made from a very stretchy, high quality, thick bengaline fabric, the smallest part of the waist has less give. With an 8 month belly, I barely managed to smuggle myself into it, so I ordered a size medium from Unique Vintage. I was so happy to be able to place an order with them, as they are one of my favourite clothing companies and baby bump hasn't allowed me to in quite some time!

It arrived within a week and a half and fit amazing! Customer service was very helpful to me with sizing.

The sleeves have just the right amount of puff to them and make me feel genuinely pretty. Growing up I always loved those Princess Peach style dresses, and the top half of this dress fulfills that desire in an elegant way.
As you will have noticed, I really don't do wiggles during pregnancy. Most just don't flatter my changing body how I want them to. This dress is a massive exception!! The gathering at the waist and the thick material make for a smooth and comfortable fit, drawing in the waist and adding curves in all the right places. I am wearing maternity spanx under these, but honestly you can go without if you prefer - the fit is that perfect!
If you are pregnant and want a Billion Dollar Baby dress of your own, I suggest going with a size up - possibly two if you tend to gain more or carry quite large during pregnancy. This will allow for the most comfrotable fit! 

Thank you to those of you who attended. I was so thankful for your presence and to get to spend an afternoon with you <3

Do you own anything from Stop Staring? What is your favourite wiggle dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Maternity Pinup Style - Heart of Haute Donna Dress

About a month ago, I had a look at my blog posts and realised just how many sundresses I had reviewed of late. It makes perfect sense, it being summer here in Australia and all, but it's mostly halter dresses that I'm fitting into at the moment and those wouldn't work for a mama celebrating a winter pregnancy! The goal here is to be helpful to current and future mamas, after all.

Thus, the search began for some cooler weather appropriate styles that would work for a pinup with a baby bump. It took all of two minutes to find several styles by Heart of Haute that suited my fancy. Then, just a day later, I was contacted by Alisa of Heart of Haute, who wanted to know if I would like to review any of their dresses. Um, yes please! I sent her my wishlist, and she responded with what they could send, and bada-boom, the Donna Dress, amongst others, was on it's way. What perfect timing!

There are a lot of things about this dress that excite me, so let's get straight down to business.

First off, let's start off with fit and comfort. I ordered a size small, as it was clear by the Poly Rayon Spandex fabric description that there was lots of stretch in this dress. Size small is perfect, with a good amount of room in the arms and plenty in the waist for my ever expanding waistline.

It is super comfortable, which is something I think can be hard to find in retro dresses with longer length sleeves. Often times they are made from a stiff material that makes arm movement a hindrance. Not so with the Donna.


The bust is actually more open than I thought it would be. It took some adjusting to get it to sit right on my chest, and I ended up popping a little stitch where the two sides of the faux wrap top meet to help it stay where I wanted. It took about a minute, so it's not something to worry about. I think this had more to do with my baby bump pushing the waistline higher than it would normally be, as you can see on the website that it fits the model in the chest just fine, and she looks smaller than I normally am. Other options include popping a pretty cami underneathe, which would also add instant work appropriate-ness to an otherwise cleavage-y dress!

The color is somewhere between a true red and a burgundy. The lipcolor I am wearing was a perfect match, and it was a mix between Mac's Ruby Woo and a burgundy lipstick I had sitting in my vanity drawer, so safe to say this dress is a mix between the two as well.

It is definitely breast-feeding friendly, which excited me. Paired with the extreme comfort and the longer length sleeves, and it's the perfect dress for post-baby in winter, where your tummy is in a sad state and trying to remember what to do with itself, and your baby is asking for a feed every hour. This dress will have you feeling beautiful even with your body rebelling against you after you welcome a new little human into the world. I will be giving birth in March this year, so not long after baby comes it will be getting chilly. I can see this dress getting me through the autumn and winter months with ease, and definitely want it in the teal and black that it also comes in.

It currently comes in XS to XL in all three colorways, and also in plus size in black!

This dress falls within the affordable pinup category, to, being a steal for only $78 USD. Given the quality Heart of Haute always produces, this is such a bargain. It is also fantastic for baby pinups, who are new to the pinup scene and nervous about big, puffy, floral dresses. The sleek silhouette and ease-of-wear is not the least bit intimidating.

In conclusion, it's comfortable, you can order your normal size, it can be made work appropriate, it will work for breastfeeding, it has sleeves and it happens to bear the same name as my Grandma Donna, who was my original 1950's inspiration. Need I say more? Get this dress.

Now for a bump update! I am now 30 weeks pregnant and feeling it. I spend half my time feeling good, and the other half the time wishing I had a crane to carry my belly around for me. Little Miss Number Two basically has no room to be doing flips in there anymore, and yet somehow she is doing them anyway.

I can feel her working her way up to my ribs. Selene spend the last couple of months in there with her tiny foot stuck in the right side of my ribcage, and it looks like this one will be doing the same.

My uterus is actually tilted more inward, which means I get a nice small bump because everything's a little more internal than normal. This is good and bad. It means clothes fit me longer and my centre of gravity is not so thrown off... but it also means that I am sporting a good sized baby in there and spend lots of time waddling around the house, but no one thinks to ask how I'm doing because I don't look all that pregnant half the time. Ya win some, ya lose some :).

My in laws are all currently overseas for my brother-in-law's wedding, and soon they will be returning with a new sister-in-law for me! This is very exciting, but also means we are spending lots of time running between houses to care for my husband's grandmother and that there is no one to watch Selene for me when needed. We are very much looking forward to their return.

So far I've gained 10 kilos. I gained 12 with Selene and hope to do the same this time. But chocolate is delicious, so... we'll see.

Until next time <3

Do you own the Donna Dress by Heart of Haute? What is your favourite go-to cool weather dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll
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