Sunday, 10 January 2016

Baby Sprinkle and Maternity Pinup Style in Stop Staring!

As I've mentioned before, when I first moved here I had my husband and that's about it. There were some that were there for me to an extent, but it was a very lonely first few years here. After I had Selene I met some of the most beautiful women, and yesterday I got to celebrate the baby sprinkle for Baby Number 2 with them.

I love party planning. I basically shouldn't be allowed near pinterest. I've had many a fail with recipes and ideas from it, but everything worked out well yesterday!

The last large party I did included over 40 people for Selene's first birthday. Yesterdays sprinkle had only 8 (plus a ton of babies!) and was much more low key, but I still didn't want to overspend.


I made my first big fondant cake from scratch over the course of 2 days (with the guidance of my Aunt in Arizona, who owns her own bakery ) , as well as cake pops with golden crowns, mini crown decor (made from toilet paper rolls. again, pinterest hehe!) and kept decor simple. Brown paper gift bags filled with chocolates, stuffed with gold cello paper and then tied with a gold ribbon served as inexpensive favors. There were no baby shower games as it was a casual gathering, just lots of baby cuddles, food and lovely ladies :)

I'm still learning the art of hosting gatherings without seeming stressed, and I sort of succeeded yesterday thanks to lots of early prepping. Many of the ladies there yesterday have this down to perfection, and hopefully one day I will too!
My favourite part was the dress. I have had my eyes on the Billion Dollar Baby Dress from Stop Staring for years now, and finally took the plunge and grabbed one for the sprinkle. One of my lucky girlfriends ended up grabbing one in pink for her daughter's first birthday, and even wore it at 5 months pregnant for her second birthday. I waited patiently for the right event and knew I had to have it for this!

Initially I grabbed a size small, not realizing that whilst the dress is made from a very stretchy, high quality, thick bengaline fabric, the smallest part of the waist has less give. With an 8 month belly, I barely managed to smuggle myself into it, so I ordered a size medium from Unique Vintage. I was so happy to be able to place an order with them, as they are one of my favourite clothing companies and baby bump hasn't allowed me to in quite some time!

It arrived within a week and a half and fit amazing! Customer service was very helpful to me with sizing.

The sleeves have just the right amount of puff to them and make me feel genuinely pretty. Growing up I always loved those Princess Peach style dresses, and the top half of this dress fulfills that desire in an elegant way.
As you will have noticed, I really don't do wiggles during pregnancy. Most just don't flatter my changing body how I want them to. This dress is a massive exception!! The gathering at the waist and the thick material make for a smooth and comfortable fit, drawing in the waist and adding curves in all the right places. I am wearing maternity spanx under these, but honestly you can go without if you prefer - the fit is that perfect!
If you are pregnant and want a Billion Dollar Baby dress of your own, I suggest going with a size up - possibly two if you tend to gain more or carry quite large during pregnancy. This will allow for the most comfrotable fit! 

Thank you to those of you who attended. I was so thankful for your presence and to get to spend an afternoon with you <3

Do you own anything from Stop Staring? What is your favourite wiggle dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. Endlessly gorgeous! So often we think of all white dresses just for weddings (and back in the day, formal high school and college dances), but as you so elegantly show here, they're simply superb for baby showers (and really, maternity in general), too.

    Your party and delicious spread look marvelous. Wonderful work on everything!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's true! The Betty Doll Dress from Le Bomb Shop or this one would definitely be at the top of my list if I had done a low key wedding. So pretty!

      Thank you :) Party planning gives me life!

      xo Miss Betty Doll

  2. Loved this post a lot. It was really interesting share. For my sister’s baby shower, I too hosted a LalaLoopsy themed DIY party at one of the local event halls for rent. It was a beautiful bash that had so many DIY crafts made by me and my mom. It turned out to be an amazing bash to remember forever.


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