Sunday, 24 January 2016

Maternity Pinup Style - Pinup Couture Anna Dress

It feels a little wrong even blogging this dress, as it is currently sold out everywhere and isn't even on the Pinup Girl Clothing website anymore!

Having said that, it is SO comfortable and perfect for maternity wear that I still had to share. Behold, the Anna Dress by Pinup Couture.

This is a dress that I normally wouldn't have grabbed, as I like my dresses to be full and luscious. I ended up getting this one anyway during my second trimester when I was pregnant with Selene, and I fell in love.

More casual versions of the pinup style is still something I am working on (note the heels above!). It's not that I don't know how to dress down, it's just that I feel so strange without my frothy petticoats and sky high heels. This dress is perfect for casual pinup, as it's super easy to slip on and run out the door in (also something I am trying to master the art of). 

As Little Miss #2 becomes more and more of a reality, dresses like the Anna will be a saving grace. Right now I take my time getting ready in the mornings, because Selene has her own little morning routine with her ipad and squeezie yoghurt and even sitting in my lap while I do my makeup. When I have both a toddler and a newborn to contend with, I know that routine is not going to work.

But I digress - back to the dress. It is made from a stretch poly/spandex blend that has a very thin scuba material feel to it. It's certainly silky and its makeup surprised me when I first received it. I like it though - again for it's complete ease of wear factor.

You can size down without an issue as the armholes are very generous and the material itself has so much give. As you can see, it has no issue stretching comfortable over my 32 week belly! I stuck to my normal size small.

It confirms to curves and gives a helluva lotta cleavage, and the ties at the shoulders make a sweet and unique accent to an otherwise simply designed dress.

Dresses like this are rare from Pinup Girl Clothing nowadays, as even the supremely comfortable Scrumptious Dress is very thick and can be tricky to get on without mussing up your hair (I LOVE it anyways). Thus why I decided to do this post - rocking a bump or not, keep an eye out for this dress! It's super rare now and not easy to find, but it is so worth the hunt.

I did manage to find it in size small on Ebay , so anyone in that size category should check it out <3 Otherwise, swap and sell groups on facebook and the shopping tab on google can be useful in tracking one down.


And now for a little life and bump update:

As I said above, I am now 32 weeks pregnant! Well into my third trimester now. During the day, I am light as a bird and have no problem flitting about working, running my household, caring for Selene etc. But by nightfall I am in totally different territory. I feel faint, heavy, and ready for absolutely nothing.

My husband is a game animator and together we make one very nerdy couple. We have been playing the new season of Diablo III since it came out, so the second we get Selene into bed we use our time to chill together and game it up. Trying to soak in routine relaxation time while we can, because there's no such thing with a newborn.

I am now 69 kilos, but feeling like a bloated mess still. I felt much more confident with Selene, and the perfectionist in me is upset that I've had no energy for gym or other things I did when I was pregnant the first time. I've just been doing pilates at home here and there, and walks when I can.

Selene's second birthday is just around the corner, so I have been busy planning that as well. It will be intimate, like my baby sprinkle, but I love party planning and tend to go all out anyway. There tends to be a dessert table, lots of decor and themes to the max when I host anything, and of course parties to celebrate my favourite little person are the best to plan.

Till next time!

What is your favourite go to pinup dress for comfort? What is your routine for getting out the door quickly? xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. So beautiful! Would you believe it, for all my vintage, repro and vintage style garb, I don't own a single classic black and red cherry print dress or skirt (I do one cherry print dress, but it's pink, brown and red - and super cute; I really need to share it one the blog one of these days when the weather has perked up again). How that happened is beyond me. Perhaps 2016 will be the year I add one to my closet.

    Big hugs & happy early birthday wishes to your darling daughter,
    ♥ Jessica


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