Friday, 26 February 2016

Maternity Pinup Style - Super Spy Dress by Heart of Haute

Even with the unpredictable, moody weather of Melbourne, it hasn't been nearly cool enough this summer to review many chill factor friendly outfits for maternity wear.

Thus, when Tina Ramos Photography and I decided to sneak in another collaboration before I give birth, I knew that one of the last dresses I wanted to photograph my bump in had to be the fabulous Super Spy Dress by Heart of Haute!

It was definitely the right decision, as even on a hot, hot summer day, Melbourne blessed us with a very cool morning, so we even got to shoot outdoors!

Now then, on to quality! The Super Spy Dress is made from a 100% cotton knit fabric. It's neither thick nor thin, making it ideal for wearing on its own in Autumn and transitioning into Winter with an extra layer on top. It's also very soft! I can't speak for longevity as this was my first time wearing it, but judging by other reviews I have read, as well as my own experiences with Heart of Haute Clothing, I can almost guarantee this will last you long after you've gotten your money's worth - even at the low price of $62 USD!  I would pay that and more for this perfect, curve hugging basic.

I love that it gives a sexy enough sillouette to wear around town, but is perfectly office appropriate with its higher neckline. Cute retro workwear can be hard to find when you are pregnant, which is another reason to check this one out!

Onto maternity fit - I am wearing a size small, and I could be pregnant with triplets and still have no problem fitting into this size. The particular knit they use is witchcraft, I tell you! According to the website, it will shrink in the wash. Should this not return to its original form when I no longer have a baby bump, I may toss it in the dryer and see what it does. I know it will shrunk length wise, but given the amount of coverage this dress provides elsewhere, I really don't mind if it goes a little shorter. That's an experiment for another day though.

Given the high neck, I won't be able to wear this until the next colder season as I will be breastfeeding this winter, but I can't wait to wear it with a smaller waist and different accessories, e.g. a wide belt and some matching boots!

So, whether or not you are currently pregnant, I definitely suggest checking this one out. Fit, quality, and value for money are all top notch, making this a dress not to be missed.

Thank you again to Tina Ramos Photography for driving down to me to do this shoot! She is always flexible, reliable, and thinks quick on her feet to provide me with the best photos for my blog. I couldn't be happier with my choice for a collaborative partner for this blog <3

How did you dress your bump in winter months? Do you own and love the Super Spy Dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine's Day Recap in Hardley Dangerous Couture

I snapped up another pretty Cherrybomb Dress by Hardley Dangerous Couture a couple of months ago when they had a massive sale. The versatility I get out of these dresses is amazing, so the fact that I have had only one white one hanging in my closet all this time astounds me. I now have three, including a long sleeve eggplant version, and I love them all!

We started the day off with roses and alot of candy for me (you know me too well, handsome!) and a breakfast of heart confetti sprinkle pancakes and hazelnut cupcakes for hubby. Selene indulged too, as you can see. Parents of the year. 


In the past I have used Valentine's Day as an excuse to get all fancied up and go somewhere beautiful in the city for dinner. This year neither my husband nor myself could think of any reason to drag my very pregnant self all the way downtown, so he came up with the oh-so-not-romantic, but very us, option, of going to see Deadpool. 

It was absolutely hilarious, and there was actually a fair bit of romance in it too. We also indulged in far too much chocolate from San Churro.

 Selene stayed with my husband's parents during our date. I will be forever grateful for them taking her off our hands at a moments notice. We never have to put much forethought into date nights thanks to her grandparents always being available for us.

Having comfortable dresses like the Cherrybomb is such a necessity in late pregnancy. At 36 weeks pregnant, some days I have trouble even walking from A to B if I have done too much that day, so not having to wonder whether I will be comfortable in what I am wearing that day is such a relief. This dress comforms to all my curves, gives my ever expanding ladies plenty of room, and offers that classic swing style sillouette that can be difficult to find in actual maternity clothing. Knowing I can use it afterwards during breastfeeding is a massive bonus as well!

Sometime in the near future, I would like to buy it in more colors. I don't know if I will be able to keep up all the matching mother daughter outfits with two daughters, but I know that having pretty dresses like this one in solid colors will make matching a breeze. Their Aqua Blue and Coral colors are currently on my radar.

Pink heels from Pleaser Shoes and a pretty heart bag from Colette finished off the Valentine's theme.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Or Palentine's. Or Galentine's. Whichever you chose to celebrate, I hope it was lovely.

Bump Update:

I have been nesting like nobody's business. Scrubbing my grout white, organizing the new nursery, and basically cleaning every inch of my home is keeping me very busy. It is also causing Braxton Hicks contractions like you wouldn't believe. Hopefully this just means I will have a smooth labour when the time comes.

I'm now 70 kilos, which was the weight I reached at the end of my pregnancy with Selene. I'm trying to maintain that by eating healthy, but the health of Selene, this new baby, and myself is far more important than what the scale tells me I weigh, so I'm focussing more on those things.

My darling husband has been very supportive by trying to keep me off my feet as much as possible. Having said that, keeping a nesting pregnant woman off her feet is basically pointless. We still end up on our hands at knees, scrubbing baseboards, and up on chairs, cleaning on top of the fridge. The logical side of me knows that none of these things really need to be done, and baby won't care what color my grout is. But my hormones have other things to say.

What did you wear for Valentine's Day? Did you solo it up or indulge in fun things with someone you love? xo, Miss Betty Doll

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Selene's Second Birthday and Maternity Pinup Style - Milan Dress by Heart of Haute

When Heart of Haute offered to send through a few dresses, there was one dress that I immediately knew I had to have -  The Milan in Baby Blue Sateen. Not only was it a solid colour dress in a beautiful hue with a unique neckline, but it was also perfect for my daughter Selene's Alice in Wonderland second birthday party.

I set off to work asking several fellow pinups what the fit was like, including the fabulous Miss Amy May, who was kind enough to send me photos of the fit within hours of my asking. She really is the best :)

Based on the information she gave me, I ordered a size medium in hopes that it would fit my baby bump. Much to my excitement - it did!

The belt it comes with is very generous - not normally something I need or seek out in a belt, but a total necessity in my current, more curvaceous state. With my normally 25" waist currently at 31", there's even a little room to spare.

There is a bit of gathering in the back from wearing it up over my bump. It goes away when pulled taut as it is meant to be worn, so it's definitely me and not the dress! You can see what I mean in the photo below. It's not an issue for me at all and the dress still gives a lovely sillouette, but it is something to bear in mind if you are purchasing it for pregnancy wear.

The skirt is very full, and the sateen fabric makes for all the twirly fun a girl could ask for. It is also supremely comfortable. It will also be breastfeeding friendly post pregnancy, and looks easy enough to take in.

I've only got a month and a bit to go with my pregnancy, so I am thinking it is an absolute necessity to grab the Milan in Rose Print in my usual size small asap. It's just so lush and beautiful!

And now onto the event the dress was worn for - Selene's Second Merry Unbirthday Party!

At nearly two years old, Selene likes a variety of things. Minnie Mouse, Miles from Tomorrowland and unicorns all seem to float her boat at the moment, but she's still not at an age to really tell me what kind of birthday she would like. Thus, I got to do the choosing for possibly the last year ever - next year she will be able to tell me what she wants! So I went with the funnest theme I could think of - Alice in Wonderland, vintage style.

There were sparkling food tent labels,  "drink me" bottles for the kiddies, an Alice in Wonderland character visitor that entertained the children for over an hour, a photo booth, what I thought was lots of food (it all went very quickly) and, of course, cake.

This was my second attempt at a fondant cake and it turned out alright! I still can't cover a cake smoothly to save my life, but it ended up being Selene's favourite part of the party and 10 hours of loving cake labour later, it was all worth it. When I show her photos of the party, she stares at them blankly until she sees a photo of the cake, at which point she jumps up and says "cake for Selene!" and runs around excitedly. So yes, I will be doing one again next year, even if it exhausts me as much as this one did :)



I ended up being really, genuinely exhausted by the time the party actually started (that's third trimester for you!) so I was really thankful that I had Alice there to keep the kids happy. She was perfectly punctual, even stayed a little later to take photos with the children, and highly energetic. She didn't bat an eyelash at the few toddler meltdowns that occured (as they are bound to do) and twisted balloons like nobody's business. Hiring a character isn't something I will need to do every year, but I think it was a necessity this year and would recommend doing it to anyone with toddlers to impress!


(Forever not smiling for photos. Cheeky child)

 We had just close friends, Selene's godfamily and mother's group there, so it was intimate enough to keep track of everyone and definitely more low key than last year.

Overall it was a wonderful day and Selene had fun, which, party planning aside, is really all that matters. 

Do you own the Milan Dress by Heart of Haute? What items from their spring collection have you been lusting after? xo, Miss Betty Doll

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