Friday, 26 February 2016

Maternity Pinup Style - Super Spy Dress by Heart of Haute

Even with the unpredictable, moody weather of Melbourne, it hasn't been nearly cool enough this summer to review many chill factor friendly outfits for maternity wear.

Thus, when Tina Ramos Photography and I decided to sneak in another collaboration before I give birth, I knew that one of the last dresses I wanted to photograph my bump in had to be the fabulous Super Spy Dress by Heart of Haute!

It was definitely the right decision, as even on a hot, hot summer day, Melbourne blessed us with a very cool morning, so we even got to shoot outdoors!

Now then, on to quality! The Super Spy Dress is made from a 100% cotton knit fabric. It's neither thick nor thin, making it ideal for wearing on its own in Autumn and transitioning into Winter with an extra layer on top. It's also very soft! I can't speak for longevity as this was my first time wearing it, but judging by other reviews I have read, as well as my own experiences with Heart of Haute Clothing, I can almost guarantee this will last you long after you've gotten your money's worth - even at the low price of $62 USD!  I would pay that and more for this perfect, curve hugging basic.

I love that it gives a sexy enough sillouette to wear around town, but is perfectly office appropriate with its higher neckline. Cute retro workwear can be hard to find when you are pregnant, which is another reason to check this one out!

Onto maternity fit - I am wearing a size small, and I could be pregnant with triplets and still have no problem fitting into this size. The particular knit they use is witchcraft, I tell you! According to the website, it will shrink in the wash. Should this not return to its original form when I no longer have a baby bump, I may toss it in the dryer and see what it does. I know it will shrunk length wise, but given the amount of coverage this dress provides elsewhere, I really don't mind if it goes a little shorter. That's an experiment for another day though.

Given the high neck, I won't be able to wear this until the next colder season as I will be breastfeeding this winter, but I can't wait to wear it with a smaller waist and different accessories, e.g. a wide belt and some matching boots!

So, whether or not you are currently pregnant, I definitely suggest checking this one out. Fit, quality, and value for money are all top notch, making this a dress not to be missed.

Thank you again to Tina Ramos Photography for driving down to me to do this shoot! She is always flexible, reliable, and thinks quick on her feet to provide me with the best photos for my blog. I couldn't be happier with my choice for a collaborative partner for this blog <3

How did you dress your bump in winter months? Do you own and love the Super Spy Dress? xo, Miss Betty Doll

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