Monday, 15 February 2016

Valentine's Day Recap in Hardley Dangerous Couture

I snapped up another pretty Cherrybomb Dress by Hardley Dangerous Couture a couple of months ago when they had a massive sale. The versatility I get out of these dresses is amazing, so the fact that I have had only one white one hanging in my closet all this time astounds me. I now have three, including a long sleeve eggplant version, and I love them all!

We started the day off with roses and alot of candy for me (you know me too well, handsome!) and a breakfast of heart confetti sprinkle pancakes and hazelnut cupcakes for hubby. Selene indulged too, as you can see. Parents of the year. 


In the past I have used Valentine's Day as an excuse to get all fancied up and go somewhere beautiful in the city for dinner. This year neither my husband nor myself could think of any reason to drag my very pregnant self all the way downtown, so he came up with the oh-so-not-romantic, but very us, option, of going to see Deadpool. 

It was absolutely hilarious, and there was actually a fair bit of romance in it too. We also indulged in far too much chocolate from San Churro.

 Selene stayed with my husband's parents during our date. I will be forever grateful for them taking her off our hands at a moments notice. We never have to put much forethought into date nights thanks to her grandparents always being available for us.

Having comfortable dresses like the Cherrybomb is such a necessity in late pregnancy. At 36 weeks pregnant, some days I have trouble even walking from A to B if I have done too much that day, so not having to wonder whether I will be comfortable in what I am wearing that day is such a relief. This dress comforms to all my curves, gives my ever expanding ladies plenty of room, and offers that classic swing style sillouette that can be difficult to find in actual maternity clothing. Knowing I can use it afterwards during breastfeeding is a massive bonus as well!

Sometime in the near future, I would like to buy it in more colors. I don't know if I will be able to keep up all the matching mother daughter outfits with two daughters, but I know that having pretty dresses like this one in solid colors will make matching a breeze. Their Aqua Blue and Coral colors are currently on my radar.

Pink heels from Pleaser Shoes and a pretty heart bag from Colette finished off the Valentine's theme.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Or Palentine's. Or Galentine's. Whichever you chose to celebrate, I hope it was lovely.

Bump Update:

I have been nesting like nobody's business. Scrubbing my grout white, organizing the new nursery, and basically cleaning every inch of my home is keeping me very busy. It is also causing Braxton Hicks contractions like you wouldn't believe. Hopefully this just means I will have a smooth labour when the time comes.

I'm now 70 kilos, which was the weight I reached at the end of my pregnancy with Selene. I'm trying to maintain that by eating healthy, but the health of Selene, this new baby, and myself is far more important than what the scale tells me I weigh, so I'm focussing more on those things.

My darling husband has been very supportive by trying to keep me off my feet as much as possible. Having said that, keeping a nesting pregnant woman off her feet is basically pointless. We still end up on our hands at knees, scrubbing baseboards, and up on chairs, cleaning on top of the fridge. The logical side of me knows that none of these things really need to be done, and baby won't care what color my grout is. But my hormones have other things to say.

What did you wear for Valentine's Day? Did you solo it up or indulge in fun things with someone you love? xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. What a gorgeous red frock and equally lovely way to celebrate Valentine's day. Every morsel shown here looks like it was lip-lickingly delicious!

    Big hugs & my deepest wishes for a smooth and healthy final leg of your pregnancy, sweet dear,

    ♥ Jessica

    1. You are always so thoughtful in your comments, classy lady! Thank you <3

  2. I adore all the pictures of you and your family in this post!! Best wishes <3


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