Friday, 25 March 2016

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Gingham Style ft Unique Vintage

The Kate Gingham Swing Dress by Unique Vintage is one of those dresses I was dying to wear while I was pregnant. There was just no way I could squeeze my bump into a dress with a waistline like this, so I patiently waited until I popped out Little Miss Number 2 to finally order it.

It's everything I was hoping for.

The generous swing skirt means it can easily fit a petticoat underneath. I am wearing a fairly fluffy one from Leg Avenue and it gives the dress a beautiful amount of swish.

The fabric is of a medium weight, perfect for spring and summer. However, I bought it with Autumn and Winter in mind. I feel like I have so many bright, spring themed dresses that I wanted to add a little black back into my wardrobe. The construction of the dress is perfect for layering, as there are no puffy sleeves or halter neck bows to poke out of a cardigan and ruin the illusion of a winter-y ensemble. Having said that, I can't wait till spring so I can wear this one out for a picnic.

Given that a lot of my followers are mamas, I thought I would start advising whether or not the dresses I review are breastfeeding friendly. After finding clothes to fit a baby bump, finding clothes to fit your milky boobs (I call 'em as I see 'em) afterwards can be a challenge, let alone finding dresses that you can smuggle said breasts out of so you can feed your little one.

I would rate this dress as breastfeeding friendly, depending on what kind of mama you are. I am a major boob smuggler. I breastfeed with a cover on while pushing a pram and shopping around, and I basically just shove aside fabric on my dresses until my little one has access to her food. The material is not stretchy, so it's not super easy, but it is definitely doable due to the generous bust cut of the dress.

Which brings me to my next piece of fit advice - this really is sized generously! You can tie the bow on the bust as tight or as loose as you like, which is perfect for me as I have gone up two cup sizes since giving birth. I don't suggest doing it too tight, however, as it will cut your bust off halfway and leave you with an awkward shape.

As far as overall fit goes, I am wearing a size small. Now I am currently 7 kilos more than my usual weight, having given birth 2 weeks ago, and this fits me with a little room to spare. I would say you can size down if you are between sizes, as the waist is quite generous and the bust is semi-customizable. The straps are also adjustable. I would say I could get away with an extra small once I am back to my normal weight of 58 kilos.

Once I received this dress, I immediately began searching for something for Selene to match. The very next day I found this cute little outfit from Big W in an identical gingham pattern. It's much more casual than what I would usually put her in, but winter is coming and she needed some pants for warmth! (Game of Thrones nerds, please tell me you read that in Ned Stark's voice). I found a little black and grey outfit for Aurora that Selene had from ages ago. I believe it was from Babies R Us.


Side note - I am getting sick of my living room. Almost all of my blog photoshoots take place there, mainly because I don't have to mess with my camera settings as the lighting is always the same in there, and because it's the most appropriate room in my home for photoshoots. I am working with Tina Ramos Photography more this year and can't wait to get outdoors with her and do some shoots, but in the mean time you'll be stuck with the same background for awhile. Even these few photos were almost impossible to get with two kiddos, so thank you for your patience!

What is your favourite gingham dress? Pinup Mamas - is there any kind of specific retro clothing/beauty advice I can provide that you'd like to see on the blog? - xo, Miss Betty Doll


Thursday, 17 March 2016


Hello darlings! I wanted to interrupt your regularly scheduled pinup posts to make an exciting announcement!

Introducing Aurora Eveline, born on 12th March 2016 at 10:55pm.


I was sitting in bed the afternoon before she was born when I felt a small pop! and knew that my waters broke. It was less dramatic than with my firstborn, Selene, so I knew there would be no dramatic, movie-like gush. I called my midwife to let her know that my waters had broken without me being in labor, so she asked me to come down to the hospital just for a quick assessment and to discuss options just in case I didn't go into labour within the next 24 hours (this can leave baby at risk).

We took Selene out for dinner first and let her know baby sister was coming soon (as I had hoped I would go into labor that night, perhaps after going to sleep as often happens to pregnant women). She was very excited!

We dropped her off at my husbands parents house and went to the hospital. After sitting in the assessment room for a couple of hours, hoping we could head off soon, I felt a very strong contraction. I had been getting them all week so I didn't think too much of it. Within 10 minutes I had another 2, and knew Aurora was on her way!

It was the middle of shift swap for the midwives on duty, so everything felt a little rushed from there. After half an hour of laboring I hopped in the shower adjoining the room I was in, so the hot water could help with the pain. Another half an hour passed and a midwife advised me I had gone from 0-8cms within the hour I had been in labor. She rushed me down to a birthing suite where I hopped right back in the shower.

I asked for the bath to be drawn for me so I could have a water birth like I did with Selene, however I was told I was too close to delivering and the bath wouldn't fill in time. I had no choice but to labor in bed. The shower was helping with the pain but I had no way to cuddle my husband or deliver Aurora in a comfortable position. I had the lights dimmed and classical lullabies played to help promote a calm atmosphere. I breathed through the contractions the best I could and pushed her out with just a few pushes. My husband caught her, just like he did with our first.

Overall it was a very easy delivery. I am a big believer in hypnobirthing and really finding your zone and staying there throughout labor, however it was difficult with this little miss coming so quickly and so many midwives doing a shift swap. Nonetheless, I am so thankful for such a quick and smooth birth.

We went home a few hours later. I am not a massive fan of hospitals and prefer to be in the comfort of my own home! My brother in law and his wife were waiting to greet us. My brother in law had been waiting for us when Selene was born as well, and we arrived home at the same time (4am) as we did with Selene. It was magical to be able to provide the same greeting for this little one!

I am recovering very well and very quickly. Aurora was born a few days before her due date whereas Selene was born on her actual due date, so she ended up being a little smaller than Selene was at birth. This has made recovery very easy as she was easier to get out!

There is an extra special joy in having two little ones to love. When we had Selene we knew we didn't want to wait too long before having another, so in a way we have been waiting for Aurora's arrival since we had her sister!

We are so in love with her. She is an amazing sleeper (so far, I expect that will change soon when she is no longer an extra sleepy little newborn) and we have already bonded so thoroughly.

Everyone warned me Selene would be jealous. There's still plenty of time for that I suppose, but so far she is nothing but thrilled to have a baby sister. All she wants to do is kiss and cuddle her, and even plops a pillow in her lap several times a day and asks me to put Aurora on it so she can hold her. She doesn't mind when she cries and even wakes up at night when Aurora does to advise us, through her baby moniter, that Aurora is sad when she hears her cry. Hopefully it all lasts!

Thank you to everyone who stuck with me throughout my pregnancy journey. I have lots of things to review and can't wait to get started with photoshoots again once I am feeling up to it. Till then, you'll find me with my newly expended little family, soaking in all the cuddles I can!

Is there anything in particular you would like to see in the blog now that maternity posts are over? Xo, Miss Betty Doll

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Ultimate List of Maternity Friendly Retro Clothing!

I am nearing the end of my pregnancy journey, which is both exciting and bittersweet! I know I will miss pregnancy once it's all over (I did with my first daughter). And it means soon we will be returning to our more standard pinup posts! I've got lots planned, but I wanted to end my maternity friendly posts with a bang and provide you with the knowledge of every article of clothing/brand that I know of that will work for a bump!

Right then, let's get started!


It just wouldn't feel right to start with any brand other than my beloved Pinup Girl Clothing. Their maternity friendly options have increased over the past couple of years (as have their kiddie clothing offerings!)

They have an entire collection of maternity friendly clothing, which, for the most part, is actually just their standard sizing that has been tried and tested on baby bumps! There are a few actual maternity options as well.


Preggers Scrumptious Dress - Size up? - No. Blog post regarding fit can be found here

Sailor Swing Dress - Size up? - No. Blog post regarding fit can be found here

Deadly Dames Dress - Size up? - Yes, one size if you want it to fit throughout the entire pregnancy. Material has a bit of stretch but its definitely not bengaline!

Dames Dress - Size up? - No. It will fit throughout pregnancy and should shrink back to its normal shape after!

Funny Face Pants - Size up? No. These are like yoga pants but hot.

Niagra Dress - Size up? - No.

Hotrod Honey Dress - Size up? - No. Very stretchy material.

Ava Dress - Size up? - Yes! One to two sizes, depending on how big your bump is and how much weight you have gained.

Monica Dress - Size up? No. Very stretchy!

Jessica Dress - Size up? No.

Erin Dress - Size up? No. This one is exciting as it comes in a longer sleeved swing version as well as shorter sleeved wiggles! Variety!


Gia Top - Size up? - No, however this one is better worn with high waisted bottoms, as your growing bump will peek out of the bottom as you get bigger! Currently out of stock but I have been advised it is restocking soon.

Boatneck Top - Size up? - No.


Jenny Skirt - Size up? - Yes, one to two sizes, depending on how big your bump is and how much you have gained.

Perfect Pencil Skirt - Size up? - Yes, one size. The waist band has minimal stretch, but the rest of the skirt is super generous for a bump!


Oh, Heart of Haute, no ultimate pinup list would be complete without you. From their stretchy dresses to their free waistbands complete with back ties to adjust fit, they made some supremely bump friendly pieces of clothing without even meaning to! Plus, many of their dresses have toddler versions thanks to their Ava Adorable line, so if you're all crazy pinup mama like me and happen to be pregnant and have a baby girl and want to match with her, they've got you covered.


Super Spy Dress - Size up? No. Blog post on fit, quality etc can be found here .

Milan Dress - Size up? Yes, one size. Blog post on fit etc can be found here .

Donna Dress - Size up? No. Blog post here!

Sweetie Dress - Size up? No. Waist ties in the back!. Blog post here!

Irene Dress - Size up? - No! Blog post on fit and quality here.

Beverly Dress - Size up? - No. Waist ties in the back!

Hilda Dress- Size up? - No. Waist ties in the back!

Hilary Dress - Size up? - No. Waist ties in the back!

Jenni Dress - Size up? - No. Waist ties in the back!

Monte Carlo - Size up? Yes, one size.


Marilyn Tee - Size up? No. Very stretchy.

Terri Top - Size up? No.

Lily Top - Size up? No.

Sweet Sweater - Size up? No. It ties SO perfectly just above your bump! Must have for pregnancy!


Next up is another favourite of mine. I wore more Le Bomb Shop than any other brand throughout this pregnancy! They have very affordable offerings, and basically all of them listed below will work for you after pregnancy too, as you really don't need to size up for most of it. The silhouette of their dresses in particular are good for disgusting that post baby bump that you'll have for awhile whilst your uterus contracts back down.

Almost all of their clothing comes in a huge variety of prints and colours too! So, if you find a dress you like, you can go and order it in every color of the rainbow and still not break the bank. It's a beautiful thing. 

Dresses -

Betty Sun Dress - Size up? - No. Blog post on fit and quality can be found here .

Miss Mabel Dress - Size up? - No. Blog post on fit and quality can be found here.

Miss Betty Doll Dress - Size up? - Yes, one size, only because the waist of the dress is a tad less stretchy than the rest. Blog review can be found here.

Eleanor Paige Dress - Size up? - No.

Peasant Top Dress - Size up? - No.

Maggie May Dress - Size up? - No.

Peggy Sue Sundress - Size up? - No.

Lucy Dress - Size up? - No, unless you tend to rock a very large bump during pregnancy. Then go up a size so that the hemline does not rise too much towards the end of pregnancy! Blog review of fit and quality can be found here.


Classic Bombshell Pinup Tank - Size up? - Yes for the ones on which the straps do not criss cross, no for all others. The ones without criss cross straps are a little tight around the back, which would only worsen during pregnancy.

Sail Away With Me Tunic Top - Size up - No.

Cutest Cropped Cardigan - Size up? - No. These are fantastic as they are, as the name suggests, cropped. This means you can button them all the way and have them fit nicely above your bump. It also means that many of the above mentioned sundresses can be made cooler weather friendly!


Pretty in Pleats Skirt - Size up? Yes, one size. Blog post on fit can be found here.

Sightseeing Sweetie Swing Skirt - Size up? - No. The smocked elastic waistband means there's no need at all!

Stylish Staple High Waisted Mermaid Skirt - Size up? No. Super Stretchy.

Stylish Staple High Waisted Pencil Skirt - Size up? No. Great alternative to the Perfect Pencil Skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing, as you do not need to size up for this one during pregnancy!


Moonboot Studios have created the world's best retro staple dress. Seriously. The Cherrybomb and the Cheri Dress are the most comfortable things on the planet, and they both come in oodles and oodles of colors. They are handmade and their prices reflect that, however keep an eye out for sales if you are after a bargain! They have them fairly regularly. Their dresses can also be made in long sleeve, short sleeve, cap sleeve, criss cross straps and more!

Cherybomb Swing Dress - Size up? No. Blog post on fit and quality can be found here.

Cheri Dress - Size up? No.


I don't have much from Stop Staring, but I plan on growing my collection ASAP as their offerings are stunning, and their quality is amazing. I wore my Billion Dollar Baby Dress over and over again this pregnancy, and would own it in every colorway if my wallet so allowed.

Billion Dollar Baby Dress - Size up? Yes, two sizes due to the fit of the waist. Full review on fit etc can be found here


ASOS regularly pumps out super pretty wiggle dresses at fantastic prices. I won't bother linking to specific dresses as their stock is always changing, but make sure to check them out here.


I don't own very much from Trashy Diva, but have seen their pieces rocked by a few pregnant pinups!

Retro Wrap Dress - Size up? No.


The stock at Unique Vintage is continuously changing, so it's always worth having a look. Wrap dresses in stretch knits are commonplace at UV, and these are very ideal for both during and after pregnancy.


As most of you know, Hell Bunny do not have their own website and instead sell through stockists. I will provide links to wear I purchased my Hell Bunny dresses, however if you are in another country it probably won't be ideal for you to purchase through these suppliers. A quick google search should help you find these dresses elsewhere!

Cannes Dress - Size up? - No!

Melanie Dress - Size up - Yes and no. standard sizing will fit your belly just fine, but if you are bustier, especially during pregnancy, order up. Blog review here!



Sparrow Lush Dress - Size up? - No.

Diva Swing Dress - Size up? - No.


Lush Top - Size up? No

Sophia Top - Size up? No.

Mindy Top - Size up? No.


This adorable Etsy store has some maternity specific options. I have not ordered from them personally, but they quality certainly looks lovely. Find their maternity options here.


This brand is perfect for you rockabilly girls who want maternity clothing with edge! Their whole website is bump friendly. Check them out here.



Hot Glam Dress - Size up? Yes, one size if you are near the end of your pregnancy.



Tiger Lily Swing Dress - Size up? - No. Good amount of stretch to it.

Paula Dress - Size up? - Yes, one size depending on how generous your bump is!

Suzanne Dress - Size up? - No.


Creator of the ultimate pussybow top, which is now available in a dress!


Pussybow Dress - Size up? - No. Lots of stretch

Wednesday Adams Dress -  Size up? - No. Lots of stretch


Pussybow Top - Size up? - No! Be sure to check out all their colorways, there are many! Full blog review here 

Kitty Kat Top - Size up? - No. Be sure to check out all their colorways as the link only leads to one!

Peephole Top - Size up? - No. Be sure to check out all their colorways as the link only leads to one!

Peter Pan Top -  Size up? - No. Be sure to check out all their colorways as the link only leads to one!

Don't Cross Me Top -  Size up? - No. Be sure to check out all their colorways as the link only leads to one!

Bow Bolero -   Size up? - No. Be sure to check out all their colorways as the link only leads to one!

Lolita Top - Size up? - No.


Retro Pinafore - Size up? No.



Trixie Doll Dress - Size up? - No. Stretchy Bengaline!

Tempest Dress - Size up? One size towards the end of pregnancy

There you have it! I will continue to add to this list as I run across more dresses that I know will work for a pregnant body. I have researched, purchased, and been sent maternity friendly clothing from several brands, as you can see above! I felt like I was able to stay completely true to my style throughout this pregnancy, and I truly hope this list helps you to do the same.

If you have any questions, please hit me up, here, on facebook or via instagram! I would love to help <3

In the mean time, I have some fun posts coming up soon, including how to survive that fourth trimester known as after birth with a sprinkling of glamour, what to wear for breastfeeding, and then lots of reviews on some gorgeous pinup peices. I can't wait!

xo, Miss Betty Doll

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