Friday, 25 March 2016

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Gingham Style ft Unique Vintage

The Kate Gingham Swing Dress by Unique Vintage is one of those dresses I was dying to wear while I was pregnant. There was just no way I could squeeze my bump into a dress with a waistline like this, so I patiently waited until I popped out Little Miss Number 2 to finally order it.

It's everything I was hoping for.

The generous swing skirt means it can easily fit a petticoat underneath. I am wearing a fairly fluffy one from Leg Avenue and it gives the dress a beautiful amount of swish.

The fabric is of a medium weight, perfect for spring and summer. However, I bought it with Autumn and Winter in mind. I feel like I have so many bright, spring themed dresses that I wanted to add a little black back into my wardrobe. The construction of the dress is perfect for layering, as there are no puffy sleeves or halter neck bows to poke out of a cardigan and ruin the illusion of a winter-y ensemble. Having said that, I can't wait till spring so I can wear this one out for a picnic.

Given that a lot of my followers are mamas, I thought I would start advising whether or not the dresses I review are breastfeeding friendly. After finding clothes to fit a baby bump, finding clothes to fit your milky boobs (I call 'em as I see 'em) afterwards can be a challenge, let alone finding dresses that you can smuggle said breasts out of so you can feed your little one.

I would rate this dress as breastfeeding friendly, depending on what kind of mama you are. I am a major boob smuggler. I breastfeed with a cover on while pushing a pram and shopping around, and I basically just shove aside fabric on my dresses until my little one has access to her food. The material is not stretchy, so it's not super easy, but it is definitely doable due to the generous bust cut of the dress.

Which brings me to my next piece of fit advice - this really is sized generously! You can tie the bow on the bust as tight or as loose as you like, which is perfect for me as I have gone up two cup sizes since giving birth. I don't suggest doing it too tight, however, as it will cut your bust off halfway and leave you with an awkward shape.

As far as overall fit goes, I am wearing a size small. Now I am currently 7 kilos more than my usual weight, having given birth 2 weeks ago, and this fits me with a little room to spare. I would say you can size down if you are between sizes, as the waist is quite generous and the bust is semi-customizable. The straps are also adjustable. I would say I could get away with an extra small once I am back to my normal weight of 58 kilos.

Once I received this dress, I immediately began searching for something for Selene to match. The very next day I found this cute little outfit from Big W in an identical gingham pattern. It's much more casual than what I would usually put her in, but winter is coming and she needed some pants for warmth! (Game of Thrones nerds, please tell me you read that in Ned Stark's voice). I found a little black and grey outfit for Aurora that Selene had from ages ago. I believe it was from Babies R Us.


Side note - I am getting sick of my living room. Almost all of my blog photoshoots take place there, mainly because I don't have to mess with my camera settings as the lighting is always the same in there, and because it's the most appropriate room in my home for photoshoots. I am working with Tina Ramos Photography more this year and can't wait to get outdoors with her and do some shoots, but in the mean time you'll be stuck with the same background for awhile. Even these few photos were almost impossible to get with two kiddos, so thank you for your patience!

What is your favourite gingham dress? Pinup Mamas - is there any kind of specific retro clothing/beauty advice I can provide that you'd like to see on the blog? - xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. All kinds of gorgeous! I hope that you and your newest bundle of joy are both doing well and enjoying a great tail end of March.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you beautiful :) We are doing super well! I'm just lacking on time, obviously, with me replying so long after you leave lovely comments!


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