Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Unique Vintage Jumpsuit - For Work and Play

I haven't worn pants in over 6 months due to my pregnancy with my second little princess. I find pants super uncomfortable with a baby bump, not to mention I don't find them very flattering on me with a balooning belly.

Pregnancy behind me, I was so excited when I placed my order for the  1970's Jumpsuit by Unique Vintage. With both comfort and style in mind, I knew this was the perfect outfit to break me back into the pant-wearing game.

I was not disappointed when it arrived. Made of the softest knit fabric, it really does feel like wearing pjs. It's something I would be wearing around the house all the time if it weren't for Melbourne's chilly weather being well and truly upon us.

Pj feels aside, this is also a beautifully stylish outfit. It has power suit vibes due to the wide legs, and billows beautifully with movement. The pretty tie belt gives the illusion of a perfectly nipped in waist. You can wear shape-wear to smooth out any lumps or bumps, but I feel like the shape is so well thought out and forgiving that there really isn't any need for it. Whilst the fabric is completely unstructured, it flows and clings in the right places.

The fabric is quite thin and airy, so it is definitely more suited for mild weather. I will have to pack mine away for the upcoming winter, but I can't wait to rock this when the weather warms up here in Australia.

I am 5'6" and find the length quite long. As you can see, if I were to wear this with flats the pant hems would drag on the ground. I love this suit with heels as I feel it adds an air of elegance, but if you purchase it for all around comfort and want to sport it with flats, just bear in mind you may need to hem it up an inch or two depending on your height.

I am wearing my standard size small. If your size is sold out at any stage, you could easily size down due to the extreme stretch in the fabric. But I find my normal size to be very comfortable and flattering.

I'm wearing black, but this gorgeous outfit is also available in navy. For those of you on the opposite side of the hemisphere, you can pair that one with a white, wide brim hat for some gorgeous spring and summer vibes!

What kinds of pants to you like wearing for your vintage style? xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. Powerfully glamorous jumpsuit. This has classic sophistication written all over it.

    I have short, stubby little legs and most types of pants are frightening unflattering on me, but I can pull off some wide leg 30s/40s styles, so those are my go-to trousers of choice.

    Many hugs & happy April wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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