Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Baking with Littles - Princess Cupcakes

Growing up, we didn't have all that much money. Everything, and I mean everything, was made from scratch by my beautiful homemaker mother (even the Windex, people. She's amazing). She spent a lot of time in the kitchen, and some of my favourite memories with her are when she would bake with me.

She always made an effort to include me, and later on, during those angsty teenage years, we would always connect while she cooked and baked. I would wander in, sit at the kitchen table, and chat to her for hours, hopping up here and there to help her.

Now, I love being in the kitchen. There is something magical about knowing just how long to heat something, what spices to add to a meal, and how long to bake a cupcake to make it soft inside. I'm so thankful to my mother for giving me all that insight, and I am so excited to have not one, but two little girls to share that knowledge with!

I've been bringing Selene into the kitchen with me since she was a tiny baby. My husband once came home to find me breastfeeding her whilst stirring the ingredients for a chocolate cake for him (too much information? Too bad, my loves, too bad). I always had her on my hip whilst cooking dinner, and had her start stirring sauces for me the second she was able. But a few days ago was the first time I really let her take control. I put Aurora down for a nap upstairs so that there was no chance of her being woken by Selene's excited squeals (she loves to bake), and settled in for what ended up being a relaxing afternoon that was actually just as pleasant as the photos depict. That doesn't actually happen often, with two young children this close in age.

I pre-measured the ingredients to add to a store bought Disney Princess cake mix (because I knew I needed to take blog photos whilst we did this and I did not want to stress about reading a recipe). I pointed to each bowl of ingredients and told her to add them to the big bowl, and had her stir everything pretty much on her own. I also let her spoon the mix into the cupcake liners, which resulted in some of the most uneven cupcakes you will ever see. Some of them ended up being a quarter of an inch high once they were done baking! But they were adorable, and we enjoyed ourselves so much.

So, with all that in mind, I wanted to share some tips for baking with a toddler!
  • Wear an apron (I only managed not to here because we were wearing white and the cupcakes were white too)
  • It's going to get messy, and you just need to let it happen
  • Pre-measure ingredients into separate bowls to make the process smoother
  • Let them watch children's cooking youtube videos on your phone or tablet to peak their interest if they have no interest already (unlikely!)
  • By all means, use pre-made mixes to make your life easier
  • Let them do the easy stuff as above and then say "thank you, all done!" and finish the rest off yourself if you are baking for other people and need them to look decent
  • And if not, prepare for treats so funny looking, only a parent could love them

I am going to start adding more baking posts to the blog, maybe once a month, as baking is a big passion of mine, and therefore a big part of motherhood with my girls. I can't wait to test out some toddler friendly recipes for any of you that have littles to bake with, be it nieces and nephews or kiddos of your own.

xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Everything about this wonderful post touches the heart and soul, and for me personally, is very relatable, as I too grew up with extremely modest means for most of my childhood and was raised along side my mom in the kitchen.

    Many hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

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