Saturday, 7 May 2016

In Honor of Mother's Day - Matching Sunshine Daisy Outfits from Heart of Haute!

It's no secret that I am in love with Heart of Haute, and after receiving a much anticipated package from them, I knew that blogging their outfits would be a perfect fit for Mothers Day.

I contacted the ladies at Heart of Haute not too long ago to discuss the possibility of having outfits for the girls and I made in a matching fabric. After choosing the Twirl Skirt in Sunshine Daisy, the ladies matched up an Enchanted Child dress for Selene and custom made a baby dress for Aurora in the same fabric. Her size (000 or 0-3 months) is not currently available on the website, so I was super greatful that they were able to rustle something up!

My outfit - Peasant Top by Pinup Girl Clothing, Twirl Skirt in Sunshine Daisy by Heart of Haute
Selene's Outfit - Custom Enchanted Child Dress in Sunshine Daisy by Heart of Haute
Aurora's Outfit - Custom Baby Dress in Sunshine Daisy c/o Heart of Haute

I love matching with the girls in my day to day color palette. If I wear pink, they wear pink, and so on. Don't ask me why, it just helps me feel a little more organised and makes getting dressed simpler for me. It helps me get creative with color combinations for my own outfits and means I know exactly what they will wear in the morning, instead of having to rummage through our wardrobes.

Actual matching outfits in the same fabric is a magical way of feeling closer to them that I don't get to do too often. It's head-turning, for sure, as we were stopped by several people the day we wore these out. It's such a special experience to match with my daughters, as it's kind of my way of saying "Yes, there's no mistaking that one is mine. I made her!"

Selene is wearing a size 2T, which fits true to size. For reference, she is a little tall for her age and is of average weight for a two year old. The Enchanted Child Dress ties in the back and features a semi wrap style back so it slips easily over head. I love this feature as dressing a toddler can be a challenge, so not having to fumble with buttons is a huge bonus.

I wanted to take this opportunity to gush a little about my experience with motherhood thus far! I was always one of those little girls to want to be a mother before I even understood how babies were made. I've lived and breathed babies since I can remember. Having my own, however, is such a vastly different experience. You hear everyone say it, but it doesn't seem real until you actually have your first child - it's a love unlike any other. My beautiful girls' scent is intoxicating, their smiles overwhelming, their hurts all consuming. I believe a child's personality has a lot to do with how they are raised after a certain point, but some of it is luck of the draw. Aurora is still becoming a little person, but I can already see and feel how sweet she is. And Selene, whom I have had longer to get to know, is an angel. She is dainty but fierce, and so intelligent. I feel so lucky to call them mine. If the world were to end tomorrow I would always be grateful for the time I have spent thus far, getting to know these magical beings I have been blessed with.

My motherhood experience so far wouldn't be what it is without my mother. She is miles away, across the ocean, in Texas where I grew up. She cooked my meals from scratch, let me have a voice where other adults may have stifled it, trusted me, helped me grow, and provided a solid foundation that I could always run to. It's been two years since I have been able to so much as hug her, but I love her as much as I ever have. Now that I have my own children I know how she has felt all of my hurts and happinesses, and it makes me appreciate her that much more. I love you, mama.

I also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge those lovely ladies that have lost. Who are trying and not falling pregnant, who have miscarried... You're amazing and your time will come, one way or another. In my eyes, to want a child with such fierceness and to fight for their existence is to already be a mother <3 And to those who have lost their mothers, my heart goes out to you, and use this day to celebrate everything she was to you.

May you have the Mother's Day you deserve, ladies!

xo, Miss Betty Doll

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