Sunday, 15 May 2016

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Pigtails and Pirates Bottlecap Skirts

So my last matching outfit post was in honor of Mother's Day, but I took those photos a few days prior. Here is what I actually wore for Mother's Day - Pigtails and Pirates!

I wore Pigtails and Pirates last year , and had several ladies that work at the shopping centre we went to on Mother's Day last year ask what we were wearing this year. Yeah, their pretty frocks are that memorable :) So of course I had to make it Pigtails and Pirates again this year, only this time I had two little princesses to match with instead of one!

After browsing through their available fabrics, I chose this cute bottlecap print. I knew I wanted to go to Misty's Diner (an all-American eatery run from the gorgeous Misty who comes from my birthplace), and I wanted to wear something in honor of all the soda-pop and American-style goodness we would be consuming.

Of course, everything was a perfect fit when it arrived. Selene's skirt has an elasticized waist band, and Aurora's came with an attached diaper cover. This is the first time I've seen a retro brand do this for a children's piece of clothing, and it's such a nice touch. Anyone with a baby knows that any dress or skirt you put on them is apt to ride up their little waists every time you pick them up. The attached diaper cover prevents this from happening, and is much cuter than just their little diaper showing.

My skirt was also a perfect fit, with a nice thick waistband to prevent fold-over, and a perfectly concealed zip up the back for ease of wear. It also has some gathering under the waistband, which means the skirt is nice and full and can fit any petticoat you desire underneath.

As you can see from the different ways I accessorised these outfits both on Mother's Day and on the days I took photos for the blog, there are so many colors in this skirts that there are lots of ways to accessorise them!

I've had a few ladies comment that matching mother daughter outfits can be difficult to afford. I agree! For that reason, I suggest grabbing skirts where possible, like I did here, which almost halves the cost compared to getting dresses. I also suggest getting either very colorful skirts like this one, or solids, so that you have many outfit options when you wear them. Getting custom skirts from brands like Pigtails and Pirates means you know the quality will be top notch, so you're putting your money where it belongs - towards lovingly made garments that won't fall apart after the first wash.

Also, don't be afraid to approach the lovely Laura of Pigtails and Pirates via Facebook or her website and ask what fabrics she has available that aren't on the website. She's very accommodating and can always whip up something special just for you!

Till next time.

xo, Miss Betty Doll


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