Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Circle Skirt by Miss Hellpixie Review

I saw the creative mind behind Miss Hellpixie, and she saw me, several times before I even realised she had her own clothing line. We were both standing in line at one of our local shopping centres when I noticed another petticoat wearer with a daughter in tow. As we live in an area where pinups aren't as frequent as they are in the heart of Melbourne, it was a little too exciting for me. I think I blurted out something about how exciting it was to see someone besides me wearing red lipstick in our area, but I can't be sure.

Her name is Skye, and she's lovely and makes some fabulous clothing. She also doesn't take herself too seriously and does some hilarious posts via her facebook page and instagram.

Originally I was going to order a pink circle skirt from her, but when I saw this (sold out) kisses print, I knew I had to give that a try instead.

She had it made within a couple of weeks and shipped it out promptly. I opted to get it made without pockets (I know, I'm strange, as most girls would die for pockets in everything), and with lining as the fabric itself of this particular print is fairly transparent. 

I was so excited by the quality of the skirt when it arrived!

The waistband is not only nice and thick length-wise, but the fabric itself is sturdy, so it won't do that annoying fold-over that many circle skirts can do. It's nice and full, so you can fit extra fluffy petticoats underneath without an issue. 

Skye works hard to ensure her customers needs are met, and has been known to source requested fabrics and squeeze in last minute orders to accommodate her clients needs. She is super flexible and very quick, which adds to the custom experience. She also ships internationally.

Circle skirts start in the $90s, and there are also reversible wrap skirts and even dresses available. The Adrian is my personal favourite style, as I adore anything with shoulder ties.

Shoot her a quick message to see what she can create for you - you won't regret it!

xo, Miss Betty Doll

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