Sunday, 26 June 2016

Betty Le Bonbon Swing Skirt Review - Get It Before It's Gone!

This is a bittersweet review, as the item I am reviewing is from the beautiful Jasmine of Betty Le Bonbon, which may be permanently shutting down at the end of the year! I placed my first order with her just weeks before this announcement was made, and I'm glad I did so I could squeeze in a review of just one of many of her beautiful products before they disappear.

Betty Le Bonbon skirts, suits and dresses are all custom made according to your measurements. You can get any length you desire, which is great for girls like me to dress in a more modern pinup fashion and prefer skirts shorter than the mid-calf length many vintage-inspired skirts fall to.

I sent Jasmine a request for a darker floral print swing skirt. I have an obsession with florals but sometimes they can be too bright for winter months. I wear much of my wardrobe year round, but I try to keep the fruit and bright floral prints for sunnier months.

Jasmine sent through over 20 different fabric options, and was very patient with my requests, honing in on what I was really after until we found a print that worked for me. I requested a 25 inch length skirt, which falls just below my knees, and we added half an inch to my waist measurement for breathing room towards the end of the day when all the munchies have been consumed.

The skirt fit perfectly once it arrived (thank you custom measurements!). It features a hook and eye closure and a super wide waistband. I popped my usual little petticoat underneath, but I think I may grab a super fluffy Malco Modes petticoat soon to really give it some oomph! Swing skirts like this one don't have gathers at the waist, so I like to fluff them out as much as possible to give me that little waisted silhouette I know we retro girls all love.

Jasmine will be returning to study full-time shortly, so she is now requesting that any orders are to be placed before 30th September this year. She may or may not be taking orders from existing customers after that, as she will be one busy lady once her studies commence and taking orders from customers that know how her business works and know how to order is much more manageable than asking questions and guiding new customers through the process. So if you want a skirt (or a dress or a suit!) made just for you in one of the many, many fabric choices available, then get in touch with Betty Le Bonbon via . Her fabric options can be views via her facebook page , and her instagram is always full of beautiful outfit inspiration (including her Kate Spade bag obsession) so be sure to check that out too!

Supporting local businesses is very important. You will generally pay more, but you are getting customer service and a custom fit that just can't be bought with larger retailers. You are also getting high quality products and almost always helping to support a worthy soul. Many times there is a strong woman helping to support her family or even supporting her family or herself on her own. Jas has a beautiful little boy that she is raising into the perfect gentleman, Skye from Hellpixie has a gorgeous little girl that she gets to be with as a result of her business, and there are several  other women that I follow on instagram and purchase from regularly for clothes and accessories for my little girls. I used to never buy locally or from smaller businesses, thinking mass produced garments were easier to gauge the quality and fit of. Now I'm a total convert, and I hope you can be too!



  1. That skirt is just gorgeous! I love the scale of the blooms and the elegant, day-into-nighttime perfect colour palette. What a stunning custom made piece.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Yes! Sometimes tiny florals can be too busy and large florals can be overwhelming. This one is just right :) Jas from Betty Le Bonbon always has good fabrics on hand!

      xo Miss Betty Doll


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