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Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Lindybop Kids in Route 66 Review!

Amidst a million other (far deeper) thoughts that I had when I found out I was having a second girl, one thing that did come to mind was "I am definitely going to need to discover more retro kids clothing brands". Dressing Selene like me was easy when there was just one girl to match. They know me by name at Pumpkin Patch because I frequent there so often, and so matching Selene to myself was almost always as easy as walking in there, picking out a dress like mine and walking out. But with two little girls it's a different ballgame. Aurora being two years younger than Selene meant that clothes for her that matched my own wouldn't be available in Selene's size and vise versa.

Enter Lindybop Kids clothing line.

I saw their little girl's dresses right before Aurora was born, but didn't order any yet as their babywear is only available in sizes 3-6 months and up. I went ahead and ordered recently, risking getting Aurora a size 3-6 months dress in the Route 66 Baby Lindyset and Selene an 18-24 months Route 66 Audrey Dress, even though Aurora isn't even 3 months old yet and Selene is almost 2.5 years old.

Despite the sizing challenges I thought I would face, when they arrived I was surprised to find both girl's dresses were a near perfect fit. Aurora is completely average in size, as is Selene, with both falling around the 50 percentile in height and a little below that in weight.

Aurora's dress was nice and roomy around the waist and arms and falls just to her tiny knees, which says to me that the Lindysets run just a little small, heightwise, and about average in width. I would say order up, as Aurora fits so well into the 3-6 months range in the Lindysets and she isn't even 3 months yet. They come with diaper covers (not shown here) which take care of how short the dresses are, and in any case I have a feeling they make the dresses shorter on this style because there are diaper covers with them. It doesn't matter if your tushy is showing if it's covered by a diaper cover anyway!

Selene's dress is roomy around the waist AND length-wise, which means the Audrey dress sizes run just a little big. I would say order true to size with these however, since toddlers grow fast and I know this dress will fit Selene for another year or so thanks to the extra length. It reaches halfway past her knees. 

With regards to quality, I'd say both dresses are of average to good quality. They are lined, with buttons up the back for ease of wear. They are thinner than I would like, but layering the girls up in colder months remedies this. In any case, they seem to be made for warmer weather, and thinner fabric would keep the girls from getting hot in summertime. The cut is thoughtful,flaring out at the waist on both dresses, with details like cap sleeves on the Lindyset and heart buttons on both dresses. At an average of $17USD a pop, these dresses are a total steal. I pay $25 for most of the girls dresses from other brands, and that's on sale!

I will definitely be ordering from Lindybop's babywear line again. I am glad that the Audrey dresses run a little big so Selene will fit into them for quite some time, as after that she will need to order from the actual girl's dresses instead of the babywear line, and those ones don't all match the baby dresses so she and Aurora will need to dress differently when Selene sizes up!  They do, however, perfectly match many of Lindybops adult dresses, which in itself is exciting.

Overall I really do love their babywear line and can't wait to try out their girl's wear. I feel like a kid in the candy store with Lindybop lately, as they are so inexpensive but work so well for me!

I hope you found this review helpful. 

Until next time.

xo, Miss Betty Doll

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  1. What a fabulously cute print! I feel like it would be the absolute perfect thing to dress wee ones in if you were taking them out to a (family friendly) car show.

    Big hugs & happy mid-June wishes!

    *PS* I had to do a double take! Selene is getting to big. Wow!


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