Friday, 24 June 2016

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits - Gingham Love in Hearts and Found

Fun fact - photos of myself for a blog post take about 5 minutes to take. Photos with my toddler take about 20. Photos with my youngest daughter take about the same. Photos with both of them, happy... up to 3 days of putting them in the outfits I need to shoot, over and over again, until I get something I am happy with. Yay!

The 3 day rule was no issue with these beautiful matching skirts from Hearts and Found, however - I wanted to dress us in these outfits over and over and over again, and found that I had naturally reached to put the skirts on all of us several times of my own accord, without even remembering I still needed that all important photo of my girls together in them.

Anyhoo, I'd like to switch it up a bit with this review, and start right at the very beginning with my customer service experience because it was so lovely! After browsing around for some new retro repro brands to try, Hearts and Found came up over and over again and I knew I needed to see what they had on offer. Marjorie Mabelle, the face of Hearts and Found, responded very quickly. She advised that though they do not currently make children's clothing, she would love to have a couple of skirts whipped up for my girls. After taking the measurements of all three of us, she ensured our garments were completed within a week. She was the epitome of customer service perfection from beginning to end, and if you check out her beaming smile on her Etsy profile, you will understand what I mean.

I was so excited by the quality when our little package arrived. Having read several reviews of their clothing, I knew what to expect with mine - but given that they do not currently have a children's line, I was amazed at the little details on Selene and Aurora's skirts. The sturdy fabric is also lined, and their little skirts have just as many gathers as my own, all held together by a thick waistband. I'm so happy there are so many gathers on their skirts, as it allows them to stretch much farther than other skirts in their tiny wardrobes, so I know they will fit my girls for longer.

Marjorie has advised Hearts and Found would like to start making girl's skirts more regularly, so if you have a little one you would like to get one for, just send her a message!

As for me, the fit was perfect. You can either order via standard sizing or give Marjorie your measurements. I gave her my measurements because I was already doing a custom order with the girls' skirts.

The waistband is thicker than most of my gathered skirts, which I love because it means it won't fold over itself when you've gone and eaten one too many tacos. I popped a medium fluff petticoat underneath, but during summer I could easily wear this with a tank top and no petti for a "throw on and go" outfit.

Averaging at $50USD a pop, these skirts are seriously inexpensive. Coupled with the lovely customer service, the custom sizing and the quality perfection, you really can't go wrong with this brand! They have sarong dresses, two pieces, and a myriad of top options for their dresses with gathered skirts. There are also lots of solid colors, so if you are a Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Skirt fan and can't find a color you like, this is a trusted source to get alternative colors for your gathered skirt collection. They source their fabrics from family and small businesses in their local markets, so you know you are not only getting bang for your buck, but you are supporting those who need it.

I will be starting up Wishlust Wednesdays again, and you can bet there will be lots of Hearts and Found in those posts!

Thanks for reading.

Until next time,
xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. How immensely lovely! I really like the decent sized, sturdy waistband here. I'm a huge fan of that style, as it's often like having a built-in belt, of sorts, without the extra bulk of one.

    You three all look as lovely as a summer's day in your pretty gingham outfits.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Hi Jessica - I agree! sometimes gathered skirts do nothing for the waist, but this one actually accentuates it!

      xo Miss Betty Doll


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