Sunday, 19 June 2016

Unique Vintage Delores Dress Review

In the past, sleeved retro dresses that were comfortable enough for day to day wear were few and far between. Obviously our favourite brands have been listening to our long sleeved woes, because bengaline beauties like the Delores Swing Dress by Unique Vintage have been cropping up everywhere!

From what I can see, the red went on sale recently and is now out of stock, but it is still available in ivory, black pin dots and more! The link above will lead you to all the Delores' currently in stock.

This dress is flattering in the way only bengaline fabric can be. It stretches over all of your curves to give the illusion of a tiny waist. Some stretch fabrics can be unforgiving - sitting in your creases and doing your body no favours. That is definitely not the case with this dress. The fabric is heavy enough to keep the chill at bay and keep your skirt from flying up in the breeze, but gives enough to move with you.

Details like buttons at the cuffed sleeves and gathering at the bust give this dress a little something special, and the concealed zip up the back makes it easy to wiggle into.

Size wise, I ordered a size small and it fits very well. I suggest ordering your standard size, as the extreme stretch in the fabric means it's sure to fit you.

You can fit any size petticoat under this one, so feel free to fluff it up. Also, it is breastfeeding friendly. I would also say it is maternity friendly depending on the size of your bump, as the seam where the skirt and bodice meet is not as stretchy as the rest of the dress, but it's so thin you don't even notice it unless you are trying to stretch significantly past it's normal limit.

(As many photographers will testify, I am notoriously bad at spinning shots. I think it took me over 50 to get this semi-decent one. A girl can try, ya know?)

The only complaint that I have is the bust of the dress plunges a little further than I am comfortable with - and we all know I love cleavage, so that's saying something. A cami underneath is a quick fix, or if you want a more permanent solution you can opt for a little stitch at the centre of the bust like I did. If you are smaller chested than this probably won't be an issue for you. If you are bigger up top, then don't hesitate to order this dress! The fixes I mentioned will take care of you.

Until next time,

xo, Miss Betty Doll


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks gorgeous! I think so too <3

      xo Miss Betty Doll

  2. Stunning dress! I love the button tab details at the bottom of the sleeves. You look sensational, sweet dear!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. Me too. I'm normally not one for this length of sleeves, but this dress makes me feel like a princess so perhaps I'm a convert <3 This red would look amazing on your porcelain skin. Just sayin' ;)

      xo Miss Betty Doll

  3. I just got mine in black and love the way it looks!
    But the hem on mine looks warbled. Did yours look the same when you unpacked it?
    The fabric on mine is also very loud, almost like the sound windbreaker jackets make.
    I haven't washed it yet because I'm debating whether or not to send it back. But I love the cut!!
    Did washing fix all this or do you think I just got a bad dress?
    Looks absolutely stunning on you!

    1. Hi lovely! Mine was alright. I would give it a steam first to see if that helps.

      I also didn't find my fabric to be loud, but it's not made of cotton either! Perhaps you're not used to this sort of fabric? I have another dress from Unique Vintage that makes the sound you are describing, but I never notice it now.

      I'm also terribly naughty and use a bit of fabric softener on gentle cycle with most of my clothing, which apparently isn't great for clothing longevity but will get rid of that sound you are talking about <3

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