Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wishlust Wednesday - Pastels and Powderpuffs

So my artist / game animator husband advised me my Wishlust Wednesdays looked terribly unprofessional and spent a few minutes perdy-ing it up for me. Thanks handsome <3

My wishlist is so unimaginably long right now. From discovering that the Ophelia Dress from Lindybop can work for me and therefore making me want them all, to receiving a Hearts and Found skirt and now wanting the whole shop, I just can't stop lusting after all the pretty things!

I try to stick with 5 items per Wishlust Wednesday post, but it was especially hard this time. Here's what I'm currently craving for my closet!

A - Lola Skirt in "Tea Time in the Rose Garden" by Hearts and Found - After receiving my first Hearts and Found piece a few weeks ago, I have yet to place another order because there are just too many choices! This one is currently at the top of my list because of the floral border (I love those) and the black background. I love wearing things in my wardrobe year round, and the roses mean its spring and summer friendly whilst the black background adds enough drama for winter.

B - "Eat Me" Charm by Disney Couture - I've been a Disney Couture fan for years. I was unique in my Disney obsession growing up, but most of the pinup community shares my obsession so I know you feel me when I say I love Disney themed anything. Selene's second birthday was Alice in Wonderland themed, and this little charm gave me the mushies just looking at it. I also love charm bracelets, so all the boxes are ticked with this one. I don't have much time for accessories at the moment with two little ones to care for, so I can't wait to indulge in some accessories like this one later this year.

C - Powderpuff Top by Vixen by Micheline Pitt - Cinderella, Princess Peach, Christine from Phantom of the Opera, Giselle from Enchanted.. what do they all have in common? Puff Sleeves! I love things with puffy sleeves. I've recently begun to collect Stop Staring dresses for their abundant puff sleeve designs, but these tops by Vixen take the Cake. The actual stock photos show that they are 10x puffier than the drawings show, which has me all kinds of excited. The fabric for these is in production, with current pre-orders hopefully shipping out sometime in August. They are made of a heavy stretch knit fabric and don't have zippers, meaning all you busy ladies can just pulll them on and go. Ah!

D - Black Shoulder Bow Top by Pinky Pinups - I found this shop through the amazing ladies at Junebugs and Georgia Peaches and I've fallen in love! Bows and off shoulder designs are favourites of mine, so combining the two has just made my dreams come true. When warmer weather rolls around here in the Southern Hemisphere I will definitely be giving this top a try.

E - Mary Blair Lips and Roses Skirt in Blue by Pinup Couture - I own this baby in pink and it's my favourite skirt. Seeing it in this beautiful blue hue has me tossing up between which one I love more. Make it pink! Make it blue! Make it.... into my closet right this second. I keep imagining it with the Powderpuff Top in White for Spring and the Vixen Top in Black for Winter.

I pin current wants to my Pinterest regularly, so if you're a fellow pinner then please sent me a link to yours!

Thanks for reading <3

xo Miss Betty Doll

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  1. So many stylish swoons! What a beautiful wishlist - and how lovely of your DH to lend you hand with the design side of it. I'm especially drawn to the Lips and Roses Skirt. That colour palette is so classic and feminine.

    Thank you for mentioning your Pinterest account. I can hardly believe I wasn't following you there already (I'm doing so now). I'm there.

    Big hugs & happy start of July wishes,
    ♥ Jessica


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