Saturday, 30 July 2016

Ava Swing Dress Review and Aurora's Christening Details

We had my darling Aurora’s christening last week, and whilst I don’t want to do a full post dedicated to a more private family event, after receiving some questions I did want to share a few photos, a review of the dresses we wore, and some information on the cake and candles we used!

So for starters, Aurora’s beautiful christening gown was already chosen, as we had decided to use Selene’s christening gown for her as well for sentimental purposes. It’s a stunning dress, so for anyone with a christening coming up, Caremore has beautiful handmade gowns for amazing prices. The thick satin and beautiful lace overlay meant both Aurora and Selene were princesses for the day on both their christening days. There are simple gowns you can grab from your local store, or gowns worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars made of the finest silks. We wanted something in the middle, so that it would be a valuable keepsake without costing money better spent towards the girls other needs. This one was perfect!

(Selene in her Christening gown when she was 6 months)
For myself, I wanted something pink and pretty to go with the lilac and pink theme we had for the cake, so I chose the Pink Ava Swing Dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. I got my usual size small, and because it is made from a stretch taffeta I assumed it would fit without a problem. It ended up being a touch snug, especially in the arms, which is a rare thing for me. 

For Selene I wanted to get her a dress similar to my own without being an exact match, as I wanted the attention to be on Aurora for her day. I wanted something pretty but simple, as we all wore matching fur shawls that I knew would cover some of our dresses anyway! I contacted Little Butterfly Creations on instagram and showed her the Ava Swing to see what she could do. She modified an existing design to have sleeves and sourced a matching fabric for me the very next day! Her response times and enthusiasm were second to none, and she got the dress finished well before the timeframe I gave. She’s absolutely lovely and Selene’s dress turned out beautifully!

The cake we bought was from Barbara of B-Licious Cakes. For Selene's christening, we did a super simple pink cake with white roses. I wanted Aurora to have an equally beautiful but simple cake with floral detail. I found B-Licious Cakes on Instagram and fell in love. I've never seen a cake artist get such smooth and crisp edges on a cake before! As someone who does ameteur cake baking herself, I can tell you it's not easy. She used ganache for the filling and it was delicious. I may have even thought of the cake all throughout lunch. It was perfect. This is a mama owned and run business, which is my favourite kind.
And last but not least, the Christening candles were from Sim's Keepsake Creations. Selene's christening candles were with pearls and pink lace, so for Aurora's I wanted something similar but in lilac with diamantes. She delivered on exactly what I asked for, and even fixed Selene's christening candle and repackaged it free of charge (I touched her candle with wet hands right after her christening two years ago and ruined the photo!). 

So, for anyone who lives in Melbourne and is in need of a cake or candles, be sure to hit these two ladies up :) 

I hope this answers your questions about the fit of the Ava and, for you Aussies, where we got what we used! Thanks for reading.

xo, Miss Betty Doll


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  1. Thank you for sharing this truly special - and immensely lovely- day with us. That christening gown is a thing of timeless beauty.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica


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