Saturday, 16 July 2016

Erin Swing Dress by Pinup Girl Clothing Review

When Pinup Girl Clothing first announced a cool-weather friendly version of the Erin Dress, I was pretty happy. The original Erin is made of a beautiful bengaline that I love, and the addition of a swing skirt made it all the more tempting. And then they announced it in pink and I was completely sold. Now, I've heard many girls on Facebook groups mention (with passion) that they do not like pink, which is totally fair enough! It also comes in mint (drool), black, red and green.

I had this one pinned to my "wants" board on Pinterest for months, and constantly checked up on its status at the Pinup Girl Clothing Customer Lounge until the day it finally dropped.

I knew I didn't need to try it on the second I received it. Super supple and stretchy, with no non-stretch fabric seams anywhere, I knew it would fit easily. And it does!

I tossed it on this morning and ran about a million errands in it whilst wearing my four month old daughter Aurora and simultaneously breastfeeding her, so when I say it is comfortable, take my word for it. You can't do all that in just any dress. (And yes, for you mamas that breastfeed, that does mean it is breastfeeding friendly). (AND for you pregnant pinups, yes, it'll totally work with a bump!)

Now it's pretty revealing on the cleavage side of things, so if you prefer a more modest neckline then I suggest a pretty lacy cami, or adding a few stitches to close up the bust a bit. I'm happy with it as is :)

As far as fit goes, as mentioned above there isn't a single area of nonstretch material. Anyone who has worn the original Erin Wiggle Dress will know that the arm holes are non-stretch. I haven't worn one since the original release, so perhaps things have changed, but the point being this is not like the original and even the underarms are stretchy. I ordered my standard size small and love the fit. There's lots of room for stretch (I could gain a good 15 pounds and still fit comfortably in it) and yet it looks fitted and feels fitted. Thus is the beauty of Pinup Girl Clothing's high quality bengaline fabric. It sucks you in, but lets you breathe, and gives you room to eat a thousand tacos.

I was initially a little concerned about how the sleeves would be, as they looked a tiny bit bell shaped or flared at the bottom in the product photos. However, I've come to learn that generally when the product photo looks this way, it's because the sleeves are cut wider at the bottom just for ease of movement and the flare is not actually noticeable once it's on! So extra points for comfort.

As I mentioned on my Instagram and Facebook pages, those who dress in any alternative fashion will learn to expect a comment or two whilst out and about. In my big puff printed skirts I'm never surprised when this happens as, let's face it, it stands out. I always compliment women when they wear something outside the norm. However I though this dress was of a modern enough cut and plain enough color that no one would pay me any mind. Nope. I was stopped about 10 times just whilst at my local shopping centre and told how amazing this dress is, and that was even half covered due to the baby carrier I had Aurora in. So suffice it to say this dress is fab.

I didn't wear a petticoat with it today as I had too much to do to fluff about with such... well, fluff. But this dress drapes beautifully without it and is perfect for "baby pinups", meaning girls that may be new to the retro community and nervous about going all out with their wardrobes just yet. This is a perfect toe in the water piece, but it's also seriously stunning.

As far as quality is concerned, I think it goes without saying that pretty much everything from Pinup Girl Clothing is spot on and will last you at least a decade. My first Pinup Girl order is still going strong, seven years later.  And at $128 USD, it's well worth the money.

So, go get it. Seriously. You won't regret it.

 Thanks for reading!

xo, Miss Betty Doll



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! That shade of pink is one of my favourite colours ever. There is nothing I wouldn't wear, or fill my house with, in it. What a stellar, stylish addition to your wardrobe, dear gal.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. I agree! It's so pale but has just enough depth to pop. <3


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