Monday, 4 July 2016

Fourth of July - Sales and Mother Daughter Matching Outfits

Hi lovelies!

So today is a super quick post just to wish everyone a happy Independence Day and share a few sales going on today from my favorite American pinup stores.

There's just a few hours left so hold those fireworks for a moment and buy ALL the clothes!

Holidays can be hard living so far from my family, but having my husbands family as well as the one we made has made things much easier. No barbecues for us in Wintry Melbourne, but we did get to indulge in some TGI Friday's. It's such a novelty getting American food when you can't be in American itself to celebrate the holidays!

For our outfits we all matched in red, white and blue (shocker). I wore my Pinup Girl Clothing Heidi Dress in blue as a top, with the Red Jenny Skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing as a skirt. The girls wore these cute little matching Wonder Women outfits from Big W a few months ago. 

Happy Fourth of July!


  1. Too cute for words! What darling mini Wonder Women your daughters make. And on the grownup gals' fashion front, I'm wild about your elegant ruby red skirt (swoon!).

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

    1. "Grown up" hehe! One day maybe. Excuse me whilst I bust out into the chorus of "Let it Go" from Frozen and follow it up with a Harry Potter reading night! <3<3<3

      xo Miss Betty Doll


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