Monday, 11 July 2016

Jitterbug Swing Dress Review by Stop Staring!

Polka dots are a pinup essential. I mean, if you don't like them, I understand, but you might be crazy. I love you anyways.

So it was with great shock that I took a peek at my closet the other week and found I only have a couple of polka dot dresses. I know, right?

I had a browse of a few websites, in search of the perfect dress. Not finding anything that immediately caught my eye, I went to the "wants" board on my Pinterest, where I pin items I know I could forget about but really shouldn't. And there it was, the Jitterbug Swing Dress, which I pinned ages ago and somehow haven't ordered until that day.

The advice on the size chart says that if you are between sizes and the item has stretch, go down a size. My waist is currently 27-28 inches, and the size chart for a size small says 26 inches, so I grabbed a size small as the Jitterbug as stretch.

It's a perfect fit, though you should note that the seam where the bodice and the skirt of the dress meet has much less stretch. It's still an easy fit for me, but after having a pleasantly fitting meal and then sitting down, I noticed it went a little tight. But not uncomfortably so. Therefore I would still stick with the size charts advice and size down if you are between sizes.

My favourite feature on this dress is not actually the polka dots - it's the beautiful puff sleeves. I have a puff sleeve obsession, which is part of the reason I loved the Billion Dollar Baby Dress so much at my Baby Sprinkle. It's also why I'm so excited for the new Powder Puff Tops by Vixen by Micheline Pitt, but I digress.

The skirt is very full, but the thick material means it stays down in a breeze. It can also fit any petticoat fluff level you desire underneath.

The crossover bust and sweetheart neckline are both ultra-flattering, and do wonders for the girls (no, not my daughters, I mean the girls) and your collar bones alike. I've got simple dresses for throwing on, I've got printed dresses for when I want my dress to do the talking for me, and then there's this dress... It's the one I reach for when I want to feel demure and 40's. It's also the one that I wish came in so many more colors, because dammit, those sleeves!

Their quality is always top notch. Their dresses don't come cheap, but the fabrics are of the highest quality and I can tell I will get wear after wear in the Jitterbug. Sometimes I'm willing to spend a little more on a dress because it's so unique I can't pass it up, but I know I'm compromising a little on quality. I never have this compromise with Stop Staring! It's always amazing quality and I know I'm getting what I paid for and then some. 

Stop Staring! is also amazing because some of their items go far beyond your 2x and 3x sizing, which is a beautiful thing. I can't imagine wanting to buy a dress only to find they don't even make it in my size. It would be beyond frustrating, and Stop Staring! has worked to turn that around.

My littles both matched with me on this day. Like I said, I have a penchant for polka dots!


I spoke a little bit about how important supporting small businesses is in one of my recent posts, and I wanted to back that up by giving a shout out to Belle Bowtique . I recently purchased a few bows and headbands from this mama owned and run business, and I love them! Inspired by her three little girls, Cinzia makes gorgeous bows and headbands for little ones. I got the medium for Aurora, but you can get bows literally as big as your baby girls head! Girly goodness! So if you have little girls in your life and need reasonably prices hair accessories, be sure to check her out.

Thank you for reading!

Until next time,

xo Miss Betty Doll


  1. Three stunning - and very stylish - beauties. You ladies all look magnificent.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  2. Such a classic pinup dress, your baby girls are so adorable! xo


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